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What is square: Definition and 105 Discussions

  1. Diamond

    Discover the Versatile Small Square Plate Set: Item #2066"

    Anyone have one set of the Small Tile Square Plate set that was in the OUTLET a few weeks ago? Item #2066
  2. chefjeanine

    Square Card Reader (For Cash & Carry)

    Is anyone using this system (or any other) for selling cash and carry items at booths/fairs? I'm probably going to be investing but looking for the thoughts of those with experience.I have a booth at our local youth fair (BIG event) and after 15 years as a consultant have accumulated just a...
  3. B

    Seeking Simple Additions White Square Plates

    I am looking for 6 of the medium diner plates (10 inch) and 6 of the small plates. Will pay $6 per medium and $4 per small. My zip is 12209. Thank you!
  4. C

    Looking for More Details on the Fs Cool and Serve Square Tray?

    Great hostess of mine selling this trtray.Used once. Moving and needs to lighten her load. Asking $30 plus shipping.
  5. byrd1956

    New Small Cool & Serve Square Tray

    Is there a flyer available on the website for the new Small Cool & Serve Square Tray? If so, can someone point me in the right direction?
  6. P

    Needing: Simple Additions Square Plates

    I have a customer looking for the old Simple Additions square plates
  7. R

    Iso Simple Additions Large Square Bowl for a Customer

    Hi everybody!!! I am on a mission to find a replacement for a customer.. she broke her sons bowl :( Looking for the Large Square Simple Additions Bowl.. I attached a picture of the one I am after.. will take new preferably or gently used!! Thanks so much Becky!!
  8. byrd1956

    Cool & Serve Square Tray Question

    So I'm at an event and someone asked me if the insert in the Cool & Serve Square Tray could also go in the dishwasher. I really think I have put mine in the dishwasher, but am having a 'moment'. Can someone help?
  9. P

    Looking for Last Year's Square Cork Trivet - Buy/Sell?

    I have someone looking for last years square cork trivet. Does anyone have one they would like to sell?
  10. Bren706

    Simple Additions Small Square Bowls

    Do the small square bowls that are in the current catalog fit into the discontinued square bowl caddy? My SIL had the set, but one of her square bowls have broke, and I would like to replace it for her.
  11. S

    Iso Simple Additions Large Square Bowl or Platter

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone has any Simple Additions large square bowls or platters for sale. My husband dropped my bowl down the stairs and I was so upset! Somehow I missed the fact that they had been discontinued :cry: I would have stocked up! If anyone has either that you are...
  12. Sheila

    Iso: Eight of Item #1935 Large Square Bowl

    I have a past host who's wanting 8 (yes EIGHT!) of retired item #1935 Large Square Bowls (12 1/4", holds 20 cups). (Man do I wish these were on the outlet right now!!!) New in the box or looks new only. Not interested if they are scratched up or chipped. I told her they might come from 8...
  13. Dina Atnip

    Simple Addition Dinnerware: 8x Square Plates & Salad Plates

    I have a customer looking for simple addition square dinner plates and salad plates they want 8 of each anyone have new in book?
  14. B

    Find the Perfect Square Snowman Plates for Your Winter Table | Shop Now

    I am looking for the square snowman plates if anyone has some they would like to sell! Pm me price! Thank you!
  15. C

    forSale Large Square Simple Addition Woven Selection

    I am asking $20 plus shipping for this.
  16. C

    Iso One Large Square Simple Additions White Plate

    I am looking for one of the large square dinner plates. Please let me know if you have one to sell! Thanks! [email protected]
  17. C

    Iso: Large Woven Square for Simple Additions Bowl

    ISO: Large Woven Square for Simple Additions Bowl please email me at: [email protected] if you have one:) Thanks!
  18. T

    Iso : Simple Additions Large Square Bowl

    I have someone looking for 5 of these crazy huh? Thought maybe some one on here might have some
  19. heather223

    Fs- Simple Additions White Square Plates

    Hi! I have a customer who would like to sell her gently used square plates. There are 12 medium square plates in white. (Originally sold for $11 a plate) and 12 small square plates in white. (Originally sold for $8 a plate.) Any offer will be considered. If interested please send me the quantity...
  20. ChefPeg

    Looking for a budget-friendly square muffin pan?

    Ours is less expensive! http://www.readershopping.com/vgk238.html
  21. dbldip21

    Looking for 2008 Square Rufth Trivet - Any Leads?

    Finally in a new place with my new hubby and wanted to hang up my RUFTH trivets in the kitchen only to see that I am missing the 2008 square one! I searched online and found one for $99 on amazon (sorry not going to pay anything near that price!) Looking for a reasonable price and reasonable...
  22. C

    Anyone selling Iso Hwc Pink Square Plates?

    I am looking for a set of two plates for a customer of mine. Anyone want to part with theirs. Send me a pm with the price. Preferably NEW! or gently used.
  23. C

    Find the Perfect Large Square Bowl for Your Kitchen | Limited Time Offer

    I wanted to buy the large square bowl with my kit enhancement and was all excited about it, only to discover it's been discontinued. Yes, it took me until December to realize that AND to realize I was still looking at the Summer catalog lol (don't worry, my customers all had the new one) If...
  24. Intrepid_Chef

    Bar Cookies in the Square Baker

    I have some chocolate chip cookies (OK, I modified them a bit and used white chocolate and craisins instead) and I want to bake them in the Square Baker. Does anybody know what temperature I'd bake it at? Also, do I need to spray the baker first?
  25. E

    Iso Medium Square Woven Basket

    Hi!.... Looking for the Medium Square basket. I believe it was a consultant only item. Hoping for 2...but I would be delighted to find one. :) Thanks!!
  26. Tean94

    Square up or Gopayment - Mobile Card Readers

    A friend just turned me onto these two businesses that allow you to process Credit Card payments using a free card reader attached to your iPhone or Android Smartphone. There is a minimal fee for each transaction (around 2.75%) and the amount is directly deposited to your personal bank account...
  27. NooraK

    Flash Sale: Save 30% on Small Square Bowls + Support ACS!

    HO posted the first Flash Sale on their Page: With a link to the bowls on PC's main website. This is how I posted it on my Page: Here's the first FLASH SALE, and it’s for a great cause! For up to 48 hours only, you’ll save 30% on Simple Additions Small Square bowls - $1 from each set...
  28. A

    Find the Perfect Large Square Bowl | Limited Edition Discontinued Design"

    I am looking for the large, square bowl that was discontinued in August. Please email if you have one to sale. Thank you!:)
  29. B

    Get Unique Ideas for Cooking with Square & Double Griddles

    I have both the square griddle and the double griddle and to be honest I only use these to thaw meat. They work amazing for this use - quickly thaw anything that way - but seriously, if I had paid for those pans I would feel I wasn't getting my investment from them using them just for this...
  30. F

    Large Square Simple Additions Platter

    I am still desperately searching for a Large Square Simple Additions Platter. I found one, but she can't find anything to ship it in. If anyone has one, please let me know.