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  1. L

    Cash and carry items

    I am going to do a vendor fair and have a few cash and items. What items sell the best items? Which items should I have on hand?
  2. chefjeanine

    Square Card Reader (for cash & carry)

    Is anyone using this system (or any other) for selling cash and carry items at booths/fairs? I'm probably going to be investing but looking for the thoughts of those with experience. I have a booth at our local youth fair (BIG event) and after 15 years as a consultant have accumulated just a...
  3. PCJen

    What are the best drawings to do at booths to get bookings?

    What are the best drawings I can have at booths to get multiple bookings from that event and/or make people want to book a show from me? Thanks for all replys in advance! :)