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What is booths: Definition and 72 Discussions

  1. L

    Top-Selling Cash and Carry Items for Your Next Vendor Fair

    I am going to do a vendor fair and have a few cash and items. What items sell the best items? Which items should I have on hand?
  2. chefjeanine

    Square Card Reader (For Cash & Carry)

    Is anyone using this system (or any other) for selling cash and carry items at booths/fairs? I'm probably going to be investing but looking for the thoughts of those with experience.I have a booth at our local youth fair (BIG event) and after 15 years as a consultant have accumulated just a...
  3. Z

    Discovering Event Booth Opportunities in Cleveland, Ohio

    Hi Everyone - I'm from the Cleveland, Ohio area. I would really like to set up some booths at different events and functions but not sure how to find them. Usually by the time I hear about something going on it's only a few days before the event. Does anyone how to find out about different...
  4. G

    Boost Your Booth with Updated Catalogs | Shop Now at [Company Name]

    Do you have old catalogs at your booth? Not sure if I could give these out (dont have enough new catalogs) and then send them a new one when I get them?
  5. M

    Make $10,000 in 90 Days With 24 Weekend Booths!

    i hve 2 booths back to back one weekend than the next but i am brain stormingnow of what and how to get bookings that i need to get to 24 shows in 90 days and need 8 a month also this includes sales i want to get 10,000 in 90 day. what would you give and say for peopleto think this is a great...
  6. ChefShalon

    County and State Fair Booths Coming Up!

    I have booked my county and state fair this year! It is a very exciting oppurtinuty! For the county fair I have myself and my personal recruit doing it. For the state fair I have it opened to the entire team here. The state fair is an 11 day fair and its from 9am-10pm everyday, I had made it...
  7. A

    Definately Not Having Luck With Booths :/

    I'm so frustrated right now :( It seems like every booth I do for a Craft Fair or a Church Bazaar costs me more money than I end up making in the long run!! I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I have plenty of cash and carry but most of it is pantry items and I sample some of the dessert sauces...
  8. A

    Need a Recruiting Flyer for Booths and Festivals?

    Does anyone have a recruiting flyer that they use at booths and festivals?
  9. M

    Geering up for the New Year on Booths

    i am doing my homework now to see what i can do differently for all the booths i am going to have in the next year. i need mdore help on bookings and sales. ideas? the recruiting will come later but for n ow sales and bookings. what are some things you have done that made your booth very...
  10. B

    How Many Booths Should I Sign Up For?

    Just wondering how many you do in this season.... I've done 1 tiny one & another larger school one. I have the opportunity for a couple more & thinking whether to sign up. (I'm a newbie... can you tell?! :p )
  11. L

    Looking for Ideas on Fall Booths With Another Pampered Chef Vendor at Event

    It's a gigantic fall fest, outdoors, several hours, night and day, multi-vendor, food vendors as well. I will have cash & carry, so people will definitely have the purse strings loosened up that day to buy and not just look at things. LOL! But I just need "ideas". I just feel "stale". I need...
  12. K

    What are Creative Label Ideas for Mini Catalogs at Booths?

    Does anyone have a label that they put on their Mini catalogs for booths/fairs/festivals? I was going to give some out but I wanted to put a label on them with something catchy or informative about the specials, etc
  13. F

    Maximize Sales at Festivals: Learn About Warranties for PC Products and Spices

    I want to put up a stand at a local festival with many items that are current and some discontinued pc items. I was told by another PC consultant that we were not allowed to sell products we had on hand due to the warranties. I'd also like to show and sell some of the spices. Do I need to be...
  14. Melissa78

    Kick Butt Booths Program: Honest Reviews & Opinions from Real Users

    Has anyone purchased the Kick Butt Booths program? I'm not talking the mini free one - the wallet drainer version. :) Just wondering what the opinions were and if it was decent. There's one testimonial on there from a PC Consultant however, the fact that the same testimonial keeps showing up...
  15. M

    Need ideas for using a Tri-Fold Board in booth displays?

    Hey ladies ok all of these I am seeing look so wonderful I think it would really help me with my booths coming up... Can you ladies post some pictures and how you have yours laid out. I am going to get the board today and I have one of those cricut cutting machines, but I am not sure how to lay...
  16. M

    Hi Friends,I See Lots of People Mention Doing Fairs and Booths.

    Hi friends, I see lots of people mention doing fairs and booths. What exactly does this mean? Do you just get space at a craft show or bazaar and try to get people to book, or do you demonstrate/sell actual items, do you take catalog orders, etc? I just unfamiliar. Thanks!
  17. R

    New Items to Sell (Leftover From Booths)

    I have several new items for sale that I tried selling throughout my fall/winter booths with no success. If you are interested please PM me and I will send you the list. Thanks, Ashley
  18. cookie325

    What Do You Do With the Contact Info From Booths?

    I have nearly 500 door prize slips from various booths and events and after adding them to my newsletter mailing list, I'm not sure what to do with them. When I'm making calls, I do still call them, but right now they are all in a file box sorted by the event, and I would really rather get rid...
  19. aried

    Lots of Old Contact Slips From Booths

    I have lots of old contact slips from booths from going back at least 5 years do I just shread them or make some cold calls? Ann
  20. B

    Thinking of Ideas for Booths After the Holiday's

    Being that I am still a newbie and trying to grow my business I was wondering if you have some suggestions for how to find fairs to do after Christmas. I live in Florida and so any ideas you might have to find some things to keep getting my name out there would be great and appreciated...
  21. L

    Boost Your Business with Booths: Insider Tips and Handouts for Maximum Success

    I just listened to the CD Booths Build Business. Lots of great info! Does anyone have the handouts??? I love to see what they do!! I have a booth on Sunday and really need to get some bookings.
  22. L

    Are Booths Effective for Vendor Sales? My Experience and Tips for Success

    I just did my 3rd and maybe last Vendor Sale. I had Free Giveaways(a party in a bag) for anyone who booked a FREE cooking show! They also would receive a $15 gift certificate towards their order. I also did a guessing raffle with M&Ms, closest person would win a cookbook. No one was...
  23. S

    Website That Lists Booths & Fairs

    What is the website that lists fairs and booths in your city? Thanks, Suzy in Texas
  24. DessertDivaFL

    Using a DVD player at booths: Any tips or success stories?

    I was interested in getting a portable DVD player to bring to booths because I think playing the "Your Life, Your Way" DVD will draw interest to my booth. I am going to try it for the first time this Saturday. Luckily, a friend at work gave me a DVD player for free. Has anyone done this...
  25. S

    Customer Care/Making Followup Calls From Booths

    I have some good leads from 2 booths/fairs I did earlier this month-several people told me that they wanted to host shows. I said I'd call them, as people never seem to have their calendars w/them at fairs and I can't get them to even pencil in a date. I've called several people several...
  26. K

    Boost Your Fundraising Event with Booth Punch Cards | Thursday Booths

    I have a booth this Thursday for a fundraising type of event. It seems very well organized so I am really looking forward to it. The patrons are given a punch card, and they have to go to booths, do what the booths tell them to do to get a punch, then they get to redeem the punch card for...
  27. J

    What to Showcase for Summer Booths

    I was wondering if anyone could give me ideas for summer booths. I'm not going to do cash n carry since I'm new and really can't afford it. I was going to do a drawing so I can get leads, etc. Need leads really bad. I was thinking of showcasing Bamboo bowls, collapsible bowls, deep covered...
  28. M

    130 Booths Around 3000 People Total

    ideas for the home show in march? i found oout how meany booths 130 and between 3 days there are 3000 people to come through the booths and that is a lot of people ideas please. what to bring What to have recruiting bookings Sales!!!!
  29. M

    Boost Your Booth Presence: Handouts for Fashion Shows and Farmer's Markets

    I have 2 booths coming up for Fashion shows (seems to be a propular fundraiser around here- fashion shows with vendor booths) and I also have 2 Farmer's Markets I do during Spring, Summer and Fall-. I am wanting to have things to hand out at the booths, since I usually do not get a long time to...
  30. natural

    Bridal Booth Inspiration: Share Your Photos with Us!

    Does anyone have some pix to share that you took at your Bridal booth? If so please post or email me: [email protected]