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What is slips: Definition and 46 Discussions

  1. A

    Booking/Door Prize Slips - Sold

    Booking/Door Prize Slips I have two of these. Would like to sell both for $1.00. I use flat-rate priority mail with USPS, as that is usually cheapest and includes tracking and insurance. Shipping weight is approximate. Shipping cost will be determined with buyer's zip code. List Date...
  2. Kandi2candy

    My First Booth: Cash & Carry, Drawing Slips & Catalogs - Advice Needed!

    I had my first booth this weekend! It was a lot of fun. It was sorta slow, but that was ok! so I could get the hang of things. :) I made enough to cover my booth costs, got 3 potential hosts, and 1 potential recruit!! I however do have some questions... Cash and Carry VS. Free Local...
  3. stayinathomemama

    15 Pads of Invites, Drawing Slips & More

    I have 15 pads of invitations. Some are from last year, some are 4 or 5 years old (some maybe even older.... not sure) but they are new in their plastic wrap. There are another 100 invites that are new but not in the wrap. There are a few pads of door prize slips (probably over 200 slips - maybe...
  4. cookingwithlove

    Printing Custom Prize Drawing Slips into a Note Pad

    I use my own prize drawing slip. I would like to get them printed into a note pad. I tried Vistaprint, but their note pads are too big. I just want mine to 1/4 page. Any suggestions?
  5. kristina16marie

    Unpacking the Mystery: Are Packing Slips Being Phased Out by HO?

    Last week I got a host's order delivered to my house so I could sort it for her (close friend) and it didn't have any packing slips in it. I figured it was a fluke. I had the hard copies so I sorted it & wrote their names on the mini holiday catalogs that came in the box. But now I just got a...
  6. Y

    Missing Customer Order Slips: Quality Control Issue?

    I looked for another thread about this, but didn't find. Anyone having problems with the host receiving their orders and not having the guest orders included. I have a host that just got her show delivered (one that was submitted on the 16th and she's just getting it now) with a packing slip...
  7. C

    Using Draw Slips in Performance: Tips & Benefits

    Do you use the draw slips in your shows? If not, how come? How do you use them? :)
  8. aried

    Lots of Old Contact Slips From Booths

    I have lots of old contact slips from booths from going back at least 5 years do I just shread them or make some cold calls? Ann
  9. D

    Efficiently Store Door Prize & Guest Slips: Tips for Organization

    How do you handle storing these? I bought a cool box that they fit it but you you sort by show/date/interest, etc? Thanks!
  10. M

    What to Do With Slips With No Markings

    What do you do with the door prize slips from home shows or shows that have no markings other than name and address and #. if you do keep them waht do you do with them?
  11. Flamingo

    Urgent Creative Homemade Door Prize Slips for Girls - Get Inspired!

    Girls,,,,, Help I need a few choices of homemade door prize slips.... :chef:
  12. M

    Slips From Door Prize Drawings at Booths

    does every one go through there slips all the time and have found some that are old people and still call them? i have tons of those that old people have signed u p for drawing at the booths and half are old people. so what do i do with those?
  13. babywings76

    Create Your Own Door Prize Drawing Slips - Free Printable Template

    I just made these, thought I'd share. Hope it came through okay...
  14. P

    Following up on Craft Show Drawing Slips

    I have some follow up calls to make to a few people that I met at a local craft show. I have about 4 or 5 people that did mark "maybe" on hosting a show. I also did a drawing for a free cooking show. So, my question is this: Does anyone have some wording suggestions or a script on what to say to...
  15. M

    Return Slips for Homeowners: What You Need to Know

    has anyone ever made slips to include with returns for HO?
  16. chefann

    Looking to Organize Drawing Slips?

    I have been struggling with drawing slips for quite some time. I have a box, seldom used, based on training that was circulating for a rolling contact box (sort them by month to contact, then you sort the current month by week). But the box is bulky and not condusive to business on the go.I...
  17. pampermejolene

    Spring Catalogs & Drawing Slips

    I have tons of spring catalogs... No way I'm going to get through them all. I also have several pads of drawing slips. Selling for cheap!
  18. susanr613

    Drawing Slips - What's the Point?

    Good morning: I'm wondering why save the drawing slips after the show. Here's what I do: - use the slips to draw for a Season's Best - at checkout, ask everyone about the biz oppty and hosting - when entering into p3, cross check with the order forms to capture all contact info - mark...
  19. dannyzmom

    Older Door Prize Drawing Slips Wanted - "Yes, No, Maybe

    I am looking fo rthe older Door Prize Drawing Slips - the ones that offer "yes, no, maybe" instead of just checking off what you are interested in. If you have some to sell, please let me know...
  20. S

    Pampered Chef Sales Slips: What to Use & Give Away?

    Do you use the Pampered Chef Sales slips or do you create your own for use at shows? Also, do you give each guest something to take home or just prizes and something for the host?
  21. amomoftwo

    Drawing Slips Needed for Fundraiser - Can You Help?

    Does anyone have Drawing Slip that they can show me? I need them for a fund raiser and don't have time to order any. Please help....
  22. L

    Organize Your Drawing Slips: Tips & Tricks

    How do you "handle" them?? Do you throw all your drawing slips together or do you keep them with the folder of the show??? do you put all email addresses of drawing slips into your mailing list??
  23. J

    Bridal Fair and Festival Drawing Slips

    I am doing a bridal fair and a festival soon and would like drawing slips that "fit" the occassion better than the company ones. I'm also looking for suggestions about door prizes offerings. Please post suggestions and drawings slips. Thanks. Jodi Gross [email protected]
  24. chefdeb410

    Maximizing Host Success: The Power of Focus and Hostess Evaluation Forms

    OK...I just finished reading Les Hewitt (& Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansens)'s book The Power of Focus and I'm SUPER excited for the Director's Training at Conference (Wave 3)!! So my question is: has anyone ever sent (or still does) a Hostess evaluation form? This form is asking your...
  25. C

    Drawing Slips for Shows - a Hassle or Worth It?

    Honestly, they kind of annoy me. :o The customers have already written down all their information on the sales receipt, and there are the same boxes on the receipt as on the slips! Can't I just talk about it there and do some other sort of game for a giveaway? Do you use them for Customer...
  26. K

    Creating Custom Draw Slips for Cooking Shows & Biz Opps

    I am looking to creat my own draw slips or find a good one that someone else has already made that I can modify I want a slip that not only asks the info about cooking show an biz opp but also best time to call. I am usually more avialable during day but I alays feel ike a lot of people are...
  27. K

    When to Call? - Making Sense of Draw Slips

    I am just curious when everyone calls or tries to call The draw slips I have do not say when is the bet stime to call and I frequestnly don't know when is a good time to call. I personally like the older draw slips that have the Yes/No/Maybe option Or do you make your own slips
  28. cmdtrgd

    Turning Survey Slips Into A Mega Show - What a Surprise!

    I did a booth a few weekends ago and have been calling on the survey slips. Some people wanted to see a catalog, so I sent them catalogs through the mail. I scheduled time on my calendar to follow up with the mailed catalogs. I don't start doing that until next week. However, I just got a...
  29. Nicky

    Discover Door Prize Slips for Your Opportunity Event

    I am looking for a door prize slips for an opportunity event (an event that you invite people to, to check out the PC business Opp.) Can anyone help? I am kinda new to the site and am not sure how to find one. I did a search and did not find anything I thought was what I was looking for.
  30. pchefkristin

    Optimizing Prize Drawing Slips for Maximum Engagement and Results

    Does everyone still use the ones the company provides? I have been using something a little different, but was curious if the company ones are the most popular? Also, do you use the prize drawing slips at your shows? I do, and used to just put them in my guest folders, but stopped doing that...