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What is contact: Definition and 153 Discussions

  1. esavvymom

    Beware of Scams: Connecting via PWS Contact Pages

    I have seen the direct emails before, and knew they were spam. But lately, in the last two months or so, I've had a few "Contact Me" emails via Pampered Chef Home office (presumably legit emails). The contacts are stating that someone found me through my PWS and want me to contact them to...
  2. Intrepid_Chef

    Suspicions Arose: Contact Request for $279 Order

    So I got a contact me request from a person who claimed to want to place an order. I just replied with the website (because duh, they found my website.)The person claimed to place a $279 order. But the broken English and the offer to write a check set off my Spidey Senses. Thanks a lot for the...
  3. baychef

    Spices Wanted: Contact My Consultant for Purchase

    Have someone looking for a spice turn about. Please pm me and will give you information to contact my fellow consultant for purchase follow through. Thank you!
  4. R

    VJ's Black Pampered Chef Table Runner - Contact for Vendor Events

    I just started my business in August and looking to do more vendor events. I'm looking for the black PC table runner. If you have one to part with please message me at [email protected]
  5. K

    Making Contact Labels in Word with the Spoon Logo

    Has anyone made new contact labels in Word with the spoon logo. I'm computer challenged!
  6. Intrepid_Chef

    Consultants Corner: Has Anyone Gotten a Contact from the Site?

    I was puzzled by the email about changing the "find a consultant" feature on Consultants Corner. I can't understand why someone would complain about being contacted, or why they would not follow up.But I thought of it as no big loss since I have NEVER been contacted through this feature, even...
  7. TrudysOwn

    White Scissors Wanted - Please Contact With Price

    Does anyone have a pair of white scissors we used to carry? I have the black ones we currently carry but would like another pair of the white ones. If you do, please let me know the price you want.Thanks.
  8. byrd1956

    Another Scam .... via Consultant Contact

    I received 2 contacts via Consultant Contact. One I have actually spoke to the person and she lives in a town nearby. Here is the other one: "Great news! A customer has located you through the "Find A Consultant" page, and would like you to contact them. The following information has been...
  9. Bren706

    Po Box Addresses in Hosts/Customer's Contact Information

    Has anyone else had problems with including the host's PO Box address in their contact information, in the beta-site? I include it in line 2, and now a customer is having trouble entering their online order to a show because the host address is a PO Box. Their street address is in line 1. I...
  10. M

    Urgent Debra hull Contact Request Received

    On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 6:41 AM CDT Debra hull wrote: >The following person has submitted an e-mail from your Personalized Site: > >Name: Debra hull >E-mail: [email protected] >Day Phone: (646) 600-9516 >Evening Phone: (646) 600-9516 >Address: nill - nill >City: no information...
  11. Intrepid_Chef

    Contact Me Submission: Suspicious Order Request from Polk City, Iowa

    I got a Contact Me submission with no information but the phone number and "I Want To Order." The phone number is a land line in Polk City, Iowa. I am nowhere near Iowa, nor do I know anybody there, but who knows who my newsletter has been forwarded to? I do not recognize the name...
  12. blarrabee

    Looking for Sweet Mocha Hazelnut Sprinkles? Contact me!

    I am specifically looking for the Sweet Mocha Hazelnut Sprinkles. If any one has some they can spare please contact me, [email protected]
  13. K

    Efficient Contact Management Tips for New Consultants

    Hi, all. First time poster, "long time" lurker. I'm a new consultant (4 months now. Woohoo!) and I'm getting a handle on getting organized but one thing I'm still struggling with is contact management. I know that P3 is pretty good for managing your contacts and tasks (and I like that shows...
  14. huskerlissa

    How Do I Contact a Guest Who Placed an Order on My PWS?

    I had an order placed through my PWS. I don't know who the person is. I sync'ed with P3, but no contact info came across - no address, no email. I would like to thank her for her order, but I don't know how to get a hold of her. Any ideas?
  15. P

    How can I approach hosting a party for a woman I only have an email for?

    My aunt is having a show tomorrow and just e-mailed me that a woman she knows through work wants to have a party. The only contact info I have for this woman is her e- mail. As of right now I have NOTHING going on in April so I'd like to get her scheduled towards the beginning of the month but...
  16. doughmama

    Buy this Bag for Just $43 + Shipping - Contact Me

    Selling this bag for $43 plus shipping. If interested, please contact me and I'll give you the exact cost once you tell me your address. Payment made using paypal. Thanks. Feel free to email me at [email protected] as I check that more frequently.
  17. L

    Wanted: 5-10 Items - Contact [email protected]

    I am willing to purchase 5 -10 of these, if anyone has any left. Let me know. Thanks! [[email protected]]
  18. babywings76

    Web Order Importing, Past Customer/New Contact?

    I have a past host who is going online to a friend's show and placed an order. When I import her order into P3 it's treating her like she is a new contact. Do I just click to add her to my contact list and then merge her info? Or is there a different way I'm supposed to do things?
  19. chefkathy

    Director Too Much Contact: When to Give Friends a Break

    ...but a phone call, an email, and a FB message all in the span of one hour is a bit excessive. Especially when it's DINNER TIME!!!! OMG! Give me chance to respond before you spam me please!
  20. M

    Missing Calendar? Need One? Contact Me!

    I missed deadline. If anyone has an extra calendars, I would LOVE to buy them from you. I am bad about getting on here sometimes, if you can email me at [email protected] thank you
  21. babywings76

    Made a New Contact Today at Lunch

    So today I'm getting ready for our training meeting that I'm hosting at my home tonight. My mom took my kids so they can be there while I get ready and they'll spend the night there. So, while I was out running errands I thought I'd go get a bite to eat for lunch. I decided to try out this...
  22. D

    Is there a way to print notes for each contact on the Contact Report?

    Does anyone know if or how you can have your notes for each contact print on the Contact Report? I participated in 2 events this weekend and accumulated quite a few info slips. Many contacts checked specific boxes on the slips. I want to honor their choices and not bother them with info they...
  23. Roseannpc

    Minisling Bag Wanted - Contact Roseann at roseannPampered [email protected]

    ASAPIf anyone has a min isling bag for sale please email me. [email protected] Thanks Roseann
  24. T

    Who Can I Contact About a Chef Success Subscription?

    Hi everyone! I am just wondering who I can contact to get my sister in here. I paid for a gift subscription for her but she isn't able to get in here yet. I need a name to contact so that we can work this out. It's been a month or so since I paid and she would like to be able to use the...
  25. P

    Mini Sling Bag Wanted - Contact [email protected]

    I am a new consultant and would like to buy a mini sling bag if anyone has one avialable. [email protected] :chef:
  26. K

    Contact Question- Please Help:)

    Hello!!!! I am trying to work smarter and not harder!~ HAHAHA I have been in a major slump and am going back and entering in contacts from last month to get caught up! Question is: - Everything is in P3 and then synced with online for the Website Customer Connection- is there anywhere to export...
  27. K

    Corporate Shipping Contact: How to Find Out?

    Does anyone know who would be a contact for our corporate shipping (i.e. who handles who does our shipping?). Or do you have any idea how I would find that out?
  28. A

    Outlook Contact Sync With Samsung Galaxy

    After several months (almost a year!) of hints & discussion with my hubby, I picked up a new phone. My biggest critera for picking the Samsung Galaxy was the ability to use the phone throughout the entire state. Something to do with cell platform, service or something like that. After playing...
  29. B

    How can I update contact info from PWS to P3 without creating a new contact?

    When I copy a web order for a show to P3 and it's an existing contact, how can I get the new contact info that they entered on the web to update in P3 without having to create a new contact? For example: Joan ordered in the past while living on Lakeview Terr. I want to keep all of her order...
  30. babywings76

    Introducing the Pampered Chef to a New Contact

    I just got this e-mail from a neighbor/past host: Hi Amanda---One of the residents where I work has never heard of Pampered Chef. I told her I would drop off a catalog to her this coming week. Could you please drop one off at my house for me sometime this week when you have a chance? Thanks...