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What is word: Definition and 101 Discussions

  1. K

    Making Contact Labels in Word with the Spoon Logo

    Has anyone made new contact labels in Word with the spoon logo. I'm computer challenged!
  2. esavvymom

    What's the scoop on PC's Spring Launch this year?

    I know that as soon as I post this, the info will come out, but I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of PCs plans for spring launch this year (2015)? I know it's been end of January/early February for years...so kind of odd to not hear anything.I'm suspecting it will be "director led"...
  3. Ginger428

    Can Someone Please Change the Going Going Gone to Word!!

    Thanks in advance!!!
  4. kam

    Ss 2012 Sb Recipes in a Word File

    Usually I grab all the recipes for each of the SB and easily put them into a Word file. This time I noticed that they were providing a pdf only. Which is great to have the images, but, personally, I like to have them in a Word doc. Also, I don't work with Acro READER (I have Pro) so I am...
  5. D

    Unique Bridal Word Scramble: Fun Game Ideas and Free Printables!

    Hello All, I have my first Bridal Shower tomorrow and was looking for game ideas and came across alot of free printable games which gave me an ideal to make my own word scramble. What i did was take some of the items that were on my brides registery and then some other kitchen must haves...
  6. Sheila

    Director Spread the Word About Your Success!

    I got this from Home Office today: Hadn't thought about advertising locally, but I think I might try it in our small town newspaper. It might just help me get the word out that I'm in town. Anyone else planning to try it or used it in the past successfully?
  7. M

    How Can I Create Eye-Catching Word Pictures for a Younger Audience?

    ok, i need help from the "creative"! :) I use a lot of word pictures at my show, but they are all geared towards the "mom" type with no time and kids. This show is with 'just out of college, single women'. Anyone have ideas on word pictures I can paint and what product would be best for the...
  8. HealthNut

    The Power of Word of Mouth: My Unexpected Success With Home Parties!

    Ok - I just can not believe how EASY it really is to do this! I just bought my kit 2 weeks ago (got it a week and a half ago) and booked my first party for September 12. I also have a fundraiser booked for November for Girl Scouts... I have TWO catalogue parties going on right now - one...
  9. pampered1224

    Looking for a Free Word Doc Download?

    Could not attach the .doc as it was too big but you may use this one if you would like.
  10. N

    How Can I Remove Text Box Borders in Word While Keeping Content Intact?

    I am SO bad with the computer- I created a flyer using word and text boxes. My question is I do NOT want the line around my text... HOW do I get rid of the box and leave my pics and text there. PLEASE some savvy word person. nancy
  11. A

    Mastering Word Choices for Successful Pampered Chef Shows

    Good Morning! I have taken a bit of a hiatus from Pampered Chef and I am thinking of giving it another try. I had a really hard time booking shows and even just calling people, period. I just did not know what to say. What do you say to people you haven't spoken to in months? How do you...
  12. P

    Saving PDF to Word: Is it Possible?

    I am working on an assignment for my Masters and I have a file that is pdf that I need to include in a word doc, does anyone know how I can save as a doc. Or if it is possible? Thanks so much
  13. C

    Need tips for successful booth results?

    I've been with PC for 2 years. WAHOO! You'd think I'd know by now that word choices are important. I love doing booths but always end up with less than great results. I normally say 'hello, are you familiar with pc' or 'what is your favorite product'. I let them know the specials if they...
  14. A

    Troubleshooting Microsoft Word: Editable Flyers Needed!

    I am a new consultant and I am looking to hang up flyers however microsoft word will not let me edit them. Please Help!!
  15. L

    Understanding How Word Breakdown Works: A Guide

    So that I'm clear if someone does approach me, I found a flyer that I like. I don't understand how the breakdown works, word-wise. Can someone explain that to me??
  16. lockhartkitchen

    A Crazy Stair-Climbing Adventure to Spread the Word!

    I put on my tennis shoes and enlisted the help of the daughters (10,6) to help me pass out 200 flyers to a local neighborhood. We started at 4:30 today (late start), but we got about 60 passed out. The neighborhood I chose today is on a hill with every house having two flights of stairs to the...
  17. scottcooks

    How Would You Word This? or Not Do It??

    I'm doing a catered birthday party (appetizers, cake, champagne) at a rented hall for my wife's 50th birthday. Is it totally inappropriate to include wording like: "In lieu of presents, please consider contributing to our dream celebration as a family with Mickey Mouse in DisneyWorld, FL...
  18. cmdtrgd

    Urgent Who Can Convert a Pdf to Word???

    I have two pdfs I need converted to word in, oh, the next 5 minutes or so...I can't figure out how to do it and I know some people on here can do it!!!
  19. PampChefJoy

    Compressing Word Doc: Greg to the Rescue?

    The Word document is too large to upload here (lots of pics!) so I'm going to have to figure out a way to shrink the resolution of the photos and re-upload it... unless Greg can figure out a way to grant me more filesize access <grin>...
  20. dannyzmom

    Can a Word Document Be Saved as a Pdf?

    I have a word document - a flyer invite - that when my host tried to open it the formatting is all messed up. Is there a way to save it as a PDF so that when she opens it it looks right to her and is printable?
  21. C

    Word Choices for Calling Total Strangers...

    OK... so I set up a booth this weekend and it was VERY busy! I got lots and lots of people sign up. Most of them (about 70 something) either didn't fill the slip out completely or put "no" on everything. However, I do have about 15 to 20 who put "maybe" and a couple or three who entered...
  22. pckrissy

    Urgent DCB Recipes Transfer and Compilation | Consultant's Corner to Word

    i need the deep covered baker recipes from consultant's corner transferred into word...can anyone do that? or does anyone already have that done? if you do can you please post or email it to [email protected] thanks in advance
  23. ChefPaulaB

    How do I convert a PDF to an editable Word document?

    Does anyone know how to convert a PDF document to a Word or other document so that you can edit it? TIA!
  24. 1

    Struggling with Microsoft Word? Need help?

    Ok, I will admit it from the start - I'm lost when it comes to computers & all that computer stuff, I just do the VERY basic stuff!:confused: I have Microsoft Office Word on my computer - I have tried to make stuff in Word & email it to my yahoo email to send to people, but it never sends from...
  25. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Easy Guide to Converting PDF to Word | Step-by-Step Tutorial

    Can someone please tell me how to convert a PDF file to a Word doc? Thanks!
  26. C

    Creating Flyers with Word: Solving Text Issues

    What program does everyone use to make flyers? I'm trying to make a few using Word but when I'm adding pictures, my text goes all over the place. Is there an easier way to make a flyer?
  27. PampChefJoy

    Get Noticed with a Word Cloud T-Shirt | Newsletter Recruiting Tips

    So I used Wordle to put together this tag cloud for my newsletter recruiting article... I thought it was kinda catchy and sort of different... might get someone's attention and we're coming in between promotions right now so I couldn't think of anything else to put. Didn't want to put a photo...
  28. T

    Ready to Create a Word Version of the New Recruiting Flyer?

    Has anyone had the chance to turn the new Recruiting Flyer from HO into a Word document? Trish in Texas Independent Consultant
  29. dannyzmom

    Can Someone Convert From Wps to Word for Me?

    Anyone? I have a guest list sent to me in WPS and I can't open it
  30. kreaser

    Convert Publisher Flyer to Word: Karlene's Request

    Can someone so kindly convert this flyer of mine into word? I love working in Publisher but I Have to send it out in word. thanks so much in advance karlene