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What is catalogs: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. pmprdprettyinsnj

    When Do Ss2021 Catalogs Come Out

    I saw feb 1st and March 1st which is correct please. I have been out of loop for a while
  2. P

    Need 25 Catalogs ASAP? Here's How to Get Them Quickly and Easily!

    I am looking for a bundle of 25 catalogs. I need them in a few days. I am willing to pay for them. I am in a pickle and need them in a hurry!!!Thank you!
  3. kcnancy

    Spring and Summer 2019 Catalogs

    7/17 - Cross posting this offer on Facebook. I am selling 3 un-opened packages of 2019 S&S Catalogs. $10 per package or all 3 for $25 + shipping. I will be shipping from 66214.
  4. Melissa Burkett

    New Consultant: Spring/Summer 2019 Catalogs

    I just became a new consultant mid-January 2019. Does anyone know if I'll receive a changeover box with the new spring/ summer 2019 catalogs?
  5. Sakinah Garrett-Corcoran

    Looking for Mini Holiday Catalogs? Need a few extra packs?

    The Mini Holiday Catalogs are now discontinued. If you have any extra packs of 25 I would really love to purchase just need 1 or 2 packs
  6. S

    Shop 2018 F/W ISO 10 or So Catalogs | Free Shipping to 55309

    ISO 10 or so, 2018 F/W catalogs. Shipping to 55309
  7. kcnancy

    Interested in Buying Unopened Spring & Summer Catalogs?

    I have 1 unopened pack of Spring & Summer Catalogs. $5 a package + shipping.
  8. Kate Siciliano

    25 New in Package Spring 18 Catalogs

    I've unceremoniously left the biz, and just realized I've got new catalogs sitting here that I'm never going to open!$10 + Shipping and they are yours.
  9. mspibb

    Using Outdated Mini Catalogs for Sponsor Table

    I am on the board of the local Girls Inc. Our biggest Fundraiser is coming up, Taste of Morristown. Local restaurants bring samples of their favorites and we cycle about 1000 people through. This year we are doing Table Sponsors so the tables where people eat will have a display card with...
  10. cmdtrgd

    Iso F - W 2018 Catalogs in Colorado

    I live in the Aurora Colorado area and need a few extra catalogs. I am in Fort Collins and Loveland today. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Andrea coppola

    Get Organized and Save Space with Affordable Catalogs and Order Forms for Sale

    I have a bunch of catalogs order forms and other paperwork I no longer have use for. Asking 25.00 for all
  12. C

    Looking for F/W 2015 Catalogs? Check These Out!

    I have 3 unopened packages of F/W 2015 catalogs for sale. These are packs of 25. I would like $10 for each package. Media Mail shipping is $6.25, if you buy 2 packages shipping is $9.75.I have an opened pack of about 20 with my label info on them that I would sell for $7 plus media mail...
  13. Tenille V.

    Want to get a sneak peek at our 2015 Spring/Summer Catalogs?

    Hi All, I over bought and have a few extra 2015 Spring/Summer Catalogs up for grabs. Please let me contact me if you have any questions or to purchase. 15 full-sized catalogs - $13.00 for all 15 2 pk (25 each) - mini catalogs - $4.00 each pk I'll pay for shipping within the US! Will ship once...
  14. P

    Relocating to Wilmington NC: Looking for Mini Catalogs & Director

    Recently relocated to the Wilmington NC area from Virginia Beach, VA. Did business more of a hobby while working full time. Now retired and in search of some current mini catalogs, and a Director in the area. I am currently active. Also, I am attending New Hanover County's Relay for Life this...
  15. M

    Closing Shop: Shipping Available for Paperwork, Catalogs & More!

    Getting out of the business. Contact me for shipping, most will be shipped flat rate.Paperwork-$10 -33 Sales receipts -1 pack Party Planners -5 Join UsCatalogs-$10 -46 Fall/Winter 2014 -18 Spring/Summer 2014Other-$10 -Men’s Aprons-Long -Men’s Consultant Tote Bags-Both Sizes -Tote Bag
  16. P

    Needing Spring Mini Catalogs! Help!

    Does anyone have any extra Spring/Summer 2015 Mini Catalogs I can buy from them?? My director just quit and now I do not have a local upline to call on (my upline is someone in Chicago -not sure who..otherwise I would contact them) AND to make matters worse... I recently had a hostess not pay...
  17. stephaniekocala

    Apron, New Catalogs, Cell Phone Case Available

    Hello all,As I exclusively run my PC business via social media and friends/family, I don't have a need for the new catalogs or my PC (women's) apron. I also have the Jan consultants' gift (cell phone case) for Iphone 5 available:25 New Catalogs: $12 Apron: $8 Cell Phone Case (I can email you a...
  18. byrd1956

    Start Sharing March Catalogs: Get Answers Now!

    I have a host that wants to start collecting orders for her March catalog show so she can get it transmitted the first or the second. How soon can she actually start sharing the catalogs?
  19. dollfangs

    Get 5 New Catalogs for Your Next Season Kit - Order Now!

    I am inactive right now so did not get my new season kit. I am trying to do a catalog show but need about 5 catalogs. Can anyone sell me 5 of the new catalogs? Thank you Melissa
  20. P

    How Do You Present Your Show Catalogs

    I am in search of a new way to present my catalogs to my guests. Something fun or more organized then handing them out with an order form enclosed... What do you do?!
  21. W

    What are the details of the Spring/Summer 2014 Catalogs for sale?

    Spring/Summer 2014 Catalogs 25 New, unopened Spring/Summer 2014 Catalogs Want to get rid of them, will take best offer *Will combine shipping if you buy multiple items from me List Date: 6/10/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Spring/Summer 2014 Catalogs...
  22. A

    Large Letter Envelopes - Perfect for Host Packets or Catalogs

    Large Letter Envelopes - Perfect for Host Packets or Mailing Catalogs I have 211 of these envelopes will sell them all for $30 or we can collaborate on a price for less but I would rather sell them as a lump. I use flat-rate priority mail with USPS, as that is usually cheapest and includes...
  23. H

    What to Do With Outdated Catalogs: Ideas for Fall 2013

    I ordered far more catalogs then I needed for the Fall 2013, now they are basically no good-- what do you all do with outdated catalogs? Feels a waste to throw them out...
  24. C

    Interested in Purchasing Fall Winter Catalogs?

    I have 2 full packs of catalogs for sale. Let me know!!!
  25. mspibb

    Shop ISO Current Catalogs - Find Great Deals Now!

    Need some catalogs, anyone got a pack or even part they'd like to sell? I can sticker over if they are already stamped!
  26. pampchef.angel

    Event Planning: What Do You Do With Catalogs & Order Forms?

    In the past, I've always handed out clipboards with a catalog, order form, pen and drawing form to each guest. It's a lot to carry. I'm curious as to what you guys do?
  27. DebPC

    Discover the Latest Roughed Up Catalogs from HO - Limited Time Offer!

    Read the email from HO about those. Mine came fine. Did anyone get those???
  28. jbondr

    Looking for a Home: Spanish Catalogs from 2013 Fall/Winter?

    Ordered 2013 Fall/Winter Spanish catalogs by mistake :( If interested in 80 or any number please let me know. PM or email me directly [email protected]
  29. A

    Give Catalogs at Beginning of Shows or After Presentation?

    I had a show for my kick-off w/ family members. My aunt suggested not giving any one a catalog until after the show because if someone really likes the item but sees the price, this may turn them off from the item. Where as if they don't have a catalog but fall in love with the product, then...
  30. C

    Affordable Iso Mini Catalogs | Buy Only What You Need - Save on Shipping!

    I only need about 6 of these and frankly don't want to pay for a pk of 25 ($3.75) and $4.25 shipping just for the few I need (don't need any other supplies). They figure out at 15 cents apiece - Does anyone have some they would sell and just send in an envelope? TIA