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What is paperwork: Definition and 126 Discussions

  1. O

    Order New Fall Paperwork & Products | Access Past Issues of The Stir

    Good morning! Does anyone know when new fall paperwork and products can be ordered? I know I read it somewhere but searched the whole website and found ZERO. Is there a place to find past issues of The Stir? TIA
  2. P

    What's Included in the Pampered Partner Business Starter Pack?

    (12) packs “Come Taste the Fun” invitations(1) pack drawing slips(25) Spring/Summer 2013 Catalogs(1) Your Guide to a Successful Business Binder w/”Cooking in Action” and “Your Life Your Way” CDs(100) Pampered Partner Sales Receipts(1) packet Sales Receipts(3) Consultant Agreements(1) packet...
  3. M

    Closing Shop: Shipping Available for Paperwork, Catalogs & More!

    Getting out of the business. Contact me for shipping, most will be shipped flat rate.Paperwork-$10 -33 Sales receipts -1 pack Party Planners -5 Join UsCatalogs-$10 -46 Fall/Winter 2014 -18 Spring/Summer 2014Other-$10 -Men’s Aprons-Long -Men’s Consultant Tote Bags-Both Sizes -Tote Bag
  4. T

    Ordering Fall Paperwork: Important Info & Deadline

    Does anyone know when we can order the new paperwork for fall?
  5. P

    forSale: Misc Paperwork and Supplies

    Edited to add NEW ITEMS!!In 2013, I decided to "hang up my apron" rather than try to juggle TPC and my new job as a mommy. :baby: This is what's left after offering things up to my local team. I'll be adding things to this as I dig them out, but I wanted to get the list started. If you're...
  6. K

    Missing Paperwork for September Host - Need Help? Contact Home Office!

    One of my September hosts just recieved her boxes, but she didn't have any paperwork (packing slips) in her boxes. The paperwork with her host number isn't there either. Has anyone had this happen before? I am going to try to call home office tomorrow. I can't do it now, as I am work until...
  7. DebPC

    Fall 2013 Paperwork Changeover Dates

    Thought I would add these to CS for future reference... Business Supplies • June 30: Last date to order a spring Quick Start Box • Aug. 11: Last date to order spring 2013 business materials • Aug. 12: First date to order fall 2013 business material and product samples Pre-order your fall...
  8. pcsharon1

    Belinda Ellsworth Cd's and Paperwork System

    I have the Power Hour paperwork system and her success training CD set. There are 7 CD's total plus the binder with the individual folders in them. I have listened to them several times and put the pieces I am going to use into play and don't think I will get any more out of them. I don't...
  9. S

    Ordering Spring Paperwork: Get Your New Catalogs Now!

    I thought that today was the first day we could order the new spring catalogs, etc. Has anyone else tried to order the new catalogs? Thanks, Suzy in Texas
  10. A

    Paperwork and Supplies up for Sale.

    A team member is taking a break from her business she's not on chef success, but has the following items left over and for sale: Here is her list: a full pack of catalogs s/s 2012 , 3 3/4 pk of mini, full pack sales receipts, 62 pp plus receipts, 3 pks of season's best (last summer), 2 1/2...
  11. DebPC

    Director When Can We Order New Spring Paperwork?

    My pp3 hasn't updated yet and I can't find a date anywhere- plus I haven't gotten my changeover box yet. Thanks!
  12. pcsharon1

    aFew Paperwork Items for Sale.........

    I have a few things that are just extras or doubles that I know I will never use and they are just taking up space. Happy to sell the entire thing as one lot. Training CD's: Working with the Hispanic Market, Booings Galore, Double Digit Recruiting, Attract Inform Invite: Recruiting...
  13. pckelly

    Director Pre-Order S/S Paperwork Supplies?

    Aren't we supposed to be able to pre-order today? I can't find any info on the website. Someone tell me if I was dreaming.
  14. wadesgirl

    Dealing with HO Paperwork Changes? Discover Our New Booklets for Sept 1st!

    Just venting! I hate how often HO changes some of our paperwork!! I just ordered what I thought was new Come Join Us booklets and Discover Us booklets only to find out tonight that they are the current ones, not the new ones that I could use Sept 1st!! So now I have to order all new ones...
  15. wadesgirl

    Discover & Join Us Booklet Updates: What's New with Our Paperwork Supplies?

    Does anyone know what changed on the Discover Us and Join Us booklets? From the covers it looks like just some of the pictures.
  16. pampered1224

    New Paperwork Numbers for F/W 11: Host a Cooking Show and Recruiting Info

    If anyone has the numbers for ordering the F/W 11 paperwork, I need to know if there is a new Host a Cooking Show flier and confirm the numbers of the new Recruiting info. English catalogs are KW02, Achieve with Us is KW40 - assume this is recruiting Discover Us brochure is KW15 - ??? Come...
  17. babywings76

    F/W Paperwork Supply Order Products

    I just looked at the new F/W season supply order products. Does anyone know what the difference is between: KW14 Cooking Show Postcard Invitation/40* (PWS users) 1.25 KW52 Cooking Show Postcard Invitation/40* 1.25
  18. chefkathy

    Director Fall Paperwork Available for Pre-Order via Cc

    Now through 7/17. Orders placed by July 11 will be shipped to be delivered by July 19. Order some starter stuff to get your fall off to a good start. Then you don't have to wait til the changeover box comes to get host packets together, etc. All fall business material will be available...
  19. cmdtrgd

    Urgent Can Anyone Help Get Paperwork to a New Consultant in SLC ASAP?

    Looking for a consultant near the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center. A new consultant on my team is there with her 17mo old and has no catalogs or order forms. She is in her first 30 days and really wants to try to get orders from the staff there so she can work on her $1250 when she has some...
  20. cmdtrgd

    Director Can anyone help with paperwork at Salt Lake Regional Medical Center?

    Looking for a consultant near the Salt Lake Regional Medical Center. A new consultant on my team is there with her 17mo old and has no catalogs or order forms. She is in her first 30 days and really wants to try to get orders from the staff there so she can work on her $1250 when she has some...
  21. O

    What Can I Do With Outdates Paperwork?

    I just wrapped up my first 90 days. I lost my last PC dollars because I couldn't close the party on the 90th day and didn't even realize it until the 91st day (in my brain it didn't click that August had 31 days, not 30 and my last day was the 30th.... I was calculating my last day as being...
  22. T

    When Can We Order New Paperwork.

    I looked through everything I must be overlooking the information. When can those of us that did not go to conference order the new paperwork? TIA
  23. ChefMary412

    What paperwork do I need to bring for my cluster meeting?

    So, I have a cluster meeting Monday night, but want to go over the things I need to bring (paperwork wise) now! What are the things from HO that I need to bring with me? -postcards from April, May, June -BINGO card
  24. A

    Interested in Affordable Wedding Paperwork? Check Out My Listings!

    Hello Everyone, I have the following available: 250 - Wedding Registry Letterhead - unopened Total: $15.00 250 - Wedding Registry #10 Envelope - unopened Total: $15.00 90 - Host Packet Envelope - (1 package of 50 unopened, other packaged was opened, and I used about 10) Total...
  25. S

    No Longer a Consultant ~ Selling Paperwork and Catalogs

    I am no longer selling PC and have some paperwork items and catalogs left that I would like to sell to someone that can use them. Below is what I have left. Spring/Summer Catalogs (24 left) - $15.00 Cooking Show Postcard Invites (5 packs) - $3.00 Come Join Us! Booklet (pack of 5) - $1.00...
  26. M

    Essential Paperwork for a Successful Vendor Fair | June 5th Tips & Suggestions

    Ok, so I'm doing my first vendor fair on June 5th and I'm trying to make sure I've thought through it all as far as paperwork in case I need to make a supply order before then. Here's what I'm thinking Drawing/info slips (free cooking show drawing where everyone wins) Host packets Recruit...
  27. susanr613

    Fs: Various Sales/Booking/Recruiting Paperwork

    Prices do NOT include shipping from 60107 Various host, guest, recruiting materials. If you want to have a variety and don’t want to order just from TPC or Merrill, you can have all of the below for $60.00 plus shipping. Or you can buy what you want at the prices listed, which are all before...
  28. M

    Fall/Winter 2009 Catalogs and Paperwork for Sale

    I am going to go through my office and get an official count of everything, but i know for sure i have the following: Over 100 fall/winter 2009 catalogs at least 25 fall/winter 2009 mini catalogs recruiting brochures 2010 consultant planner ( written in the first two weeks but never used)...
  29. taterbug

    Ordering Fall Paperwork by Feb. 5th - Will Catalogs Be Included?

    This may have already been asked and answered; if so, I apologize for asking again. If the last day to order fall paperwork is February 5th and all orders placed on or after February 6th will contain spring/summer paperwork, does that include catalogs? I only preordered 100 new catalogs and...
  30. thehaleykitchen

    Spring Paperwork Vs. Business Building Supplies

    Hello, not sure were to post this, so I am going to try here! I signed up on Dec 16, 2009, which means I get the extra 30 days tacked on to my account. My question is this, when it comes to the business building supplies that new consultants get to order within 60 days of signing up, does that...