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  1. tlmcunning

    Realtor and Using Pc as Closing Gifts.

    For those of you who have sent out letters and done follow up with realtors, have you gotten a good response from them? I am thinking about sending letters to some local realtors and suggesst that they give their client PC products as closing gifts. This is my ss1 and I am hoping to generate...
  2. S

    Host Not Closing Show

    HELP! I have a host that hosted a kitchen show in mid MAY! She will not close her show. It has taken her this long to get 2 additional outside orders that totaled something like $60....that was last Friday. It is now Tuesday, and she will still not get me her order. I don't understand. All...
  3. C

    What Is the Deadline for Closing in Pp?

    I have two shows to close out tonite- what time does it have to be in by? Thanks!
  4. S

    Problems Closing Catalog Show

    I have a dilema!! I have a catalog show that I can not get closed. The host has given me excuse after excuse for not closing for about 3 weeks now. This show has been open for a month or better!! The total so far is only $90. I have not collected from her from this show and am not even sure...