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What is closing: Definition and 140 Discussions

  1. MicheleATX

    Want discounted business supplies? Message me your order and zip code!

    UPDATED - All gone! I have a few business supply items available at a discount. Message me what you want and your zipcode and I'll add in shipping and give you the total.SOLD: Fall/Winter Catalogs (opened & 1 missing) Qty 24 catalogs total left - $15.00SOLD Qty 1 Booking & Recruiting slides -...
  2. L

    Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up and Closing a Show

    Hello! I Wanted to see if any of you have a process of setting up and closing a show? Ive been looking on the PC training features for help, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for. When I say setting up a show I'm referring to Setting up my shows online… Where do you start? I realize...
  3. M

    Closing Shop: Shipping Available for Paperwork, Catalogs & More!

    Getting out of the business. Contact me for shipping, most will be shipped flat rate.Paperwork-$10 -33 Sales receipts -1 pack Party Planners -5 Join UsCatalogs-$10 -46 Fall/Winter 2014 -18 Spring/Summer 2014Other-$10 -Men’s Aprons-Long -Men’s Consultant Tote Bags-Both Sizes -Tote Bag
  4. A

    Interested in Pampered Chef items at discounted prices?

    I've loved selling Pampered Chef, but I'm just not a sales person so I've decided to stick with hosting. ;) That said, I have a bunch of stuff I'd love to get rid of. If you're interested in any of this, let me know. If I have to ship it, I'll have the post office weigh each item...
  5. prissylovescooking

    Please! I Need Help Closing My Shows

    Hi Everyone! I'm new to this site and I'm sure there is a thread out there probably about this but I couldn't find anything. I really need help closing my shows to gain more bookings and/or recruits. I honestly suck! :yuck: I fumble my words, I don't make sense and I look like I don't know...
  6. B

    Closing Parties: Tips to Get Hosts to Cooperate

    I have had 3 parties in the last 2 weeks and was finally able to close on one last night. I'm still waiting on the other 2 to close. It has been difficult to get in touch with my hosts since the parties. I like to close parties on Wednesdays after having them on the weekends. I do let the hosts...
  7. heather223

    Closing a Show: Dealing with Unexpected Delays and Complications

    I need some advice.... I have a show from July 23 that has not closed. The host was scheduled to have surgery 3 days after the show and thought she would be home a week after I held the show to close it. Unfortunately the host had complications from surgery and has been in and out of the...
  8. chefkathy

    Director Joy Is Closing Tasty Tidbits :(

    After much thought and consideration, it is with bittersweet sadness that I announce the discontinuance of Tasty Tidbits newsletter service effective December 31, 2011. I started Tasty Tidbits in 2005 as a way to help fellow consultants grow their businesses. I never dreamed it would become...
  9. California Girl

    Troubleshooting Closing a Party with Outside Orders: Tips and Tricks

    Hey I am trying to close a party out but i keep getting guest sales must total at least 150.... Gladys Mueller item GW64 is not available yet my sales are at 180 with 1 outside order, Is it because i have an outside order that it wont let me close? Do I need to get 150 in sales without...
  10. finley1991

    Director Is the Home Office Closing Early Due to Winter Weather in Chicago?

    ExecuFlash One Pampered Chef Lane, Addison, IL 60101-5630 From Marla Gottschalk, Chief Executive Officer Please feel free to share this with your downline. Dear Executive Director, Due to severe winter weather in the Chicago area, we’ll be closing the Home Office early in order...
  11. L

    Closing Shows Deadline: Dec. 15th for Christmas Orders

    I have a girl wanting to do a catty show starting at the end of Nov. and closing at the beginning of Dec. I can do this, right? I can close a Nov. show in Dec. as long as it's before the 15th? She also wants to know how late we can close the show and get orders before Christmas.
  12. G

    Troubleshooting Show Closing Process: Tips for Fixing Errors | Cookware Deals

    I went today to close a show for September, and I finally got the money on Friday and everything all straightened out.... Then when i went to go submit the show today if gave me the 15th of the month error. Uuuuugghhh.. I feel terrible because a lot of my guests got the free cookbooks and my...
  13. P

    Help! Closing My 3rd Show & Need To Know If I Qualify!

    I'm closing my 3rd show tonight and my 30 days os up on the 3rd. In P3, I see there is "commissionable sales" and "show total" with the show total being higher. When trying to caculate if I made the 1250 to qualify which total do I go by? Also, is it $1250 AND 4 shows that you need to...
  14. M

    Question About Closing a Show - Please Help! :)

    I just had my first show on Friday and my host wants to close the show Thursday - Is that okay, or does the show have to be closed the same month as her party in order for her to get those host benefits? My recruiter/director is out of town so I can't ask her! Thanks, Melissa
  15. Melissa78

    Closing Shows Before 8/31: Clarifying Party Dates and Sales Incentives

    Just so I am clear....if a host wants to hold a party on Aug 28 but doesn't want to close until say Sept 4. That's still possible right that we have until the 15th its just that it will count for sales for Sept for consultant and not for hold 2 by 15th incentive? Or with the new cc thingy can we...
  16. T

    Closing My First Show: Tips for Managing Outside Orders and Delays

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to close my first show, and when I called the host today at our scheduled time, she gave me the rest of her outside orders which was close to $150 more. But she said there were a few more orders she was waiting for and wanted to see if we could postpone closing until...
  17. K

    Co-hosting Q&A: Closing a Show & Host Specials

    Newbie Question: How does the Co-hosting work as far as closing the show. If they earned $115 in free products they just split that up how ever they chose right. What about the host special? They only get to chose one of those as well right? Am I missing anything?
  18. S

    Closing a Pb Bridal Show and Have a Question About Bookings...

    Hello all, I'm new on here (and somewhat new as a consultant) and did my first Bridal SHow for a friend on Tuesday. Could someone remind me how bookings at the shower benefit the bride? We're up to almost 1,200 in orders with outside orders, so she'll be "cleaning up" for sure, but the host is...
  19. A

    How do I handle multiple credit cards for one guest at a bridal shower show?

    Okay...I put all the info. into P3. I added the Bride as the co-host and the Groom as a guest. Here's my problem. I put all the orders in for the guests themselves and everything that was purchased for the bride under the groom's name. I have 3 people that bought for the bride with a...
  20. ChefMary412

    Closing Registry Without Bride Knowing: Tips & Advice

    Is there a way to close the registry without letting the bride know? I have the mom that bought everything for her daughter and want to close the registry before anyone else buys stuff from it. She originally set it as "do not contact me". Can I still somehow close it? I ordered everything for...
  21. NooraK

    Closing Show Checklist: Order Entry, MACs, Receipts & More

    I'm working on putting together a checklist for myself so that I don't forget things while I'm closing out a show. I can remeber the obvious things of course (entering orders, printing receipts), but I also like to send an email to my guests directing them to my website and such. What are the...
  22. M

    Handling Closing With Low Sales?!

    Hello, I was wondering how you guys handle closing a show with low sales. I was suppose to close two shows out today a cooking and a catalog. I really really wanted the sales to go on November. The cooking show was only at $400 and the catalog show is under $300.... So what would you do...
  23. musicalglow

    Outside Orders for a Show That's Closing in a Far Out Date

    I have a show in January - if my host is able to get outside orders now...in order for her to get the credit - will that mean the outside orders people can't really get their stuff until January? Is there a way for me to let their order go through and still give my January host credit...
  24. susanr613

    Urgent Dairyland Dogtrack Is Closing - What Will Happen to the Dogs?

    Hey all you Midwest Cheffers - Dairyland is closing at the end of the year. It's good news if you disapprove of greyhound racing, but it brings up a problem - there will be 500 dogs no longer making money for their owners. Most of them will not be relocated to other tracks. So, unless they are...
  25. M

    Can I Extend the Closing Date for HWC Fundraiser to November?

    I have a HWC fundraiser that's not going so great. Can I extend the closing date til sometime in Nov. and it still be a HWC fundraiser? I'm not concerned about people getting their products late because so far I only have 2 outside orders that I've gotten and they both are close friends that...
  26. T

    Can I Close a Show without an Email Address for my Host?

    What if my host doesn't have an email address? It won't let me close b/c it is left blank, am I supposed to use mine?
  27. T

    Closing Show by 30 Day Deadline: No Grace Period

    Am I correct that all shows have to be closed by midnight on my 30 day mark for them to count towards my sales total? You don't have a grace period like when closing by the 15th of the next month...to help eliminate "cheaters"?
  28. pc_jessica

    Send Good Closing Show Vibes My Way...

    well at 5.30 i must head over to my hosts house (the one who had the show from H(eck) last week for me)...i am just hoping she has more orders so it will at least qualify...as a few orders that she did have have since canceled! so hopefully crossing my fingers i can be in and out of there in...
  29. AJPratt

    Is Delaying Show Closings Hurting Your Guests' Perception?

    I am so frustrated because I have been trying to catch up with my hosts to close their shows. I have 3 right now, that were 2 weeks ago. Think about your guests, people! They are going to think the delay is PC and it isn't!
  30. T

    Show Closing Date: Clarifying Host/Guest Specials

    To Clarify the end of the month show, I had the show yesterday - do I have to close it by tomorrow for everyone to get their cookbooks and the host special, or do I have until the 15th to close? I plan on closing out on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I do still have a couple of catalogs out there...