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What is date: Definition and 124 Discussions

  1. T

    PoPampered Cheforn Seasoning Release Date: FAQ

    Question, I have taken a small break but am going to have some shows in September. I saw on the consultant corner they have new popcorn seasoning you can earn in Aug. I don't however see them anywhere else. When are these being released?
  2. M

    How Do I See What My Inactive Date Is?

    My last show was submitted in June. I can't log into the new beta site, but I can get on the regular site. I live in a very small military community in Korea where there are maybe 100 families I can sell to. It's pretty frustrating, but someone wants to host a show. I don't even know if I am...
  3. Jennie4PC

    Submitting on Inactive Consultant's Corner Date: 1/13

    I know this has been thrown around a lot and I have never had to worry, But I do now. If the consultants corner says inactive date 1/13 does that mean I have till the end of June to submit something? or is it end of May?
  4. KellyTheChef

    Date That We Began Selling the Current Executive Cookware?

    I'm trying to return my family size executive skillet...the silicone handles are coming off. I can't find my receipt, and I'm trying to narrow it down by when I got it. When did that line first come out? Thanks for your help!
  5. nikked

    Can a New Recruit's Sign Date Be Different from Their Agreement Start Date?

    I cannot for the life of me, no matter who I search for or the words I use, find the discussion about the weirdness that can happen with a new recruit who started an agreement but waited to actually sign, and when she finally did sign, the sign date is when they started the agreement, not when...
  6. finley1991

    Director GCs Expiration Date: Info & Where to Find It

    I know the GCs are going away as of the end of this month. Any idea (or can you please direct me to where I can find this info) if someone buys one this month when it would expire?
  7. K

    Director Year to Date and Previous Year Reports

    I don't know if this isn't available anymore or if I just don't know where to look. Is there a report where we can find previous years stats such as team sales/recruits/# of shows...that can go back for the last 5 years? I know there used to be a report like this. Thanks, Karen
  8. F

    Director Holiday Mini: Release Date & Look Book Info

    Anyone know when the Holiday Mini will be released or if we are going to have one? I noticed on the Emmy pics there was a Holiday Look Book someone was holding. Placing an order and don't want to just Miss ordering the holiday if they are avail in the next couple days. Thanks!
  9. byrd1956

    "Show Date Cannot Be in the Future"

    A show was booked from a July Show for Aug. 31. Although there are no orders yet, I noticed the date in red. When I check the summary tab the message says 'Summary' tab -show date cannot be in the future. What!? Of course the booked show has to be in the future. I did do an up date and then...
  10. C

    Reaching $3000 Level: Cut-Off Date & Credit Card Decline Issues

    I submitted a show on the 30th that put me over the $3000 level. I had a declined credit card and wasn't able to resolve until the 2nd. It is showing as July sales but I will still earn the $3000 level, correct? What is the cut off date for that?
  11. A

    Declined Credit Card - My 90-Day End Date Is Today!

    I just had a declined credit card - it's after 11pm here, too late to call customer. I emailed her to tell her to call me when she can so we can make sure correct number was entered in first place but I'm pretty sure it won't be resolved til tomorrow. My 90-day end date is today. That's why...
  12. dannyzmom

    Director No, I'm Sorry: Dealing with Date Changes from July Bookings

    I sent out the July booking email today from CC. My june 21 host just emailed and said "those specials look great can i switch my date?" ARGH I knew I shouldn't thave sent it yet but my June is full...I didnt think my June hosts would switch dates. How do i gently but firmly say NO?
  13. M

    Can My Show Date Be Set in the Future?

    So I finally have my first show after being inactive for 4 months. :thumbup: The show date is March 19 and I set it up in P3 but it keeps telling me that the show cannot be in the future?
  14. kam

    Dcb Special Submission Date Question

    Yes, I know I should call HO on this, but I am at work and I wouldn't be able to call until tomorrow at the earliest (if they are open on Sat)...SO I am hoping someone on here knows the answer... Here is the fine print from the DCB Special Flyer: The Deep Covered Baker Set is available...
  15. DebPC

    Director Maximizing Show Attendance: The Power of Save the Date Emails

    I've posted before about when you book a show have the host send a "Save The Date" email to all her friends. But this is a great twist on this- I just heard about. Ask the host to send out a 'save the date' e-mail now to all of her friends for the show. I ask her to include me also, and...
  16. S

    Changeover Date for New Recruits

    Does anyone know the date for new recruits to receive Spring/Summer catalogs vs. the Fall/Winter catalogs. I'm sure I read it somewhere but cannot find it.
  17. P

    Director Help Me Figure Out the "6 Month" Date

    I have a consultant/kit napper who signed on 8/10/10 (she has never submitted anything). Is her 6 month date the end of January or February? I'm sending her a Christmas card with a little note telling her it's not too late to get started and wanted to let her know by when she needs to do it...
  18. D

    New Catalog Release Date: Get Yours in Time for Shows!

    Does anyone know when our new catalog will come out? I have a couple of catalog shows next month and I only have a few left and would like to order but I don't want to order too much. Thank you.
  19. dannyzmom

    Is Holiday Mini Release Date Out This Year?

    Are they coming out with holiday minis this year? I don't remember and I need to order more minis but don't want to order them now if minis are due to come out soon. If they're putting them out this year, anyone know when?
  20. J

    Director Date Pampered Chef Dollars Will Be Deposited??

    I earned free Conference as Level 1's incentive last year and then earned it again from the monthly incentive when we could earn it with sales. They are supposed to deposit $225 into my PC Dollar account...does anyone know when?
  21. jgajmom

    Fixing P3 Show Date Issue: Get Show Submitted Today!

    HELP! I have to get this show submitted today to have it count on my July. P3 keeps telling me that show date can't be in the future. The show was last night so that's obviously not in the future. How can I fix this?
  22. C

    Director Date to Order Kit and Get Only Fall Catalogs

    I thought I remember seeing somewhere (can't find it to save my life), the date for when a new recruit can order the kit and only get fall catalogs, have someone who wants to sign and only get fall stuff. Anyone know the date?
  23. F

    Ordering New Product Samples: Date Unclear

    Does anyone know when we can order new product samples? I haven't found a date anywhere.
  24. C

    Potential Host Wants Party on a Date I Can't Do

    I just got a message from someone who had initially booked a party in June (from an April party). I had left her a number of messages but never heard back from her. The past host that she booked from told me she had moved, so I stopped leaving messages, assuming that she was just too busy to...
  25. wadesgirl

    Corrected Date Postcard: Important Update for Upcoming Show Invitation

    I just got a call from one of the co-hosts for a show in two weeks. Apparently the invites I sent out have the wrong date and time!! I have two co-host shows that weekend and apparently I looked at the wrong date! I now need to send out a postcard with the corrected date. What should I say...
  26. wadesgirl

    Annual Event: Last Date for Sales to Count?

    Have they talked about this or do they just do it every year? Last year was my first year. What is the last date for sales to count?
  27. O

    Ordering Pink Items on P3: Issues with Date Submissions

    Hi I thought we would be able to order the pink items a month in advance. They are available on P3 - I was able to order them, but cannot submit. I get messages that the date is not right. Has anyone been able to order them? I was not able to win them, but would like to show them at my April...
  28. K

    Is my 30-day end date tomorrow or tonight?

    My 30 day date is March 26th (tomorrow). Does that mean all my stuff needs to be submitted by midnight tonight or before midnight tomorrow?
  29. C

    Find Your Expiry Date: Beer Bread & Pizza Crust/Roll Mix

    I have been carrying a box of Beer Bread and a box of Pizza Crust and Roll mix around for a while now. Do you know where the expiration date would be listed on either of these items?
  30. leslieprichett

    Order by Feb 28: Last Chance to Shop F/W Catalogs for Your Feb 26 Party!

    that we can order from the F/W catalogs? I have a party on Feb 26 and want to know if I have to rush her to close by the 28th or is there a little leeway there? Thanks so much :)