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What is look: Definition and 160 Discussions

  1. janae72

    What Does My Story on Your Website Look Like?

    I am back to selling Pampered Chef and at a loss as to what to put for MY STORY. Would anyone be willing to put what they have to get my brain working? TIA!!
  2. Admin Greg

    Welcome to the New Chef Success Look!

    We've made a ton of upgrades, cleaned up the colors, and added a ton of features. Please let me know what you think and if you come across any issues.
  3. E

    MAY OOF: A Look at the Month Ahead

    Here is a MAY OOF
  4. leshelman

    Seasonal Flags for Your Home: A Must-Have for Any Busy Street!

    I LOVE my new flags that I bought from a retired director. She had seen them, LOVED them, bought them, and then like most of us... forgot to use them! LOL, it happens way too often. There is a flag for each season of the year! I hope these will stir up some new business because I live on a...
  5. DebPC

    Ordered Catalogs, Boxes Look Like War Zone!

    Got my paperwork yesterday! Nice and quick! However, all 3 of my boxes look like they've been thru a war. All the paperwork was ok. i ordered 200 catalogs- so they're quite heavy. But the boxes seemed kind of flimsy. I wonder if PC is going with cheaper boxes or if this is an isolated incident.
  6. baychef

    Director Where Did Everyone Go? A Look at Social Isolation

    Gee where did everyone go???
  7. C

    How Do I Look up My Carrer Sales?

    Hi Ladies, How do I look up my career sales numbers on the Pampered Chef website?
  8. S

    Host Lookup for Former Consultant Schel | Can't Find My Host Number?

    Hi, Can anyone look up a host number for me? I am no longer active and can not get a hold of my past director to look up a host number for me. Please let me know and I will PM you the info. Thanks former consultant Schel
  9. Sheila

    Pintrest Fans: Look at What One of the Girls on My Team Did

    Heather said she saw something on Pintrest that gave her the idea to do this for her daughter's first birthday party. She's going to put mini-cupcakes on this stand and some bigger cupcakes on the cake platter. The trifle bowl stand is under the Adjustable Tiered Tower and she used a crochet...
  10. cookingwithlove

    Director Jillian's Drop in Recruiting Rank: A Closer Look

    There are a couple of national people I always look for in recognition. Jillian is one of them. Has anybody else noticed that she is has not been in the top recruiters for the last few months?
  11. Sheila

    Director Adorable & Cute: Embrace Your Inner Charm

    Don't you look cute!
  12. M

    Look at the Pampered Chef Uk Flyer

    A UK friend of mine was saying she needed money, so I of course, said PC! Anyhoo, I clicked on the link for their recruiting promo for Nov 1-15 (50% off kit) and look at what is in theirs http://www.pamperedchef.co.uk/images/public/uk/pdf/whatsinitforme_nov2.pdf
  13. P

    Director Look for Me and Ck in the Cn!!!

    I am qouted in the CN “I came from corporate America where no one ever said ‘thank you.’ In the Wahoo Recruiting Club, anybody can jump in and be recognized at any point in their career.” - Advanced Director Jennifer Mazzilli, California (Ruby Level) and so is CK It’s so cool! All...
  14. F

    Director Holiday Mini: Release Date & Look Book Info

    Anyone know when the Holiday Mini will be released or if we are going to have one? I noticed on the Emmy pics there was a Holiday Look Book someone was holding. Placing an order and don't want to just Miss ordering the holiday if they are avail in the next couple days. Thanks!
  15. P

    Director Orka Set of 2 Chip Makers w/ Mandolin - QVC

  16. kam

    Does This Look Like Our Micro Chip Maker?

    I am asking since I have not seen ours yet and I am trying to determine if this looks close to ours? I know that they are on backorder, but maybe someone who saw it at conference can tell how close this might be...
  17. esavvymom

    Retail Store Returns Make Ours Look Fabulous!

    I really hate stores that give you only 30 days to do a return!! It makes me SOOOOO appreciate the PC returns. Yes, 30 days they will pay for shipping, but you have a year to return things. Amazon, today's offender. I missed it by ONE DAY!!!!! Yes, I should have done it awhile ago, but...
  18. PampChefJoy

    Designing for August: A New Look

    Taking a new design out for a spin. I know it's not much help since it's almost August, but I wanted to see how it looked with the existing month's info...
  19. gailz2

    Cook Book Holder--Take a Look at Paula Deen's

    http://www.pauladeenstore.com/Product/detail/Paula-Deen-Signature-Pantryware-Cookbook-Holder/238768 Wouldn't it be nice to have one similiar from PC??
  20. N

    Look What I Found at Sur Le Table

  21. raebates

    Who to Look for at the February 5 Columbus Spring Launch: A Brief Description

    I'm signed up for the February 5 Spring Launch in Columbus, OH. I'm 5' 1.5" tall, slightly fluffy, with flippy red hair. You're likely to hear me laughing before you see me in a crowd. So, who should I look for, and how will I recognize you? Oh, yeah, I'll also be wearing my CS pin that...
  22. M

    Ok, Positive People... Help Me Look at This Positively...

    No, I'm not being facetious... I really am trying to remain positive, and I'm having a very hard time of it. I'm a new consultant, had my first show in August. So far my shows are friends, family, and coworkers. A coworker is having a show Friday, and since she'll be at a different office...
  23. baychef

    New Home Page Look for Pampered Chef!

    Check out the new home page look when you log onto pamperechef.com Very nice and professional looking!
  24. chefheidi2003

    How Can I Make My Donation Look Nice with The Pampered Chef?

    I was asked to donate a door prize for 2 separate fundraising events coming up. I was planning on donating a personal gift certificate along with a Season's Best and I would also like to include a catalog. But I am not sure how to put it all together to make it look nice. Does anyone have any...
  25. NooraK

    Extra Donations to Hwc/Acs (Dave, Look Here!)

    I was chatting with RMDave in the ChatBox last night about his frustration over not being able to accept donations at his shows via credit card. John posted instructions to pull up the FAQ, and it mentions extra fundraising. There's this about credit cards: I'd set one up last year, but...
  26. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Living in a Padded Cell: A Funny Look at Life

    Doesn't it seem like a few people we know should be living in one? http://images.travelpod.com/users/moppet77/3.1214775060.padded-cell.jpg
  27. pcsharon1

    Look for Finger Foods for a Wedding Reception..........

    I have a customer who is putting on a smallish wedding reception for her daughter on short notice - the hubby will be deploying soon and they decided to get married before he leaves rather than when he gets back - and is looking for finger foods that can be prepared ahead (just a day or several...
  28. K

    What Does Your "Dear Hostess" Flyer Look Like for Host Packet?

    What does your "Dear Host/Hostess" look like? Post it if you can. I am trying to figure out how I should write mine. Thanks!!! Katie:)
  29. ChefJoyJ

    What Do Apple Slices Look Like Coming From A/P/C/S?

    I do not have the A/P/C/S and have never seen it used. However, PC has tons of recipes using it. I would love to know, for reference sake, what the slices look like... Are they thin? Thick? Sliced length (like wedges) or width (like rings)? Help! :)
  30. chefcharity

    Does This Piece Look Familiar to Anyone?

    I have a lady who thinks this stone came from PC, but I am pretty sure it did not. I am trying to figure out which company she did buy it from because I'm pretty sure that she will tell everyone she knows that PC did her wrong if we can't fix this stone. Even though we did not really sell it...