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What is maker: Definition and 70 Discussions

  1. ChefRiGuy

    Ice Cream Maker & Ice Cream Scoop

    I just bought the Ice Cream Maker and have been happy with it so far. However it warns not to use metal utensils with the bowl. Well our Ice Cream Scoop is metal...what tool or what should I be using to scoop ice cream out of the maker itself to serve and eat?
  2. D

    Use and Care for Old Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

    I need use and care instructions for the old round I’ve cream sandwich maker—can anyone help?
  3. mspibb

    Making Whipped Cream: Does it Stay Whipped?

    I have a question about making Whipped Cream. Does yours stay whipped the second day? I am only doing like halfway up to the line, a little vanilla and a tablespoon of powdered sugar. Sometimes I put what I don’t use immediately in the herb freezing trays and then freeze to use on hot cocoa...
  4. mspibb

    Transporting the Ice Cream Maker

    Last night a friend of mine cooked an early birthday dinner for me and I took the ice cream maker. I waited to take it out of my deep freeze until we were leaving. It's about a 10 minute drive and we put it in her drawer freezer as soon as I got there. Put my ingredients in her fridge and...
  5. mspibb

    Ice Cream Sandwich Maker Tip: Invert Cookies with a Flex Mat

    Tip for inverting the cookies. Put a small flexable cutting mat on the cookies to hold them in the mold when you turn them on top of the ice cream. Then just slide it out and then you can press the top cookies in place.
  6. O

    Alternative Dairy Milk Ice Cream Recipes for My New Maker!

    I'm so excited as I got the ice cream maker today! It comes with one recipe for vanilla ice cream using heavy whipping cream. Does anyone have any other recipes using dairy milk alternatives, such as Almond Milk or Rice Milk? I searched the website and found nothing
  7. Andrea coppola

    Are Pampered Chef Tote and Whipped Cream Maker Worth $25 Each?

    I have the new pampered chef tote and the whipped cream maker brand new , never used in box to sell. I have double. Asking 25 for tote and 25 for whipped cream maker.
  8. Jess Olstad

    Get Your Veggie Strip Maker E-Book Today - Share with Your Customers!

    Hi! Does anyone have a veggie strip maker e-book or they would be willing to share? I have a lot of customers that order this product and are asking for one. Thank you for your help! - Jess
  9. SherryLynn

    Order Now: Experience the Convenience of Veggie Strip Maker!

    Has anyone tried this yet? I know you can order it now and it's sitting in my cart. I will be ordering it in a few days. What are your thoughts?
  10. DebPC

    Try Making Zucchini Chips with a Microwave Chip Maker!

    Has anyone tried these with the Microwave Potato Chip Maker? I don't like zucchini, but thought I might like these.
  11. M

    Cooking Potatoes for Office Microwave Demo: Tips to Avoid Gray Color

    I have been asked to demo the microwave chip maker at my office tomorrow and am wondering if I can slice the potatoes and put them between layers of paper towel to take to the office and cook there. I am going to do some potatoes and some sweet potatoes - the kitchen there is quite small so I...
  12. byrd1956

    PIG Microwave Chip Maker: Success or Not?

    so has anyone had success with this and the microwave chip maker? I have read that they do not crisp and that HO does not recommend this. for some reason I cannot figure out which category to look for the chip maker PIG ...
  13. kristina16marie

    Microwave Chip Maker Recipe Booklet?

    Has anyone put something together for this yet? Like how to make potato, sweet potato, apple, tortilla & kale chips?
  14. esavvymom

    Microwave Chip Maker- Claims Another "Victim"

    Well, I seem to be one of the unlucky ones with the MCM. Our microwave no longer heats anything. :grumpy: And since hearing a "pop" while trying to heat something, we stopped using it. But I made chips last week (about 2 small potatoes worth- 5-6 trays), and since then, it won't heat a...
  15. C

    Has Anyone Used This Yet? Seeking Advice & Review

    Has anyone used this yet? I am a customer asking me what I think about it. I haven't used it yet so I have no advice or review to give her. Can anyone help me out with this?
  16. lt1jane

    Is the SodaStream Home Soda Maker worth the investment?

    Last weekend, I broke down and bought a SodaStream machine. My husband drinks A LOT of Mountain Dew and it's close to $8 a case which I think is silly. I hesitated about spending the $100 for the machine. The place I bought it (Bed Bath & Beyond) has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, I...
  17. naekelsey

    Discover the Delicious World of Meat on the Microwave Chip Maker

    Has anyone tried doing meat on the Microwave Chip Maker?
  18. L

    Radish, Kale, or Spinach Chips Using the Microwave Chip Maker?

    Has anyone tried to make radish, spinach, or kale chips using the microwave chip maker? Below are the oven recipes that have been recommended to me and I wonder if they can be converted to use with the MCM. Baked Radish Chips Recipe - Makes 1 serving Ingredients 10 radishes 1 tsp...
  19. J

    Mandoline With the Microwave Chip Maker?

    Has anyone successfully used the Microwave Chip Maker with the Ultimate Mandoline? I don't have the Mandoline, so I've only made chips using the thinnest setting on the Simple Slicer. A guest order a chip maker from me at one of my shows, but didn't get a SS, since she had the Mandoline at...
  20. gailz2

    Pampered Chef Chip Maker in the News

  21. M

    Tortilla Chips on Microwave Chips Maker?

    Met a woman today who would totally buy the chip maker, if she could do tortilla chips...I did some Googling and found this on a blog/site. It includes what looks to be a PC flyer, and states doing pita and tortilla chips. Nothing in the Use and Care Guide mentions this...so I wondered if anyone...
  22. nikked

    Did Dr. Oz Feature a Micro Chip Maker on His Show Today?

    Did all y'all watch Dr. Oz today? At the end of the show, he showed a chip maker...They didn't reference Pampered Chef, but the chip maker they showed was the same one we sell, by the same manufacturer. See Topchips by Mastrad for healthful potato chips - Los Angeles Times for...
  23. J

    Which Apple With the Microwave Chip Maker

    Have you found an apple that works well with the Microwave Chip Maker? I've tried Granny Smith, and they never "chipped up"...I know that apple chips are typically chewier, but these were REALLY chewy. Gonna try Honeycrisp, but does anyone else have experience to share? Also, do you peel the...
  24. mspibb

    Cooking.com Selling Chip Maker!

    Just got an email from Cooking.com titled "Easy Microwave chips" and check out this picture!
  25. scottcooks

    Humor Help: What Am I Doing Wrong - Chip Maker?

    So I excitedly took out my chip maker, got out my Costco bag of Yukon gold potatoes, quickly scrubbed and dried, started slicing. I was surprised at how wet the potatoes were. I blotted both sides with a dishtowel, then spread slices on microwave chip maker, did 2 minutes, and - blah. thin...
  26. K

    No Luck With the Microwave Chip Maker

    So, at the last show I went to before becoming a consultant, the consultant who ran the show made great chips on this -- it was a huge hit. She did sweet potatoes, but they were super orange so perhaps it was a yam. Anyway, I've been talking this up to everyone and today went to test it...
  27. N

    Micro Chip Maker & Ultimate Mandoline

    Has anyone tried- or does any one know if the ULTIMATE mandolin will work with the Microwave chip maker?? I think it may be too thick- I tell people that and they sy no -I am goo w/ my mandolin- What do you tell your customers?
  28. DebPC

    Director Maximizing Show Success: Tips for Using a Microwave Chip Maker

    Getting mine this week. Really want to use them at shows. On CS I read the thread about the fiascos. What's everyones experience with them at home and at shows? Any tips? Thanks!
  29. sherri lynn

    My Microwave Caught on Fire Using the Chip Maker!!

    Hi ya'll. I was using the chip maker and I guess it got too hot and caught on fire. I see PC changed the cook times, but wanted to warn anyone not to cook them too long!