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What is sandwich: Definition and 46 Discussions

  1. D

    Use and Care for Old Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

    I need use and care instructions for the old round I’ve cream sandwich maker—can anyone help?
  2. mspibb

    Ice Cream Sandwich Maker Tip: Invert Cookies with a Flex Mat

    Tip for inverting the cookies. Put a small flexable cutting mat on the cookies to hold them in the mold when you turn them on top of the ice cream. Then just slide it out and then you can press the top cookies in place.
  3. kcjodih

    Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich Torte Recipe - Perfect for Birthdays!

    Does anyone have this recipe and can post it here for me? My hubby has asked for it for his birthday Tuesday so I have to shop and make it tomorrow but I've lost my recipe. I thought after my computer crashed for the 4th time that I rebuilt ALL my recipe collection but obviously not :(...
  4. kcjodih

    Can I Write on a Whipped Topping Ice Cream Sandwich Torte?

    I've decided to make my DH this tomorrow since he's never had it nor does he even know it exists but he loves ice cream sandwiches and I figure with all that's going on with my MIL he's not really in the mood to celebrate his birthday. We do have a rather large birthday cake in the freezer now...
  5. J

    Who Has an NIP Ice Cream Sandwich Maker?

    Does anyone have any ice cream sandwich makers NIP? I have a customer asking.... Thanks! Jen
  6. K

    Bbq Chicken Mini Sandwich Recipe Needed

    please. I can never remember how much bbq rub.
  7. C

    Looking for an Ice Cream Sandwich Maker?

    Hi Everyone! I have a wonderful past hostess that is in search of an ice cream sandwich maker. If any of you have one could you pm me with how much you want for it ? Thanks!
  8. esavvymom

    How to Make Bbq Beef Sandwich in Dcb/Microwave??

    Has anyone tried this? I see the chicken and Pork recipes. And I see Michael Reeves has a recipe for one using Ribeye steaks, but I have a freezer with several roasts in it. My DH doesn't like traditional roast, so I'd love to be able to try to make a BBQ Beef sandwich with them. I've found...
  9. PCCHeather0506

    What Are the Best Tea Party Sandwich Ideas?

    I'm doing a Tea Party Themed Show Sunday....I was thinking I'd do the friendship tea definitely!!! Then also doing little tea sandwiches and as a demo doing the Little cups of heaven! What would be good ideas for sandwiches? Should I do ham/turkey type sandwiches? Or should I do like egg...
  10. D

    I Need an Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

    I have a customer that wants the ice cream sandwich maker, and I was hoping that someone might sell one to me, since they are discontinued. Thanks.
  11. S

    Ice Cream Sandwich Maker Tips: How to Use and Troubleshoot

    Any tips for the Ice Cream Sandwich Maker? - I have had a lot of customers ask about it (tips, how to use it) and I have NO IDEA? Any files?
  12. redsoxgirl

    Peppermint Fudge Cookie Sandwich Help

    I'm making these at a show tomorrow night, but I haven't had a chance to try them out at home first. They look pretty easy, but I wanted to see if anyone had any tips or suggestions since tomorrow will be my first time making them.
  13. pamperedape

    Help... Ice Cream Sandwich Torte Recipe...

    anyone have it? I tried the search, but must be a moron cause as usual I didn't get what I needed. TIA.
  14. susanr613

    Can You Use the Ice Cream Sandwich Maker as a Hamburger Press?

    :)Inquiring minds want to know .... thanks!
  15. J

    Can a sandwich ring be made on a bar pan?

    Hi everyone! I have a host who mentioned she'd like to have a sandwich ring. I have never made one of these and only have the bar pan. Can it be done on that? Thanks! God bless, Amanda
  16. sklay723

    What is the recipe for a Chicken Caprese Sandwich Ring?

    Ok, I am throwing myself on the mercy of the CS court...I've had a group of women who book off each other's shows, and they are wanting me to find a recipe for a Chicken Caprese Sandwich Ring. Apparently a consultant they knew a few years ago made it for them at one of their shows and they...
  17. erinb

    Iso Calypso Club Sandwich Ring Recipe

    I have host that is wanting this made and I don't have the It's Good For You cookbook. I would greatly appreciate the recipe. TIA
  18. C

    Other Uses for Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

    I recently hosted a show where a guest asked whether anyone would ever use the ice cream sandwich maker to make homemade hamburger patties. Has anyone ever tried this or know if it would work?
  19. C

    Tenderloin Sandwich Spread Suggestions Needed

    I bought several flavored tenderloins on sale the other day at buy one get one free...I think I got over excited about the tenderloin! I'm offering to provide the tenderloin to the first 6 tenderloin shows. I need some bookings in the worst way! Ok, back on topic. Unfortunately, the...
  20. L

    Have you tried making hamburger patties with an Ice Cream Sandwich Maker?

    Has anyone tried making hamburger patties with the ICSM? What do you think, would it work. I don't have one of these and so don't know. Lorna
  21. Joelen

    How Do You Use an Ice Cream Sandwich Maker?

    I hosted an ice cream party over the weekend and used the ice cream sandwich maker. I felt so silly looking at the picture in the catalog and reading through the instructions, but I don't think we really were using it properly. Can someone please "dumb down" the use of this product?!?
  22. T

    Turkey Sandwich Ring: A Berry Spinner Success at the Show!

    I made the turkey sandwich ring at a show yesterday, after draining the black olives in my colander and bowl set I dumped them in the berry spinner worked great & I sold 5 spinners!:p
  23. kcjodih

    Name of Ice Cream Sandwich Torte?

    What's the official name of this and what cookbook is it in? I have someone who'd like me to email them the recipe (which I've never made) and I can't find it. Guess it would help if I actually knew the name of it :rolleyes: TIA,
  24. pckelly

    Ice Cream Sandwich Torte: A Delicious and Easy Recipe for Dessert Lovers

    Anyone have this printed up? I have searched the files and nothing.... and I found it on CC, but it just tells me what recipe books it's in and I don't have that one. :D
  25. soccermama

    Ice Cream Sandwich Maker Ideas: A Fun Guide for Gift Giving!

    Anyone have a flyer on ideas for the Ice Cream Sandwich maker? I looked in the files, but didn't find anything. I'm giving one of these as a gift for FUNdraiser participants, but thought it would be a nicer gift if they knew what to do with the thing! lol
  26. L

    How to Make a Healthy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake?

    For my son's birthday this weekend, i at the last minute, threw in some chocolate cake mix in the torte pans, baked them...after they cooled I scooped choc. chip mint icecream on one layer, put on the other cake layer and we had a huge icecream sandwich :) HE LOVED IT! just wanted to share...:)
  27. crazy4dabug

    Wow-Worthy Shows: Pick Your Fave!

    Do you think wows the show customers the best? Which is your fav? thanks
  28. P

    Iso - Ice Cream Sandwich Torte Recipe

    Hello everyone, Can someone post the Ice Cream Sandwich Torte Recipe? Thanks!
  29. P

    Making Sandwich Rolls from Pillsbury French Loaf Tube

    I have a tube of the Pillsbury French Loaf and would like to make sandwich rolls out of it. Has anyone done something like this?
  30. K

    Searching for Fiesta Sandwich Ring Recipe

    I have been looking for the Fiesta Sandwich Ring receipe for an upcoming show. Does anyone have this handy that they can email me? My family and I have just moved into my parents home so half of my items/office are in boxes. Thanks Kellie Sissom