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What is rolls: Definition and 37 Discussions

  1. Roadtripray

    Bacon 'N Cheddar Bubble Bread -- What Kind of Rolls?

    I'd like to make the Bacon 'n Cheddar Bubble Bread tonight, and I'm wondering if the "1 package (11.3 ounces) refrigerated dinner rolls" is referring to the canned type?I apologize if this has been covered in here, but I did a search and couldn't find any reference to this specific...
  2. DebPC

    Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in Deep Covered Baker

    Just put the rolls in the bottom and spread the icing. Then microwave. I'm sure this would work with the Orange Rolls too. Have not tried this yet. http://img690.imageshack.us/img690/7903/dcbcinnamonrollspillsbu.jpg
  3. babywings76

    Cinnamon Rolls Used for French Toast--Help!

    This isn't a PC recipe, but I'm hoping someone can help me. I s a recipe several times lately and now I can't find it! It was either on Pinterest or FB. I've done multiple searches on Pinterest, but I can't find it now, and I guess I never pinned it or clicked "like". It's a picture of cut...
  4. K

    Searching for the Mystery Butterscotch Breakfast Rolls Recipe

    Hi there, I cant find this recipe, what she is describing sounds a lot like the breakfast rolls we make sometimes out of Rhodes dinner rolls with butterscotch pudding. She says there isn't any pudding in them though. I'm stumped because without it you really just have a cinnamon/sugar thing...
  5. M

    Looking for Pampered Chef Dinner Roll Mix?

    One of my consultants is looking for the Pampered Chef dinner roll mix. Does anyone have boxes they want to sell?
  6. Dotty

    Apple Cinnamon Pull-Apart Rolls

    I just saw this on Once-A-Month-Mom, which is all about freezer cooking. This recipe just looks FABULOUS. I love cinnamon rolls, I love apples.. what could be better? I think this would work well as a demo in the 8" executive pan or in the stoneware fluted pan as monkey bread (doubled or...
  7. wadesgirl

    Can Homemade Pizza Dough be Used as a Substitute for Crescent Rolls?

    Alot of the new recipes in the SB call for refrigerated pizza dough or crescent rolls. At home I make homemade pizza dough but wasn't sure if there was a good homemade substitute for the crescent rolls.
  8. K

    Substitute for Crescent Rolls???

    Hi all, I just got an email from a friend in the Philippines with an interesting problem. She really wants to make the Turkey Cranberry Wreath for a Christmas party and can't get crescent rolls. She said a friend was going to bring some to her from Japan (if you can believe it) but they...
  9. L

    Crescent Rolls & Hershey Kisses

    Has anyone heard of or done a recipe with cresent rolls & hershey kisses? It's an older recipe. I have a host asking for it and says it's to die for. Any help in locating this would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. janej76

    Hi :Cheerleader: the Uk Incentive Trip Rolls Into Town Next

    Hi :cheerleader: The UK incentive trip rolls into town next week(!) so just wondered if there were any Chicago natives, or frequent flyers on CS? If so what is the absolute must do/see?? I can't wait for the head office tour, and the shopping! But what else would you recommend?
  11. PCCHeather0506

    Ever Heard of Pina Colada Rolls??

    I have a hostess who wants me to make them...but I've never heard of them? Anyone have the recipe??
  12. P

    Cheesey Tex-Mex Rolls Ups Review

    OMG these are amazing!!! My whole family loved them. I used can corn bcause it is a little quicker but it was still amazing. Even the avacoado dipping sauce was great (next time I think I might use 2 avacados to 1/2 cup sour cream, but my family loves avacado) :love:
  13. elizabethfox

    Ham and Cheese Omlete Rolls or Brunch Braid??

    Does anyone have either of these recipes?? I am doing a brunch show for a friend and we have already done the Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares at her last show and she wants something different. So....I can't seem to find the recipes anywhere and I was hoping some of you could help. Thanks!
  14. AnnieBee

    Ham and Cheese Omelet Rolls - ? for Becky!

    Hey Becky, I just saw this recipe doing a search for brunch recipes, and I have some questions! 1) Are you still in your PJs??? (I am not!!) :D 2) How do you get the roll to stay rolled up before and after you slice it? Do you use toothpicks, or does it just stick to itself? Well, now I...
  15. wadesgirl

    Make Club House Chicken Squares Easier with Pillsbury Crescent Rolls!

    I noticed in the refrigerated dough section at the store had Pillsbury Crescent Rolls that come already in one flat rectangle. This is instead of having to pinch all the seams together for recipes like Club House Chicken Squares. Thought I would share this, I haven't tried them but plan on it...
  16. A

    Looking for a Unique Cinnamon Roll Recipe?

    I have a host who would like to do some sort of Cinnamon Roll recipe for her party. I know the one with crescent rolls and sweet cinnamon sprinkle, but I would like to do something that uses some other tools and has a bit more ingredients. Any ideas out there?
  17. V

    Cinnamon Sprinkle Rolls in Saute Pan

    I need the recipe for these please!! I know butter, but how much. I know the sprinkles, but how much! HELP!!
  18. kcjodih

    Cinnamon Rolls From Cinnamon Sprinkle Bottle?

    Has anyone made these? If so, how were they? OR should I make a different type? I've never made ANY of the different garlic or cinnamon buns. I'm going to attempt the ham and cheese brunch squares at my first ever brunch show this weekend and would like these to be made before hand. Thoughts?
  19. heat123

    Sticky Buns & Skillets: Showing Off Cookware

    Ok my first Sept show is sat and I wanted to do the easy cinn rolls, do you think I can use a 10" skillet and cram them together to show off cookware instead of using stoneware? That way it's more likely to be gooey too as they are sticky buns together? TIA
  20. B

    How Can I Make Easy Cinnamon Rolls Even More Delicious?

    :thumbup: These were such a hit at my Open House on Saturday and I have Chef Success to thank! First of all THANK YOU to whoever it was that suggested cutting the dough using a piece of floss! It is SO much easier to do this way. When I was using a knife I was making such a goopy mess that...
  21. Leigh0725

    Delicious Caramel & Cinnamon Rolls - Icing or No Icing?

    Okay - I'm looking to make some caramel rolls and cinnamon rolls (according to the package instructions on the sprinkles). Does anyone have an icing recipe to use or suggestions? If you've made them, do they really even need icing?
  22. A

    Have You Tried The Pampered Chef's Double Chocolate Swirl Bread Recipe?

    Looking for help! I had a request for an old PC recipe for cinnamon rolls. The guest is looking for a recipe that used 'french bread' dough, cinnamon, brown sugar and 'chocolate chips'. This was rolled out and filled jelly roll style, cut into slices and then baked on a stone. Does anyone...
  23. stayinathomemama

    Delicious Caramel Rolls: Easy Recipe with BIG Tip!

    Has anyone made the easy caramel rolls with the new sweet caramel sprinkle? We had them for desert last night. BIG TIP: Only use Pillsbury crescent rolls. I had some generic ones that a host gave me (I make the crust and she reimburses me) and they fell apart horribly. The taste is good...
  24. Chefgirl2

    Do you have the Pampered Chef recipe for meatless cabbage rolls?

    Help! I have a customer that wants the Pampered Chef Recipe for Cabbage Rolls. He said he had a show about 15 years ago and there was a cookbook that had a meatless cabbage roll recipe that was incredible. I have tried Joycesfinecooking and all of my cookbooks. Unfortunately, they don't go...
  25. J

    Have you tried making Cinnamon Roll Pull-Aparts in a fluted or deep dish pan?

    has anyone made this in either the fluted pan or deep dish pie plate? i would love to do it for a brunch show tomorrow - but haven't made it yet. thanks for any help!!!
  26. P

    Making Sandwich Rolls from Pillsbury French Loaf Tube

    I have a tube of the Pillsbury French Loaf and would like to make sandwich rolls out of it. Has anyone done something like this?
  27. whiteyteresa

    Pillsburg Garlic Crescent Rolls

    I just used them for the first time. My daughter and I made them (rolled them) for the lasagna we fix tonight and they are delicous. Has anyone tried them with the recipes (rings) we fix for our shows? Would that be too much garlic or would we just not put garlic in the recipe...
  28. P

    Preparing Petite Cinnamon Rolls & Bountiful Brunch Pizza

    I'm doing a brunch party this Saturday and the host wants two recipes, so we picked Petite Cinnamon Rolls and Bountiful Brunch Pizza. Has anyone made these two recipes together before? How should I do plan on cooking both? I'm making the cinnamon rolls in the mini deep dish baker, and the...
  29. R

    Creative Uses for New Traditions Stoneware: Beyond Cobblers & Sweet Rolls

    Hi. I need help thinking outside the box for different foods/recipes that can be made in the New Traditions Stoneware. I tend to have restricted vision when it comes to this. For example, what else can be made in the DD baker other than coblers and sweet rolls? My daughter suggested that it...