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What is heard: Definition and 77 Discussions

  1. 3

    Is Pampered Chef Misleading Potential Recruits About Sales Requirements?

    OK. I just spoke with someone about a friend of theirs wants to sign up with PC to get the big kit. A consultant told them last month, that they could get the big kit and get half back without submitting any shows....I expressed to the inquiry (not from the recruit) that this was not correct...
  2. O

    Has Anyone Heard When Sellathon Will Be?:Confused:

    Has anyone heard when Sellathon will be?:confused:
  3. T

    Powering Down and Treating as Beta: Updates on the New Web Site and Fall Launch

    My director just sent this: They are powering down the new Web Site and treating it as a Beta site! They should be emailing the rest of the consultants soon. P3 until they can fix the beast! I have a consultant on the new Web. I guess ill be teaching her p3. Fall launch should be...
  4. J

    Director Heard Everyone Will Get Their Excellence Pampered Chef $ --

    even if they don't attend Leadership. YAY for them!! Nice to see that the company has rethought this idea.
  5. dbldip21

    Never Heard of Pampered Chef Flyer?? (Need by Mon)

    I know, I know: "What!?!?! Someone hasn't heard of PC!" :eek: I was wondering if there was an existing flyer out there about PC and what we, in general, offer. I am in a referral group and am speaking next Wednesday (08/25/12) so would like info by Monday if possible. Plus I have a fair booth...
  6. P

    Director Has Anyone Heard From Becky Deemter? Searching for Answers

    Has anyone heard from Becky Deemter? She hasn't been here or on FB for a while. I'm starting to get worried about her.
  7. A

    Has Anyone Heard of a Earthquake Cake ?

    Hi ! I bake for the American Legion in my town and I bake a wonderful chocolate cake called " Chocolate Earthquake Cake". I also do a strawberry one. It's a chocolate cake with a nut and coconut base, cream cheeese filling and a moist chocolate at the botoom and top of the 9x 13 stone. The...
  8. B

    Prayers for Texas: Has Anyone Heard from Sheila?

    Has anyone heard from Sheila? I hear that Texas (Dallas area) was just hit HARD by brutal tornadoes! Stay safe everyone in that area.....
  9. P

    Director HO Lead Experiences: What Have You Heard?

    I received a HO lead from an organizer of a chapter in this organization. Anyone have any experience with it.. good, bad??
  10. chefjeanine

    Is Advertising in HomePages Legitimate?

    Just had a gal come to my door offering me the opportunity to advertise in something called HomePages. The advertisement would be the information from my business card. According to the salesperson, it is a local publication (targets individual communities -- in this case my city) that is...
  11. B

    Ot: Anyone Heard of Blessing Unlimited

    My cousin is thinking about becoming a consultant with them. I am not at all familiar with them. What questions should she think about when it comes to signing. I'm drawing a blank this morning. She does know about PC. I have previously brought up the opportunity to her. I've offered to...
  12. N

    Director Now I Really Have Heard Everything, Lol

    If I wasn't so flabbergasted I would be mad, but listen to this reason for CANCELLING her OWN DAUGHTER's bridal shower in 2 weeks: "I have to cancel, I have a foot doctor appointment that day". Now mind you, this is NOT a foot SURGEON, just a podiatrist and the woman is going in for a...
  13. K

    Has Anyone Ever Heard of This Pampered Chef Item???

    Hi all, My mother in law just did a catty show for me...close to $650!:D One of ladies that made a purchase asked me about an item that I have NEVER heard of. She said that she has a rod iron server that has a leaf on top. It's black/dark gray/green/brown (all the colors are helpful...yeah i...
  14. kam

    Anyone Ever Heard of Aurastella Jewelry?

    Not to sell...to buy. Has anyone ever bought from this company? If so, how is the quality? How does it compare to Silpada? Just wondering...
  15. J

    Anyone Here Ever Heard of Princess House?

    I had a garage sale over the weekend and I had a drawing for a free cooking show (and not one entry) and some mini's out on a table. I was also using some Pampered Chef bags that come with orders for people to put their stuff in. Some guy was like, "Oh Pampered Chef" and I asked if he was...
  16. loreo

    Did You Hear About Pampered Chef on the Today Show?

    There are several consultants on Facebook posting this Lori
  17. cookingwithdot

    Help! I Haven't Heard from HO After Submitting Show on April 30th

    So, I submitted a show on April 30th and my host wants to become a consultant. I selected the kit credit on her order, but I HAVE NOT heard a thing from HO ... did I miss something?
  18. Intrepid_Chef

    City Permit ... Has Anybody Heard of This??

    The things one learns being in the media! I attended a city meeting tonight, where a resident (who happens to be an appointed city councilman) came to the city for a permit for his direct sales business. He sells boxes out of his home, does not meet customers there and told me that he drives...
  19. 1PamperedMommy

    Discover the Truth About UCI: Utility Choice International Explained

    Okay, I know this isn't necessarily the best place to post this, but I wasn't sure what else to do. Have you guys ever heard of UCI (Utility Choice International)? One of my customers recently approached me about it and I can't find the catch. I've learned that when something sounds too good...
  20. B

    I've Never Heard This Objection Before

    Two recruit leads at today's show (yippee!) and one is hesitant because "what if the host's house is icky?" She has been a catalog host and been to shows before, but I don't think she was thinking of anyone's house in particular. I didn't dare tell her any of my horror stories, such as the...
  21. S

    Is Primerica a Legitimate Opportunity? A Random Phone Call Has Me Curious.

    I got a random phone call from a recruiter from Primerica (financial services) wondering if I'm interested in working for them. Just wondered if they were pulling PC names from somewhere or what.
  22. scottcooks

    Anyone Heard of 'Blastoff' Web Browsing Purchasing Thingy?

    An acquaintance called me out of the blue asking me to go checkout a direct sales website and get back to her. I looked - it is some kind of browser that then gives you $ back on online purchases you make. "Free money" as they described it. [yeah right!] Curious when I did a google search...
  23. PampChefJoy

    Is Slydial the Solution to Avoiding Deleted Voicemails?

    Welcome – slydial I'm wondering if there is a place and use for this less-personal type of communication in our business.... perhaps reminder calls for upcoming shows? One thing I can think of is that they'd be less likely to delete your voicemail because they weren't given a heads-up that...
  24. susanr613

    Has Anyone Heard of People to People?

    OK you other moms and dads....has anyone received a letter from a company called People to People, offering your child the opportunity to participate in an educational travel program? I received a letter today - it got my child's gender wrong, but it did reference the right county area and...
  25. J

    I Have Heard About I Contact and Use Tt, Trying to Decide if It Is

    I have heard about I contact and use TT, trying to decide if it is worth it. can you please give me the good bad and ugly of Icontact. if you really hate it and use something else please let me know just trying to decide where to go thanks! Jessica
  26. B

    Ever Heard of a Recipe Using Olives, Cream Cheese & Pizza Crust?

    I met someone yesterday who lost her recipe that includes olives, cream cheese & pizza crust. She said it was a recipe used years ago at all the Pampered Chef shows. Since I've only been doing this for about a year ... does anyone know which recipe she might have been talking about?
  27. PCCHeather0506

    Ever Heard of Pina Colada Rolls??

    I have a hostess who wants me to make them...but I've never heard of them? Anyone have the recipe??
  28. DebPC

    Has Anyone Heard of This? I Don't Really See a Need for This- but

    Has anyone heard of this? I don't really see a need for this- but that's me.
  29. Jessamary

    Has Anyone Heard of Entertaining at Home?

    My host for Saturday just posted on FB that she's thinking of getting back into direct sales (she used to be At-Home America), and within 2 hours got 17 responses. I emailed her about the PC opportunity in more detail. Now, she's posting that she may want to do Entertaining at home. I looked...
  30. C

    Idea I Heard at a Jewelry Show...

    Hi, all! I went to a jewelry show back in October and the consultant had something on her drawing slip that caught my attention! she had the usual stuff... do you want to join? do you want to host? etc. etc. etc. the item that caught my attention was the last... would you like to be...