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What is brunch: Definition and 142 Discussions

  1. MrsNetNut404

    Affordable Raffle Prizes for Booking Brunch: Ideas & Budget Tips

    My director suggested I have a raffle for my booking brunch next month. I thought that was a great idea, but I am having a hard time deciding what to offer for the raffle prize. I can't offer anything too expensive. I was thinking something in the $15-$20 range. My director also suggested...
  2. meganmcg

    Ideas for Saturday Brunch Party

    Good Morning! I have a brunch party on Saturday and we decided on the ham and cheese brunch squares. She's repeat hostess and I like to do a little extra for them. And we have a vegetarian coming. Trying to think of something to make along with the squares. Anyone have any good ideas...
  3. Intrepid_Chef

    Can I Prep Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares the Night Before?

    I am making this for an office brunch on Christmas Eve. My plan is to take it out of the oven, cover it in foil, pop it in my insulated tote and head to work. I am NOT a morning person. Do you think it would be OK to chop up the potatoes and press them in the bar pan the night before? Or...
  4. V

    Out Door Brunch Theme Show Ideas?

    I have scheduled a Brunch theme show in August and wanted recipe ideas. I was thinking of making Savory Vegetable mini quiches, but I don't want to use the host's oven. Why heat up the house in August.:chef:
  5. P

    What Are Your Go-To Brunch Recipes for a 10 a.m. Show?

    I am doing a 10 a.m. brunch show on the 30th. What are some recipes that have worked well for you. Thanks! Priscilla
  6. P

    Delicious Brunch Recipes to Elevate Your Weekend | Get Inspired!

    I need some new Brunch Recipes ...anyone have any recommendations????
  7. wadesgirl

    Have you tried making Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares in a Brownie Pan?

    I was thinking of trying the Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares but in the Brownie Pan. I've seen some try something similar but wanted to see if someone has tried this recipe that way yet.
  8. sailorsarah

    Brunch Show Ideas and Recipes for a PJ Breakfast Party

    I just had a friend book a morning show. I think we are going to spin it into a PJ breakfast party and I would really like to make something in the DCB. Any ideas, like maybe a egg based casserole or something? I saw something about french toast casserole on here and haven't been able to find...
  9. wadesgirl

    Christmas Brunch Ideas for Traveling an Hour: What to Bring?

    My grandma is doing Christmas brunch next Monday and I need some ideas. The hard part is I have to travel an hour - I'm worried about doing most of the egg brunch ideas as it would be sitting for more than an hour before it's served. It doesn't have to be a PC idea just trying to figure out...
  10. L

    Quick & Easy DCB Brunch Recipe for a Cooking Show!

    Does anyone have a quick easy (possibly microwave friendly) DCB brunch recipe? I have a cooking show on Saturday and I need to find something to make. Thank you in advance.
  11. NooraK

    Discount Ideas for My Black Friday Brunch

    In my BFB invitation I told my guests that I would have special deals for them when they got here. Initially, I was thinking I'd do deals by time, but then I thought it might be tough to keep track, and would I do it based on when they got here, or when they submitted their order? So I decide to...
  12. NooraK

    Black Friday Brunch: Host a Sale and Serve Brunch to Skip the Shopping Madness!

    I know we've had several threads about Black Friday sales, but has anyone actually done a show at their home on Black Friday? I'm not interested in going shopping on Black Friday, and I was thinking of hosting my own show that morning instead. The idea I had was to start around 9 or 10 and...
  13. M

    Tips for a Successful Brunch Show with Chef Success

    Hey everyone! This is my first post on here. I'm really excited to be a part of Chef Success! It's been so helpful already. Now. Onto business. I wanted to get some ideas for a Brunch show that I'll be doing. For those of you that have done brunch shows...how do you do them? Do you make...
  14. H

    Deep Covered Baker Brunch Ideas?

    I've looked through all the files and can't find anything. I'm having a brunch show and want to showcase the deep covered baker. Any ideas on what I could make with it? The woman said she'd prefer something casserolley.
  15. babywings76

    Favorite Brunch & Appetizer Recipes?

    My best friend called me yesterday and mentioned that she has 2 functions coming up that she's invited to and she's supposed to bring something. One she needs an appetizer for, the other she needs to bring a brunch recipe. What are your favorites?
  16. J

    New Consultant Needs Brunch Ideas for First Show

    Hello everyone I am a new consultant and I was wondering what are dome good Brunch ideas for my first show using my consultant kit? Please help.
  17. C

    Director Have You Tried These Veggie-Packed Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares?

    We have this at least twice a month around here for dinner. Tonight I made it with 1sm head of broccoli chopped, 2 carrots chopped, 1 red pepper diced, fresh mushrooms chopped. I didn't put any ham in, but I dotted the top with pepperoni. It was great and the kids had no idea how many...
  18. A

    Director Looking for New Brunch Recipes? Share Your Favorites!

    I am doing a bunch of brunch shows in the next month or so and I am tired of my typical recipes, wondering if anyone has anything different they like to do... I do the ham and cheese calzone, the ham and cheese brunch squares (love these!!), the ham and cheese omelet roll, bountiful brunch...
  19. N

    Brunch Ideas for My Friend's Mardi Gras Deep Covered Baker Show

    My friend (recruit) is doing her opening show Saturday with a Mardi Gras theme. She is doing a brunch and needs something "brunchy and/or New Orleans inspired" to do in the Deep Covered Baker. Any suggestions?
  20. P

    Host a Brunch Theme Show: Ideas & Recipes

    Has anyone done a brunch theme before? I'm thinking about offering it to one of my hosts coming up but wasn't sure if her show time would be too late for that. It will be a 2pm show. What are your thoughts? What kind of recipes have you all done at this kind of show? I'm really trying to push...
  21. S

    Urgent Tools Needed for Ham & Cheese Brunch Squares Show

    I am doing the Ham and Cheese brunch squares tomorrow morning at a brunch show. Can someone tell me if I thought of all the tools I will need for this show. Large Bar Pan Silicon Brush Ultimate Mandoline classic batter bowl whisk food chopper cutting board knife saute pan cooling...
  22. P

    Looking for Bountiful Brunch Pizza Recipe

    I am told it can be found in the Stoneware Sensations on page 34. I have someone who wants to have a brunch show and thought this would be a nice option. Also, if you have any other brunch recipe suggestions for a new consultant, I would greatly appreciate the help! Thank you. :balloon:
  23. D

    New Year's Brunch: Booking Ideas for January

    Hey Everybody! I just thought I'd share one of my booking ideas to fill the first part of my January. It's a theme show called New Years Brunch, I figured I could demo the Ham and Cheese Calzones or the Three Cheese Veggie Pizza and have something like the Ho-Ho Trifle, Chocolate Raspberry...
  24. D

    Welcome to New Year's Brunch: Kickstart Your Bookings!

    Hey Everybody! I just thought I'd share one of my booking ideas to fill the first part of my January. It's a theme show called New Years Brunch, I figured I could demo the Ham and Cheese Calzones or the Three Cheese Veggie Pizza and have something like the Ho-Ho Trifle, Chocolate Raspberry...
  25. C

    Looking for Chicken Brunch Ring (Older Recipe)

    My mom can't find an older Pampered Chef recipe that is from about 15 years ago, long before I started in PC. She thinks it was called Chicken brunch ring. It has chicken, bacon and tomato and you make a crescent roll ring. Can anyone help me with it?
  26. K

    DCB Brunch Recipes - Share Yours Today!

    Hello. Does anyone have any DCB Brunch recipes? I would LOVE something in the micro to show off the baker, but anything in the baker would be great! Thanks in advance for sharing! Merry Christmas!!!! -Kristin
  27. winklermom

    Brunch Show w/ DCB: Ideas & Recipes for Hosts

    I've got a host who would like to do a brunch type show. I would like a good recipe for the DCB that I could do. I've thought that I could brown my sausage in it and go from there but I'm not sure. Has anyone done a show like this? What did you prepare?
  28. E

    Quick and Easy Brunch Ideas for Limited Kitchen Access

    I need brunch ideas for a party where I will only have access to a microwave for cooking. Does anyone know of any egg based recipe ideas in the DCB in the microwave, or micro-cooker, or rice cooker?
  29. P

    Creative Sunday Brunch Ideas Without Meat or Baking | Demo Recipe Included!

    I have a hostess who wants to do Sunday Brunch but here is the kicker: No meat, no baking! Any idea's? I will do one recipe for a demo she will have the rest of the food but wants menu idea's. Any and all help would be great! I'm thinking maybe a fruit salad in the trifle bowl? but thats kind...
  30. deanna_g

    Where can I find the recipe for Ham and Cheese Brunch Squares?

    I cannot find the recipe for this. Anyone wanna help me out?