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  1. L

    Brunch Show

    I have a brunch show on Friday for a long-time good friend of mine... but its driving me crazy!! Here's the situation: I usually offer one recipe in each category to avoid the "catering" idea, so my brunch for this month is the Apricot Almond Twist (from the All the Best Cookbook) I made it...
  2. C

    Brunch Recipes

    A host requested a brunch show. Any ideas for recipes?
  3. DebPC

    Brunch Shows

    Pampered Chef Brunch Shows I LOVE BRUNCH SHOWS! I try to do as many as possible in the winter - with the weather worse and summer - when kids have games all week, etc. I just had a host that was going to have a show last Sat at 2 and when I talked with her the 2nd time, I mentioned...