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What is discount: Definition and 171 Discussions

  1. Trudie32

    What's new and discontinued in the world of Pampered Chef?

    Any Toy Story 2 fans out there? (Extra points if you know the next line )My name is Laura & I signed in May with the QC special after my upline waited patiently for me for a few years! I live in Connecticut with my 16- & 18-year-old boys & fire lieutenant husband of 22 years. I'm not new to...
  2. M

    Trouble Entering Past Host Discount on Beta: Invalid #?

    Has anyone had any problems when you enter a past host discount number on to Beta come up saying the number is invaild? When I know it is correct
  3. J

    Discount for Orders Submitted via Beta Sites in Nov & Dec

    I remember getting an email about a $10 off promo for orders that were submitted on Beta sites in Nov & Dec but can't for the life of me find info about it anywhere... Am I out of my mind? Can anyone point me in the direction for more info about this so I can promote it?
  4. kam

    Can I Use a Past Host Discount from Over a Year Ago?

    I have a guest who says she has a past host discount. I tried looking it up and nothing came up. I asked for more info and she asked me to use the one she gave me last time and try it. The last one I used was from a year ago. I entered it in - expecting it not to be accepted since it is over...
  5. B

    Applying a 10% Discount in P3: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Hi all, I offered a customer who attempted to host a show a discount of 10% on her order, what's the best way to do this in P3?
  6. esavvymom

    Want to Save Money on Dining, Attractions, and More? Check Out Discount Books!

    Most of us have seen the Entertainment Book or Citywide book (i cant remember the names), but they have tons of coupons that are good for one year. Everything from fast food restaurants, sit-down dining, attractions, museums, sports, shopping and more. They typically sell for $30 or so if...
  7. C

    Can I Still Receive the Past Host Discount After Canceling a Show?

    I found out that my host that I had scheduled for today - and cancelled the first of the week because she just couldn't get organized despite host coaching - actually held her show today with another consultant - a friend who is just starting her PC business!! I am so upset but, as I have read...
  8. C

    Past-Host Discount From Each Show Booked?

    I thought that a past host could order the host special for each show booked- even if in the same month. I just tried to do this and p3 says "too many host specials ordered..." Each one is on a different show that was booked from hers. Luckily one host did not want the special so I put it on...
  9. esavvymom

    Are Refurbished iPads from Apple Worth the Savings?

    My DH recently discovered from coworkers that Apple sells refurbished products, including the ipads. You can sometimes get an ipad that normally sells for $399(16gig ipad2) for $319. They are refurbs, but apparently that means typically the ones someone brought in becuase of cracked glass or...
  10. quiverfull7

    Director Is There a Discount for Apple Products Through Pampered Perks?

    Can someone tell me how to see what the discount is with Apple via Pampered Perks or do you actually have to do an order to find out? I need a case.
  11. A

    Kit Enhancement Discount Qs: Help for New Member

    Im a little confused at the whole kit enhancement deal and was wondering if someone could help me out.... I joined in December. Had 2 shows in jan, nothing in feb, 2 in march and 2 in april. Do i not qualify for the kit enhancement discount since i wasnt active in february?
  12. F

    Director Entering Discount Codes: What Do Consultants Do?

    Curious how you enter these. I've always used the ck mark and put them in as half off. Have heard of other consultants who don't mark them 1/2 off.
  13. kcjodih

    Individual Order - No Past Host Discount?

    I'm trying to submit an order for a host I had in October. It's showing that she has a past host discount number and that it's valid until 10/12 but when I go to input the order it's showing a 0% discount and isn't giving her the past host 10%. Is that discount not allowed on individual...
  14. P

    Director Confusion over Black Friday Discount in Canadian Myemaildesigns.com Newsletter

    So the Canadian Myemaildesigns.com newsletter has a reference to a Black Friday Discount.....we didn't do anything for Black Friday in Canada.....what is this referring to? The reason I'm concerned is I didn't see it before I sent it out and now people are asking. :(
  15. NooraK

    Discount Ideas for My Black Friday Brunch

    In my BFB invitation I told my guests that I would have special deals for them when they got here. Initially, I was thinking I'd do deals by time, but then I thought it might be tough to keep track, and would I do it based on when they got here, or when they submitted their order? So I decide to...
  16. E

    Can I Still Use My Past Host Discount if I Forgot to Add Them During Booking?

    I had a show back in June & just realized that I didn't put my current host as booking off this party....OOPS! My question is about the booking benefit...is my past host just out? Is there anyway to fix it? P.S. I tried to put the order in P3, and it allows it, but I'm sure that HO will...
  17. S

    Get Your HWC Items at a Discount - Order Now with Your Exclusive Discount!

    Quick question . . . are we able to order HWC items with our discount? Thanks! Sandi
  18. T

    Host Discount Is About to Expire

    My sister had a party last year and her yearly discount expires the 21st. She is coming to the party I am having tonight but I'm not closing the party until the 24th. Will the P3 honor her discount or will she be out of luck since the party isn't closing until after her discount expires?
  19. P

    Dealing with Discount Requests: How to Politely Decline as a Business Owner

    Guest at a show has an old style EAD...broken low ring. I told her replacement parts are no longer available. She just emailed me about a discount if she orders the new one. If this was a long standing customer I would consider it but really?????.....how do you politely say "NO" to this type...
  20. M

    Purchasing UPampered Chefoming Guest Specials at Discount?

    Maybe I was dreaming, but I could swear that last November on here, I read that as a consultant we can purchase the upcoming guest special at a discounted rate. Am I out of my mind for thinking I read this? Sorry if I am :o
  21. kcmckay

    Urgent H&R Block Discount: What You Need to Know Before Your Appointment Tomorrow

    Don't we get a discount through H&R Block? I looked on CC and it just brings me to their site we have appt tomorrow at 12 and I need to know if I need something to get the discount?? I also was able to choose who we'd work with and the one I chose was best experience and it list their hobbies...
  22. cwinter474

    Did I Just Receive a 60% Discount on Hosting?

    Am I crazy or did I recieve a email today with additional 60% off host offerings? Been up since 4am with a killer headache so I may have imagined it. If not, can you list the new items or tell me where to find the list?
  23. H

    Pink Products With Consultant Discount

    Can you order Pink Products with your consultant discount? Sorry if this is the wrong spot I didn't know where to post it.
  24. HealthNut

    Using Pampered Chef Dollars - Get 20% Discount?

    question - once we receive our pc dollars and decide to use them...do we get our 20% consultant discount still?...
  25. R

    Can a Host Use 10% Discount on Outlet Purchases?

    Can a host use her 10% on purchases off of the Outlet? She has had her show already but would like to also purchase a few things at the Outlet. Thanks for the help!:)
  26. lindy0116

    How Do You Enter a Line Item Discount in P3?

    Has anyone ever entered a line item discount in P3? I have found one thread that talked about simply editing the payments so the customers credit card reflects the discounted amt but there would still be tax calcd on the item at full price. thanks.
  27. Sheila

    10% Past Host Discount on Outlet Orders?

    Someone just asked if she would qualify for that next week after her show or if she should order something now (so that she doesn't have to worry about it being gone next week) and I didn't know! Does anyone know for SURE (no guesses please) if she will or will not be able to use her 10% past...
  28. T

    Save 20% on Stoneware with PPP | Apply Discount Code Now!

    How do you apply the 20% discount when you enter stoneware on PPP? It doesn's seem to do it automatically... Help!
  29. Meigs

    Purchasing F/W Items at a Discount??

    Do we have an opportunity to yet purchase discontinued items, Such as the Seasons Best 2009 at a discounted rate?? How would I do that if it is possible??
  30. straitfan

    Join Our Discount Card Fundraiser for County Fair | 4-H Board

    Our county 4-H board is putting together one of those discount cards to sell as a fundraiser for our county fair this summer. A lot of our schools, etc. around here do these. I know our Farm Bureau one has a Mary Kay consultant and maybe even a Tupperware consultant on theirs. Do our rules...