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What is pink: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. byrd1956

    Interested in Purchasing NIB Pink Dots Martini Glasses?

    Doing a little clearing out and found NIB Pink Dots Martini Glasses. They were all packed and ready to go but the person never followed through. $20 plus shipping
  2. Heather8345

    New Pink Polka Dot Bag - Perfect Accessory for Any Outfit - Only $18!

    I have a brand new polka dot bag in a bag that has not been opened. The image is of the same bag. I am selling the extra one I have. I am selling this bag for 18 plus shipping.
  3. P

    Looking for an Iso Pink Tervis Tumbler to Ship to Canada?

    Anyone have one? Willing to ship to Canada? Slightly used is ok as long as it's in good shape!
  4. Paula B

    Iso Hwc Pink Dots Martini Glasses Nib

    I am looking for the HWC Martini glasses for a friend. She would like 3 sets. Did not order when they were on the Outlet. Thanks, Paula 11/3 We are still looking for the HWC Martini Glasses. Thanks
  5. pcheftammy

    forSale: Pampered Chef Short Sleeve Tshirt, Pale Pink

    This is a size large. It's in good condition with lots of life left! $5 plus shipping please!
  6. C

    Are Pink Help Whip Cancer Items Still Available for Purchase?

    2 Pink Mix N Chops, pink trimmed Bar Board and 1 pink Flexible Scraper from our Help Whip Cancer Items. $10.00 each plus shipping.
  7. C

    Pink and White Round Scrub Brushes

    I have a customer who would live to purchase at least two of these brushes. If any one has any to sell, I would be so grateful! Tia
  8. doughmama

    Shop Now for Pink HWC Scrapers - Only $6 Each + Shipping | Paypal Accepted

    I have two pink scrapers - HWC - for sale. $6 each plus shipping. Paypal only.
  9. C

    Limited Edition "Help Whip Cancer!" Pink Zebra Ceramic Spreader

    Limited Edition "Help Whip Cancer!" Pink Zebra Ceramic Spreader Originally available for sale during "Help Whip Cancer!" month, this Pink Zebra Ceramic Spreader is a fantastic find! This is not available in the catalog. Makes great gifts for survivors and hostesses.I have several items for...
  10. DebPC

    Regular Salt Vs. Himalayan Pink

    Good to know...
  11. P

    May's HWC PINK Products - Buy 1 or Many - Ship to 45248

    Looking for May's HWC PINK products. Shipping to 45248 I will buy many pieces so even if you have just 1 please message me!!Thanks!
  12. DebPC

    How Were Your Sales of Pink Items This Month?

    Were they higher or lower than previous years? Did you sell way more of one then the other?
  13. Bren706

    I Would Love a Pink Ribbon Charm

    I saw this on the Pink Ribbon Facebook page, and it made me think that it would be a nice incentive to earn a pink ribbon charm to add to our bracelets for May or October.
  14. L

    Iso: Black and Pink Paisley Duffle Bag

    ISO: Going Places Collection BagsISO: The Pampered Chef Going Places collection bags. The Getaway Bag, The Hide-away Carry All and the Large Duffel. These were incentive bags a couple of years ago. Thank you!
  15. byrd1956

    Join Me in Painting the Town Pink for a Cause | Help Whip Cancer Catalog Show

    I have decided to have a Paint the Town Pink catalog show for October. How does this sound to share with my friends, family and PC contacts? I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you! Will you help me Paint the Town Pink? I am looking for helpers to help on my Paint the Town Pink Catalog...
  16. K

    Where can I find the pink paring knife from last year?

    I am lokoing for the pink paring knife that was available last year, and I think in May. My SIL lost hers, and it was her favorite knife. Her birthday is coming up, and I am hoping I can get another one to repalce the one she lost.
  17. Kristin Radunz

    Iso: Batter Bowls W/ Pink Lids

    I have a customer looking for another set of batter bowls with pink lids. She got one set, but she is looking for another set. Pink is VERY important to her! If anyone has any to sell, please let me know. Thanks!
  18. C

    Just Used: Pink Kitchen Items - Make an Offer!

    Just used for display but the knife is not even out of the bag nor is the towel. I'm just not into pink so if someone else is, rather them enjoy them. Have the apron in the bag as well and then the little pink measure cup. Make an offer.
  19. scottcooks

    Iso Men's Black Hwc Apron With Pink Piping

    Anyone have this? half-apron? I didn't get the shows when there was an incentive to earn it recently. Thanks
  20. jbondr

    forSale - Hwc Pink Daisy Plates

    For Sale - Discontinued HWC Daisy Dessert Plates (set of 4) - $8 Price doesn't included shipping cost. Accept PayPal.
  21. DebPC

    Delicious Pink Lemonade Pound Cake Recipe - Perfect for Any Occasion!

    Looks fabulous!Ingredients 1 box (18.25 ounce) lemon cake mix 1 3 ounce package instant lemon pudding mix 4 eggs 1/3 cup vegetable oil 1/2 cup milk 1/2 cup pink lemonade concentrate 4 drops pink or red food coloring (optional 1 cup frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed 1/2 cup white...
  22. S

    Iso Hwc Pink Gloves From the Past

    Does anyone by chance still have a new pair of the Pink HWC gloves? I have someone looking for a pair. And if you do, what would you be asking for them? Thanks! Sarah
  23. VictoriaH

    Iso: Hwc Zebra Pink Serving Shoe

    Since I started in August, a lot of these items were before I started. ISO: HWC Zebra Pink Serving Shoe
  24. K

    Is the 2012 Pampered Chef Hwc Pink Kitchen Brush available for purchase?

    I have a customer who needs these for Christmas gifts. Her best friend passed away from breast cancer. Please let me know asap. Thanks!
  25. K

    Easy Pink Recipe for Breast Cancer Event!

    Made a "pink" recipe last night to bring into my hair salon, as they are doing a catalog show all this month for me AND have me coming to their annual breast cancer event in October. Using the mini-muffin pan, I made little strawberry cakes. I used one box of strawberry cake mix, a handful of...
  26. PCCHeather0506

    Need Two Pink Oven Mitts ASAP? Look No Further!

    I am looking for two! Really could use them ASAP even if you have just one! THANK YOU!!
  27. A

    Looking for May's Pink Classic Scraper?

    Im looking for May's guest special, the pink classic scraper. Anyone have an extra NEW one laying around they would like to sell me? :D
  28. luvtocook868

    Where Can I Find a Pink Paisley Umbrella?

    HI...i'm looking for the Pink Paisley umbrella if anyone would like to sell theirs....Thanks!
  29. O

    Retired Pink Products: Cost of Pink Martini Glasses and Floral Plates?

    Does anyone know the cost of the pink martini glasses and clear plates with pink flowers?
  30. L

    What Are the Pink Classic Scrapers Available for Purchase?

    I'm selling 2 Pink Classic Scrapers - the free ones with a $60 May 2012 guest order. I have 2 guests who earned them, but didn't want them. I gave them free product instead - I figured someone who didn't earn them would want them!! I'm entering the catalog show tonight - so they'd be...