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What is trouble: Definition and 187 Discussions

  1. MissChef

    Trouble Ordering April Grow With Love Special on Beta Site

    On the April Grow With Love Special, it says at the very bottom that it can be ordered as a future party pick and even gives numbers, but in the Beta Site, when I try to enter that number it won't take it. And when I do it by the description and the picture, it only brings up one picture to...
  2. M

    Trouble Entering Past Host Discount on Beta: Invalid #?

    Has anyone had any problems when you enter a past host discount number on to Beta come up saying the number is invaild? When I know it is correct
  3. D

    Trouble Connecting to My PWS on an iPhone/iPad?

    I had a customer searching for my PWS this a.m. and when using Iphone or Ipad, couldn't make it come up. My FB page came up but not my website. Anyone else have this problem or know of a solution. Using a PC and putting in website address it comes up fine.
  4. pampered1224

    Is Shawnna Nixon in Trouble????

    I go this e-mail this morning with Shawnna's e-mail address and as I am "in the know" about these e-mail/Western Union Scams, I decided to post. Also, as we all know Shawnna, I think you will find some key verbiage missing which makes me really think it is a scam. "I'm writing this with...
  5. L

    Trouble Installing P3 on Windows 8 - Need Advice!

    Hello all, This is my first post here so hopefully I'm putting it in the right spot. :) I tried downloading P3 on my new laptop tonight, which has Windows 8. I keep getting an error when I try to run the program. Has anyone else had the same problem and have any advice? If worse comes to...
  6. wadesgirl

    Trouble Downloading January Non-Taxable Order Form

    Can anyone else get the non-taxable order form for January downloaded from Consultant's Corner? It keeps taking me to something other than that page.
  7. slhalepc

    Urgent Trouble Playing Videos on The Dish: Help Needed!

    Is anyone else having trouble getting the videos in The Dish to play. It says tune in but when I click on them the box comes up with an empty screen and nothing comes on.
  8. S

    Help! I'm Having Trouble Booking Shows - Any Advice?

    I'm having trouble getting people to my shows... Any advice? I joined in Feb and have had NO bookings besides my own shows. I do the booking slide, post on FB... I don't get what I'm doing wrong. In July, I had a my own show and several people RSVPd, but only one showed up. Now, I am having a...
  9. Kjurich

    Trouble Logging In to New Site: What Am I Doing Wrong?

    :confused:Ok what am I doing wrong way can't I get into the new site. I have been usingthe old site but want to change over to the new one but when I login it tells me my login and password are wrong?:confused:
  10. N

    Trouble Showing Wedding Registry and Shop Online on My Pampered Chef Website

    I finally have my first show on 6/29 (what a way to cut the end of month close..lol) and when I tried to connect the link to her fb event it isn't shown in my website. Is it because of the upgrade or should I just contact HO? Thanks
  11. K

    Director Having trouble submitting shows? Need help from tech support?

    Anyone having trouble submitting shows? I keep getting an "error" saying I can try again or report problem to tech support. Karen
  12. cookingwithlove

    Director Error Message Trouble: Greg's Message

    Greg sent out a message asking us about error message. Now I cannot open that original message and receive and error message. I am guessing someone imbedded an email address.
  13. L

    Host Having Trouble Importing Contacts

    My host is having trouble importing her contacts to send out the PWS evites. She's got a yahoo address. What can I tell her? She's pretty frustrated. I suggested that we try E-vite if we can't get this to work. :grumpy:
  14. Intrepid_Chef

    Trouble Logging In - Am I Alone?

    Tonight when I went to log in, I wasn't able to. When I asked for a password reminder, it said I was looking for information that does not exist. Am I the only one having this problem?
  15. C

    No Online Activity Emails Since Nov. 29th: Is Anyone Else Having Trouble?

    I have had 4 online orders since November 30th and I haven't gotten any online activity emails. The last email I got was from an online order on November 29th. Is anyone else having trouble? I called HO today and they said they would look into it but they weren't aware of any problems. I did...
  16. babywings76

    Why Can't I Log into Chef Success on My MacBook Pro?

    My MacBook Pro's hard drive crashed and so I just had it replaced. I'm reinstalling programs and such and everything is going just fine except for one thing...when I try to come to CS and log in, it says "thank you babywings for logging in..." but then it reloads back to the home page where...
  17. C

    Trouble Placing Individual Order for Pink Paring Knives

    I am trying to place an individual order for the pink paring knives and it is telling me they are not available :cry: Am I doing something wrong?
  18. R

    Trouble Getting Bookings: What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I haven't been working as hard as I could have to get bookings so I can't complain too much. However, I seem to hit road blocks no matter what I try. Last Tuesday I went to 9 businesses & left a catalog with employees (nursing homes, beauty salon - catalog on table for clients at salon, Realtor...
  19. chefkathy

    Director Anyone Else Having Trouble Getting Into Pws/Customer Connection?

    I want to send the free shipping email blast, but it won't connect! I keep getting an error message. Grrrr!
  20. F

    Director Rant: Anyone Else Having Trouble...

    So mad!!! We turned in our form for the Niagara tour way in advance of the dealine and a week after we turned it in were told that the tour was full. But they might open a 2nd tour on Sat. to e-mail if we were interested and we'd be notified the 6th if it was going to happen. So, I let them know...
  21. wadesgirl

    Trouble Finding Booking/Recruiting Catalog Labels on CC

    I cannot find the booking/recruiting catalog labels on CC. Any help?
  22. PampChefJoy

    Trouble Importing TT Newsletters? MessageCoder Issue?

    Is anyone else getting a blank message when trying to import the newsletters from TT? I think it's related to iContact's new MessageCoder feature but I want to see who else is having trouble... Thanks! Joy
  23. J

    Trouble Accessing Personal Website

    :eek: For 24 hours now I have not been able to pull up my personal website. Is anyone else having this trouble? I can't access either my personal website assistant or the direct site. Just wanted to check here prior to calling HO for assistance. Thanks, Juliet
  24. wadesgirl

    Having Trouble Pulling Up 1099 Online

    My niece who is on my team doesn't have a printer at home and I'm trying to pull up her 1099 online. It keeps saying "Your report is ready and will download in a few moments". It's been a couple minutes already. Anybody else having these issues?
  25. wadesgirl

    Trouble Registering for Toronto

    Anyone else having trouble? I fill out the first page and try to click Save & Continue but it won't let me. The first time it wouldn't let me hit either S&C or Save & Exit for a while before it finally recognized Save & Exit. Then when I went back in to try it didn't save all my information...
  26. D

    Urgent Trouble Printing w/ pp3: Need Help!

    Hello. I am not good with computers. I tried to print a sales receipt from PP3 and this message keeps showing up "Works cannot open. The file may be in use by another application, the file format may not be supported by any of the installed converters or the file may be corrupted." What did...
  27. etteluap70PC

    Facebook Troubleshooting: Accessing Your Business Page

    Hi all, could you help me out? Click this link... Welcome to Facebook Does it take you to my business page or to your own home page?
  28. M

    Trouble with Spritz Cookies: Help for a Newbie!

    Hi, newbie here:o I made a batch of spritz cookies, recipe came with the cookie press. I was using the old press, new one is on its way. The problem I was having is that I couldnt get the cookie to release the dough that it put out. I did not grease the stone, made the dough up and did not...
  29. T

    Anyone Else Have Trouble With the Copy Section at Office Depot?

    I tried uploading some files and it says PC has requested we not have access to it. I know I've uploaded and ordered before.
  30. AmyDare

    Trouble Downloading October Tasty Tidbits HTML Code

    Hi Joy! I've been trying to capture the code for the October Tasty Tidbits for an hour now...when I click the "Download HTML" link, it opens a preview/edit screen but doesn't show me the html code. I figured a work-around by clicking the "edit source html" button, but it doesn't have the full...