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What is torte: Definition and 93 Discussions

  1. C

    Iso Recipe for Banana Torte in the 8" Ceramic Skillet

    Help! I threw away my use and care card and they aren't on the website yet. Does anyone have this typed up they can share yet? Thanks!!
  2. babywings76

    Recipes to Accompany Torte Pan Set: Share Your Favorites!

    Has anyone put together a file of recipes to go along with the Torte Pan Set? I couldn't find any in the files section. I just don't want to recreate the wheel if it isn't necessary. ;) I started to collect a few from CC and put it into Word, but can only think of 3 recipes off the top of...
  3. kam

    Is My Coconut Lime Torte Crust Too Hard?

    I made this tonight to bring to friends for dessert...and the crust was SO HARD! It tasted good, but VERY difficult to "chisel" into. haha Anyone else have this happen? I was expecting the shell part to be almost sponge like. At the very least I was expecting it to be softer. :) I toasted...
  4. A

    Torte Cake on Invitation? Looking for Recipe

    What is the torte cake recipe on the cover of the cooking show invitation postcards? It is a chocolate cake, and looks like it has cool whip piped in a lattice pattern over the top. Thanks so much!
  5. G

    Chocolate Torte Recipe on Post Cards

    Does anyone know the name of the dessert that is on the Post Card Invites. It's a chocolate torte of some kind with whipped cream all on the top. Thanks in advance!
  6. DebPC

    Help! Decadent Choc Hazelnut Torte

    i'm making it ahead for my show tonite. i just mixed up the batter and it's really thick. For those of you that have made this- is this right? I've double checked the ingedients and recipe. It says to pour into torte pan. There's no way I'm pouring mine. I'd need to spread it. Thanks!
  7. DebPC

    Finding Whole Blanched Hazelnuts: What to Know Before Shopping

    Making this next week for a show. Will I have trouble finding the whole blanched hazelnuts in a reg. grocery store? Thanks!
  8. W

    Delicious Torte Recipes Without Nuts: Share Your Favorites!

    Hi! Just got the torte pans and want to try them out for a gathering this weekend. Thought I would be able to do tons of cool things with them, but now that I have them and I'm looking around I'm not finding many recipe that use them? Anyone care to share their favorite torte recipes with me...
  9. L

    What are some ideas for pumpkin desserts using torte pans?

    Hi all, I've got 2 shows back to back on Sat. (WooHoo, I think, lol - Hope I can walk by nightfall, lol) Anyway, I've got one hostess who has the Torte pans and they are still in box...trying to tell her different recipes and how EASY they are to use...well now she wants something Pumpkiny...
  10. kcjodih

    Delicious Ice Cream Sandwich Torte Recipe - Perfect for Birthdays!

    Does anyone have this recipe and can post it here for me? My hubby has asked for it for his birthday Tuesday so I have to shop and make it tomorrow but I've lost my recipe. I thought after my computer crashed for the 4th time that I rebuilt ALL my recipe collection but obviously not :(...
  11. S

    Urgent Mojito Torte Recipe: Dark Rum, Mint Extract, Yellow Cake Mix, and More!

    Help I am at the DMV and forgot the recipe at homen would someone be kind enough to post the ingredients? I know that it has dark rum, mint extract, yellow cake mix, and of course limes, but not sure of the rest. I wanted to practice the recipe this weekend for the demo I have later this week...
  12. Intrepid_Chef

    Cake Disaster - Trying Out Torte Pans

    Well ... I made a cake tonight and against my better judgement, I used the torte pans. Even used the circles of parchment to avoid sticking and trying out the cake. Well, after 15 minutes I had to pull it out of the oven b/c I could smell it burning. Didn't want it to burn more in the...
  13. Intrepid_Chef

    Mojito Torte ... W/Rum Extract?

    I was looking at this recipe and I don't have rum ... and I'm not going to buy a whole bottle of rum just for a 1/2 a cup ... so I was thinking of using rum extract instead. Anyone know how this will work? Also ... I personally think the mint would be gross ... so I was thinking of leaving it...
  14. wadesgirl

    Looking for White Fluted Tool for Torte Pans - PM Me!

    I have a great host who is looking for the white fluted tool that used to come with the torte pans. Does anyone have one they would like to sell? Please PM me.
  15. kcjodih

    Peanut Butter Not Melting for Choc P Butter Torte

    I just requested help for this recipe and now noticed that Kelly said she could not get her oil and p butter chips to melt. UGH, stressing out here! Did anyone else have this problem? Any tips? I wish I had the ingredients here to try this right now! Please, please help!
  16. kcjodih

    Urgent Chocolate P Butter Torte Questions

    I'm making this tonight for the first time and need to know if I can just use nonstick cooking spray or if I must go and try to find nonstick cooking spray with flour like it mentions. Would the regular spray work out okay? I've never used my torte pans so I have no idea. Also, what's the...
  17. kcjodih

    Can I Write on a Whipped Topping Ice Cream Sandwich Torte?

    I've decided to make my DH this tomorrow since he's never had it nor does he even know it exists but he loves ice cream sandwiches and I figure with all that's going on with my MIL he's not really in the mood to celebrate his birthday. We do have a rather large birthday cake in the freezer now...
  18. M

    Can I Make a Pumpkin Chiffon Torte in a Deep Dish Pie Plate?

    I want to make the Pumpkin Chiffon Torte but I'm wondering if there's any reason I couldn't do it in the Deep Dish Pie Plate rather than the Springform pan...anyone know?
  19. A

    How can I transport my torte pan cakes without getting frosting on the lid?

    how do you transport your cakes made in the torte pans? I have a tupperware cake saver thing (really old) that I use at home, but it is barely bigger around than the torte pan cakes and always gets frosting on the inside sides of the lid since it is such a tight squeeze. I've made cakes at...
  20. Intrepid_Chef

    Are Torte Pans Necessary for Baking a Perfect Lime Torte?

    Every time I see a recipe for the torte pans, it tells me to cut a piece of parchment and put it in the center. I'm not the most coordinated person in the world, and very bad at drawing and cutting straight, so I have never used the pans! I'd like to use the lime torte recipe at a future...
  21. pamperedpals

    Torte Prep for Work Potluck: Is Tonight Okay?

    The torte that is in SB, it should be okay if I make it tonight and store it in the fridge for a potluck tomorrow at work, right?
  22. P

    Director Any Tips on Tex/Mex Rollups or Mango Torte?

    Making them both for the first time at a show this week.. any tips, good or bad???
  23. turtle15

    Torte Pan Recipes Wanted: Help a Desperate Baker!

    Does anyone have a file of Torte Pan recipes they can share? I have searched and can't find very many. Thanks!
  24. A

    Mojito Torte Question for Bakers :)

    Probably a stupid question, but just in case...the recipe calls for mint extract. I have peppermint extract. The grocery store didn't have anything besides peppermint. Is there a difference? (wondering if the flavor or intensity is different). thanks
  25. C

    Can You Substitute Mango Sorbet in a Tropical Torte?

    Does anyone have a substitute for the mango sorbet in the Tropical Torte? Mango sorbet isn't available in remote locations and would like to know if anyone has tried it with something else.
  26. M

    Entering a Strawberry Recipe Contest - Need Torte Crust Ideas!

    I'm entering a strawberry recipe contest tomorrow morning and I was wondering if there was any way to make a torte crust out of strawberries. I was thinking layer of strawberries covered with a layer of chocolate or maybe even graham cracker crust? Any ideas would be greatly...
  27. H

    Flan Pans vs Torte Pans: Understanding the Differences

    I have the old flan pans and was wondering if they are the same as the torte pans. Or should I order the torte pans?
  28. Ginger428

    Tropical Torte W/Fresh Pineapple!!

    I made this for our cluster meeting last month. It was Great!! Only one problem, to demo at a show it really doesn't show alot of products. So I was going to just bring it to my shows already made ( also looks very blah) they were teasing me that it looks like the Menorah Cake without the...
  29. turtle15

    Which is better to get first: Springform Pan or Torte Pan?

    If I have neither, which is better to get first? I do have the old style torte pan.
  30. S

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Torte

    Does anyone have this recipe typed out? TIA! :)