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What is banana: Definition and 67 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    How to Make Pampered Chef's Banana Split Brownie Pizza?

    Banana Split Brownie Pizza Ingredients 1 box (1 lb 2.4 oz) brownie mix Water, vegetable oil and eggs as called for on brownie mix box 1 quart (4 cups) favorite flavor ice cream, slightly softened 1 cup sliced fresh strawberries 2 medium bananas, sliced (1 1/2 cups) 1/2 cup...
  2. DebPC

    Delicious Chocolate Banana Bites: Easy Recipe for a Sweet Treat

    Cut up banana slices and then put peanut butter between them. Put them in the freezer for 1 hour, then cover them in melted chocolate and put them back in the freezer fro another 2-3 hours. Enjoy!
  3. DebPC

    Delicious Banana Cream Fudge - Ready in 15 Minutes!

    Banana Cream Fudge Prep Time: 15 minutes Yield: 42 squares Banana Cream Fudge This fun banana pudding fudge with a white chocolate drizzle and sprinkles is sure to brighten your day. Ingredients For the Crust 2 cups chocolate cookie crumbs 5 Tablespoons butter...
  4. DebPC

    Mini Banana Chocolate Cream Pies Recipe

    http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/4286/minibananacreampie.jpg Mini Chocolate Banana Cream Pies - quick and easy! Ingredients 1 banana, thinly sliced with Egg Slicer Plus 4 mini graham cracker pie crusts 1 prepared chocolate pudding batch 1 (1.4-ounce) chocolate-covered toffee...
  5. C

    Iso Recipe for Banana Torte in the 8" Ceramic Skillet

    Help! I threw away my use and care card and they aren't on the website yet. Does anyone have this typed up they can share yet? Thanks!!
  6. M

    Banana Dessert in the Ceramic Skillet

    Can someone help me? I have seen a photo of a banana dessert, made in the ceramic skillet, looks like an 'upside down cake' Does anyone know where the recipe for this is? Where have I missed it along the way? thanks!
  7. C

    Looking for Banana Split Recipe Made in Ddb

    Customer contacted me and wants the recipe for the banana split we make in the Deep DISH Baker. She says it's very old and only has the following ingredients: it only has vanilla pudding, bananas, chocolate brownie, whipped cream and strawberries.
  8. J

    Grandma's Famous Old-Fashioned Recipe

    Does anyone have this recipe, I was told it is an oldie but goodie.
  9. C

    Search: Brownies, Banana, Cool Whip ...

    A Lady at our old church used to make a Pampered Chef Recipe (she claimed). I love this, but can't seem to find the recipe anywhere. She used a brownie mix and baked it in the square baker, sliced bananas on top of it and than a mixture of cool whip and instant vanilla pudding over it. I...
  10. C

    Help With Caramel Banana Ravoli Recipe

    I made these at a show last night and had problems. I could not find crescent rolls with no seams and couldn't get the seams to properly close. The Pastry Cutter didn't do well - what did I do wrong? I wonder if Pie Crust for the dough would be better. Any suggestions?:confused:
  11. frozenchef

    Delicious Caramel Banana Ravioli: Tips for Perfect Dough and Sauce

    Hey folks - made these tonight and they are AMAZING! However, the dough got a tad sticky when adding the top layer and the pastry cutter kept getting stuck it was so sticky. Not sure if it had anything to do with using the crescent rolls with seams even though it was all pinched together...
  12. K

    Banana Split Party & Sandals & Sangria Party

    I just listened to a Karen Phelps talk about creative ideas for summer bookings and she mentioned that she used to hold when she was in Direct Sales Banana Split Party and Sandals and Sangria Parties. I thought both of these would be great summer theme shows for Pampered Chef consultants. She...
  13. kam

    Is the Banana Cream Brownie Squares recipe a crowd-pleaser at potlucks?

    This is an older PC recipe - and I am thinking of bringing it to a potluck. I have never made this recipe and was wondering if it was any good?? Opinions? I know I should make a tried/true recipe - but I am dying to try something new. Thanks!
  14. O

    Host Wants a Banana Split Trifle

    My host for next week just called and wants a banana split trifle. I found a recipe on here in the archives using vanilla wafers. Has anyone used a type of cake? We will not have the 2-3 hours necessary for the wafers to soften. I am open to ideas or suggestions and obviously need help!!:sing...
  15. L

    Any tips for perfecting the Mint Triangles & Banana Trifle recipe?

    I made both of these for the first time yesterday to take to dinner at my in-laws along with the peanut butter trifle and mini carrot cakes. There latter two were a breeze to make. The first two gave me a ton of trouble!So maybe someone can tell me where I went wrong...The banana trifle from the...
  16. C

    Lost Cookbook: Need Peanutty Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe (Pg. 36)

    Does anyone have the Peanutty Chocolate Banana Bread recipe from the More Stoneware Sensations Cookbook (Pg. 36). I lost the cookbook and desperately need to find this recipe. thank you!
  17. DebPC

    Director Delicious Chocolate Banana Trifle Recipe for Your Next Gathering

    I want to make this at my Mysatery Host. I need to make it ahead of time and chill for a couple of hours. I've not made this before but have had it. Both times the chocolate ganache hardened into big pieces. Are we not supposed to chill it but eat it right away???
  18. wadesgirl

    Chocolate Banana Cream Trifle Question

    Can I double the ganache? It didn't seem like enough and around here I can find 16 oz cool whip instead of 12 so there would be enough if I wanted to. Not sure if it would be too much ganache. Also I'm a little confused about the graham crackers. From what I'm reading I'm supposed to take 1...
  19. chefkugler

    Director Peanutty Chocolate Banana Bread

    Does anyone have this recipe?? It was in the More Stoneware Sensations. I can't find my book anywhere and I wanted to make this today for the kids.
  20. S

    Banana Split Trifle: The Perfect Show-Demo Dessert?

    Has anyone made this trifle for a show? I really like that I could use so many products with it; however, it says it must chill for 1-2 hours. What do you guys think? It sounds yummy. Banana Split Trifle 30 to 40 vanilla wafers 1 small box instant vanilla pudding 3 bananas, sliced...
  21. K

    Help! Need New Banana Chocolate Triffle Recipe

    Can anyone help me? I'm out of town, doing a party and have the wrong season's best with me!! I'm doing a show for my sister and she was going to make the banana chocolate triffle in the new spring 2009 season's best. Can someone post the recipe? or at least the ingredients so I'm sure I...
  22. P

    How can I make a delicious Banana Split Pie for my next party?

    My host made this last night - delicious! Banana Split Pie Ingredients: Crust 1/2 package (15 ounces) refrigerated pie crust (1 crust) 1 cup milk chocolate morsels, melted, divided Filling 1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened 3/4 cup cold milk 1...
  23. leftymac

    Chocolate Banana Cream Trifle - Recipe Review

    Cost of Ingredients: $15.37 (including $3.99 for milk) When I first read this recipe, I was unsure about it because it didn't have cake like most of our trifles do. I was wondering if the graham crackers were gonna be enough to give it body. It looked similar to the Chocolate Raspberry Cookie...
  24. cpaylor

    Delicious Banana Trifle Recipe - Anyone Have It?

    A director made a Trifle with Bananas for our meeting the other night and said it was a new recipe. Does anyone have this recipe? It was really good and I want to make it for a family dinner tomorrow night. If you could share, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  25. Jennie4PC

    Urgent Banana Bread: Quick Bread or No-Go in the Tubes?

    I am making banana bread and the bread tubes says not to use it for quick breads. Is banana breada quick bread? And has anyone made banana bread in the tubes even though it says not to?
  26. lisa717

    Searching for the Perfect Recipe: Help Needed!

    I am looking for a recipe for this and having no luck,,,anyone have it handy?
  27. beepampered

    Easy Southern Banana Pudding Trifle Recipe: Tips and Tricks

    Has anyone done this recipe? Any tips? Thanks... Easy Southern Banana Pudding 3 cups cold milk 2 pkg. (4-serving size each) JELL-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding & Pie Filling 30 NILLA Wafers 3 medium bananas, sliced 1 tub (8 oz.) COOL WHIP Whipped Topping, thawed POUR milk into...
  28. ChefPaulaB

    Delicious Banana Bread Recipe - TIA!

    Does anyone have a good banana bread recipe? I have some bananas that are ready to made into bread and don't have a great recipe. TIA!
  29. 4kids4me

    Delicious Banana Bread Recipe: A Must-Try TNT Favorite!

    I have a customer asking for a recipe for Banana Bread. I know there a few million on the internet, but was hoping to give her a TNT recipe, kwim? TIA!