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What is skillet: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. byrd1956

    Chicken Tamale Skillet Question

    I am making the Chicken Tamale Skillet for a meeting. I do not have my change-over kit so I was sent the recipe, but there is a part of the recipe that says: "Use Mix “N Chop, chop polenta into fine crumbs (see cook’s tips)." Can someone tell me what the cook's tips are. Also I have never...
  2. C

    Iso Stainless 10 Inch Skillet Lid

    Anyone have one of these they would be willing to sell?
  3. Lilamyw3

    Best Way to Return 12" Skillet for Warranty Claim

    What is the most economical way to return the 12" executive skillet for a warranty claim? I have someone I work with who needs to return hers for replacement (the nonstick coating is chipping off). I've already contacted HO to process the claim, now I just have to get the darned thing to...
  4. pjpamchef

    What Cake Recipes Can You Make in an 11 Inch Ceramic Skillet?

    Which cake recipes have you used in the 11 inch Ceramic Skillet besides the one on the cover of the catalog? I noticed it holds 4qts compared to the executive 12" that holds 5 qts???
  5. M

    Chocoalate Cherry or Turtle Skillet Cake?

    Which is better? I am going to do the whole chicken in the DCB for my show on Friday and my host wants a chocolate cake so I thought I would do a skillet cake instead of something else in stoneware. What do you all think?
  6. M

    Searching for the Recipe from the Video Demo: Here's What You Need to Know

    Does anyone have the recipe for the video demo we got this week? Can't watch the video.
  7. D

    Looking to Buy a Brand New Stainless Steel Covered Skillet?

    Sad to see so many people hanging up the apron, as I am one of them. I have successfully gotten rid of everything except a 12" stainless steel covered skillet. It is still brand new in the box. Original price $229 I will sell to first responder for $100 plus shipping. Please email me...
  8. DebPC

    Director Will a 12 Turtle Fudge Skillet Cake fit on the new Shimmer Platter?

    Making this for my Open House. Will this fit ok on the new Shimmer Platter? The platter is 13" Has anyone done a 12 incher on the new platter?
  9. T

    Caramel Apple Skillet Cake in New Covered Roaster

    I am trying out the Caramel Apple Skillet Cake in the new covered roaster. Has anyone ever made this (or something similar) ahead, left it IN THE PAN, and warmed it back up later in the day for serving?
  10. C

    Iso Recipe for Banana Torte in the 8" Ceramic Skillet

    Help! I threw away my use and care card and they aren't on the website yet. Does anyone have this typed up they can share yet? Thanks!!
  11. M

    Banana Dessert in the Ceramic Skillet

    Can someone help me? I have seen a photo of a banana dessert, made in the ceramic skillet, looks like an 'upside down cake' Does anyone know where the recipe for this is? Where have I missed it along the way? thanks!
  12. F

    Need help with Caramel-Apple Skillet Cake recipe from Pampered Chef website?

    Has anyone seen the recipe that is featured on the new catalog for Caramel-Apple Skillet Cake on the Pampered Chef website? Maybe I'm missing it?? Or maybe they aren't posting it until the first of September? Thanks!
  13. B

    Delicious Chicken Enchilada Skillet Recipe | 11 Skillet Use & Care Tips

    Has anyone made the Chicken Enchilada Skillet recipe that's on the new 11" skillet Use & Care? Show recipe? Tips?
  14. gailz2

    Ceramic Skillet Has "Divots"--Sticky Notes Don't Stick to It

    I, too, love my new ceramic skillet. And who knew that a sticky note would not even stick to the inside? I noticed on m skillet after warming up some homefries yesterday that there is a divot style pock mark on the inside surface. I have only used scrapers and bamboo spoons on it. Upon...
  15. M

    Can You Help Me Find an ISO Executive 10 Skillet without the Rest of the Set?

    I Know this is a long shot but it's worth checking. I have a customer looking for just the 10"skillet and lid. Her husband threw it away -he fell asleep and the food burned up in the skillet ruining it! This comes in a set, but the customer already has the rest of the set. Just checking to see...
  16. pampered1224

    Professional Large Covered Skillet

    Has anyone returned one of these for replacement? Reason I ask is because that skillet came with the cover for $100. I do not want my customer to have a heart attack after finding out the replacement, which I must believe is the Executive 12" Skillet and then has to purchase the separate lid for...
  17. M

    Can I Use a Stainless Steel Skillet to Make a Chocolate Cherry Skillet Cake?

    I'm making this cake tomorrow at a party, and it calls for the 12-in/30cm Skillet. I'm assuming it's talking about the staineless skillet. Has anyone used the stainless 12 inch skillet? I have both the Stainless and the Executive 12 inch skillet, so i can use both... just nervous using the...
  18. L

    Grilled Cheese and Tomato Skillet

    WAS YUMMY.... could use bacon tho'
  19. C

    Chocolate Show With Tf Skillet Cake - Show Enough Products?

    I have a Death by Chocolate show that I'm doing tomorrow.... I've never done a chocolate show before, but I've started offering theme shows to increase bookings, and the chocolate show does get a good response. I'm making the Turtle Fudge Skillet Cake (hoping for March cookware bookings), and...
  20. naekelsey

    Using the Grill Pan Instead of the Skillet

    Do you think that the Skillet Cake recipe would work in the Grill Pan? I am wanting to do something with the cookware at my shows and the only thing I have so far is the grill pan.
  21. C

    Need advice for making Harvest Pasta Skillet?

    Need advice from anyone who has made the Harvest Pasta Skillet. My skillet was full with liquid and I was unable to put the cover one. Anyone have that problem? Also, it has taken a long time for the pasta to cook. Has anyone made this for a show? I have to make it for a show on Saturday...
  22. KateInTheKitchen

    Urgent Umm... Turtle Fudge Skillet Cake?!

    Sooo... did I mess up promising a turtle fudge skillet cake for a party tonight? I saw "family skillet" and thought "I have that!" but now I'm thinking... should it be done in nonstick? I have stainless steel. I had planned to test this over the weekend, but was so sick I couldn't. My husband...
  23. babywings76

    Creative Ideas for Chicken & Veggie Dish - No Mushrooms!

    I know we've discussed this in the past, but I can't find the thread... I want to make this but add chicken and veggies to it. What veggies do you think would work well? I hate mushrooms, so I need something different. Also, instead of wine, I'm wondering if I should try more chicken broth...
  24. NooraK

    Should I Just Buy a New 8-In Exec Skillet?

    I've been ignoring the flaking on my 8" Executive Skillet for a while, but it's getting to a point where I can't take it to a show. I'm trying to decide whether I should bother with the lifetime guarantee. The reason I'm debating is because there are some scratches in the center of the pan that...
  25. esavvymom

    How to Tell if It Is an Exec Skillet or Older?

    I know there is a way to be able to tell if a piece of cookware is from the Executive Line or not. I met a lady at a vendor event last weekend and she said there is a nickel/quarter size area of the non-stick coating coming off in her 12" skillet. She thought it looked like the Executive...
  26. C

    Using the 12" Exec Skillet: Do I Need the SS Skillet Too?

    I noticed in the new SBRC the 12" skillet is used in a couple of recipes. I already have the 12 Exec and an contemplating whether or not I actually "need" the SS skillet. Can you use the Exec instead with the med/high heat mentioned without any problem? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  27. meganmcg

    Grill Pan vs. 12" Skillet: Which Cooks Chicken Better?

    I know there have been lots of discussions regarding Grill Pan/12" Skillet - I just read thru most of them. I don't own a grill pan - yet. Thinking about it. But I LOVE my 12" skillet and that is where I cook my chicken. Does the Grill Pan make chicken any better than the skillet? And...
  28. kam

    Vegetable vs. Chicken Stock - Which is Best?

    I am making this tonight for a cluster meeting. It calls for Vegetable Stock - but I plan on using Chicken Stock instead. Is there anyone reason (besides the vegetarian issue) that I shouldn't use the Chicken stock? Thanks!!!
  29. C

    Is This Professional 12 Family Skillet the Perfect Addition to Your Kitchen?

    I have a gently used Professional 12" Family Skillet for sale. Retailed for over $100. Only asking $40 plus shipping. PayPal preferred Thanks! :D
  30. kdangel518

    Recipe Help Please- Italian Sausage Skillet?

    Hi friends- I need help with a recipe. MH and I recently moved and haven't unpacked my cookbooks yet- tonight I had a specific recipe in mind but can't remember it by heart. It's in the original Weekday Dinners Done! Card set- it's a skillet made with Italian sausage, pasta, and peppers... I...