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    Molten Chocolate Skillet Brownie

    Hi Everyone! Last night I made the Molten Chocolate Skillet Brownie in the 10 inch professional skillet. It really didn't turn out well- I pulled it out after the recommended cooking time, it wasn't done, then I pulled it out later after I thought it was done (hard to tell since it's...
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    Turtle fudge skillet, mandarin pasta salad

    Hello, I need someone who can post these 2 recipes. I have my 3rd show this weekend, and the host wants me to email her the ingredients of these 2 recipes. Thank you in advance A Consultant in detress!!!!!!!
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    Stirfry vs. family skillet for cakes?

    I do not have the family skillet, but I do have the stir fry skillet, can I still use it for things like the molten brownie, etc? The shape I guess would be different, but is that a problem? :confused: Thanks, Leesa
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    Skillet cake recipes

    I need some good skillet cake recipes. I don't have any of the cookbooks yet, I'm in my SS1. I've heard of the Turtle fudge skillet cake?