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What is tell: Definition and 117 Discussions

  1. darlinclem

    Tell Me About the New Roaster and Glass Lid

    For those who went to Fall Launch, tell me about the new Roaster. Weight? Size? I know the lid is glass but what is the base? Is the lid microwave safe? What do you think of it?
  2. P

    Director Please Don't Tell Me Today Is Going to Be the Day...

    the system is still not updated... seriously...I need to know what is going on so I can try to get my downline director qualified this month... means about $500 more in my paycheck!!!
  3. EmilyStraw

    Join Pampered Chef as a Mother-Daughter Team: Affordable and Flexible Options

    I have two women (mother and daughter) who want to join Pampered Chef. They don't live together any more (daughter is grown and married), but the daughter is really hesitant to join because of the upfront cost. I know all of the ways we can make it cheaper, but they were wondering if together...
  4. esavvymom

    How to Tell if It Is an Exec Skillet or Older?

    I know there is a way to be able to tell if a piece of cookware is from the Executive Line or not. I met a lady at a vendor event last weekend and she said there is a nickel/quarter size area of the non-stick coating coming off in her 12" skillet. She thought it looked like the Executive...
  5. esavvymom

    How to Tell My Host to Use Fb for Her Show? (I'm Not on Fb)

    Ok. I'm one of those who does NOT have a FB account.But my SIL is having a show for me next Friday. It's a "book in close" sort of thing. She does have a FB account- so I want to be able to advise her how best to utilize FB to let her friends know and/or place an order or direct them to my...
  6. J

    Vent -- Newsletter -- Now You Tell Me.

    I have had a rash of customers who have clicked on the "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of my e-Newsletter sent from Customer Connection and who have e-mailed me that they are still getting mailings from me (thru Customer Connection). I manually go to P3 and removed them, went into my e-mail and...
  7. lt1jane

    Helping Your Host Choose a Recipe for Your Upcoming Party

    I have a party on Tuesday that I still don't have a recipe for. I will take some blame for not doing a good job host coaching. In all of my host packets, I have a letter asking them to decide if they want an appetizer, a main dish, or a dessert so I can get recipe suggestions to them...
  8. wadesgirl

    Personal Surprise! My Brother is Getting Married - How I Found Out

    My little brother is getting married!!! Guess how I found out?! The invitation came in the mail today!! Never thought they would, she swore she wouldn't ever get married. I always felt bad for him because we knew how much he wanted to marry her. DH thought it was a birthday card from them...
  9. L

    NC National Conference Registration, Dates, and Info | Plan for July 7-9

    I am really hoping to go to National Conference this year (despite having a newborn at home and I'll be pumping the entire 3 days) BUT anyway... so I'd like to start saving now... how much is registration usually? The dates are July 7, 8, 9- do you think July 7 will start early like we would...
  10. wadesgirl

    Can Someone Tell Me Direct Shipping for This Order?

    I'm at work so I cannot look it up, just need to know the direct shipping cost of these items: I would like 1 jar of Korintje Cinnamon # 9712 > 1 jar of Cinnamon Plus #9723 > 1 Pizza crust mix #9720 > 2 jars of cinnamon...
  11. P

    Personal Does Anyone Know Enough About Mk to Tell Me if This Would Work?

    A friend died of cancer almost two weeks ago, leaving behind his wonderful wife and 8 kids - 6 of whom are under 18 (the youngest is 5). Since Jeff had been battling cancer for at least a couple of years, I'm sure he and Cheryl made plans and provisions for her financial future, but they were...
  12. M

    I'm a Total Newbie, Tell Me About I-Contact and Tasty Tidbits

    If there is a sticky or a thread that explains the two, please point me in the right direction. I'm sorry, I'm a new and eager consultant who is starting to become overwhelmed with the wealth of information from this site...I'm so grateful! Tonight as I was browsing this forum I learned of...
  13. P

    Tell Everyone You Are a Pampered Chef Consultant!

    Business really is everywhere! My DSL went out last night so this morning I called Technical Support to see about getting it replaced....I was really dreading it too, b/c I though I would get transferred out of the country....well, nope - the technical support was in Louisville, KY. During...
  14. esavvymom

    Updated P3 Version for New Credit Card Auth- How to Tell?

    Ok. I got the email from PC saying to make sure you have the most current version of P3 by Sept 30th for the Credit Card Authorization thing. But my question is, doesn't it automatically do updates whenever I open it?? I really don't want to run a Manual Update (since they don't bother to...
  15. PampChefJoy

    Tell Me What You Are Looking for in a Team Newsletter

    I'm looking to develop cluster newsletters and want to make it useful. Can you tell me what you would need in: 1 - a monthly recognition newsletter 2 - a weekly motivational newsletter 3 - any other format? Feel free to be specific... Obviously, a generic newsletter won't be able to...
  16. P

    How Do Tell What Level We Will Hit in Sat

    Does anyone know how we figure our SAT totals to see where we will fall? I am very close to second level. I will be submitting tonite and want to know how I figure the total amount. Is it by guest sales or commisionable sales. I may have to spend $5 myself to hit second level. Worth it but I...
  17. baychef

    How Can I Overcome My Lack of Motivation and Recruit More Effectively?

    I think I am in need for deep therapy (and I am not talking about a massage although that would be VERY useful!) Why do I take every no, every no that I think is coming, every "unsubscribe" to my newsletter...and become personally wounded!!:mad: (the mad is at myself!!) I am at a privital...
  18. L

    I Have to Tell You I Kinda Like This Last Month That the Dcb's Are

    I have to tell you I kinda like this last month that the DCB's are available to customers. I had a show last week and already have two on it, and one more customer contemplating it.... I have never sold one at full price until now.
  19. P

    Can I Tell You How Much I Love My Business??!!!

    Got home from Disney yesterday afternoon.. by the way, my first PC trip and I will never miss another one!!!... and got on the phone and booked 4 shows while the rest of the family napped. I will NOT miss Maui!!!
  20. RMDave

    Tell Your Host Not to Invite This Guest!

    DS and the party guest from Hell.http://www.hulu.com/watch/147976/saturday-night-live-debbie-downer
  21. M

    Tell Me How Cheesy This Would Be?

    I was thinking at my may shows I would ask for donations to help me go to NC. I really want to go so I am going to work my booty off this month and all commisons from MAy are going to NC and June also if needed. We just can't afford to take it out of the budget money right now... but how bad do...
  22. DebinIA

    Tell Me What You Know About the Megabus. They Are Offering $1 Rates

    Tell me what you know about the Megabus. They are offering $1 rates from my home town to Chicago...talk about a cheap way to attend Conference!! Has anyone used them from a different city to Chicago? How was the experience? Thanks! D
  23. chefkathy

    Why Did You Tell Me to Call You This Evening...

    ...if you weren't going to answer the damn phone!!!?!?!?!?! When hosts, potential hosts, leads, etc, email me, I email them back and ask to basically set up a phone appointment so we can talk instead of emailing back and forth. I called A tonight--for the SECOND time at her request at...
  24. J

    Well, I Always Tell Guests at My Show That These Little Things Are

    Well, I always tell guests at my show that these little things are great for breastfeeding moms to close breast milk bags....oh my one of my friends took me a little to serious when I said there were so many uses for a new mom. She went into labor at home and delivered before the ambulance...
  25. Meigs

    Spring Launch Flyer Please Tell Me What You Think!

    Hi Everyone, I am planning a Spring Launch on Mar 6th. I have made a flyer and attaching it to all of my left over Fall/Winter Catalogues. I am going door to door around my area and then see what happens. I am not going to expect to much, but I figured getting the old catalogues out as...
  26. T

    Can You Tell Me About This Idea?

    I have a show on Friday, the 29th. To see if I can squeeze one more show in January, I was thinking of somehow offer a Free Cooking Show for Sunday, the 31st. Host wil have one day to call her friends and invite them over, I'll provide the ingredients for the recipe... How should I try this...
  27. P

    Where Can I Find a Template for Telling My Story?

    Help! I can't find my template for telling your story - does anyone have one?
  28. esavvymom

    Things a Burglar Won't Tell You

    From http://www.rd.com/your-america-inspiring-people-and-stories/13-things-a-burglar-wont-tell-you/article156709.html 1. Of course I look familiar. I was here just last week cleaning your carpets, painting your shutters, or delivering your new refrigerator. 2. Hey, thanks for letting me...
  29. AJPratt

    How Do I Nicely Tell My Friend "Invite More People!"?

    My friend has been great, hosting shows for me. I do appreciate it, but she never invites more than 15 people, so only 5 show up and orders usually total $200-$300 and I never get any bookings. Any advice?
  30. raebates

    Humor Marriage Advice--Never Tell Your Wife . . .

    I shared this advice on FB, and thought it would be a good idea to share it here, too. Men, never tell your wife that any part of her body resembles a sharpei puppy. Seriously. No matter how cute you think sharpei puppies are, it's not a compliment. Here's the Whole Story (Warning...