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What is lost: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. Shelbi

    Needing Help/ Advice. I Am so Lost.

    Hey, So sorry if this comes off whiney or anything. I have been a consultant since early Sept 2013, however, I have only help a handful of actual shows. I seem to be having an extremely hard time getting bookings and I have been trying everything. Offering free shows, ill buy all the...
  2. K

    Searching for Lost Light Purple Simple Additions Bowl

    I am looking for the light purple Simple addtions small square bowl. It matches the tiles square retangle platter, and other related items. The bowls came in egglplant( dark purple) cranberry, and green. I used to have them all. I took my light purple one to church, and forgot to take it...
  3. Bren706

    Weekend Laughs: Uncovering a Lost Order

    I just have to share my laugh for the weekend. I received an email from my Nov 30th host telling me that one of the guests did not receive her order yet. Looking at PP3, I had no order history for this guest, only the information from her DPDS. After looking through my paperwork, I did find...
  4. N

    Lost Knife Cover: Can It Be Replaced?

    I had a ex-host contact me because she moved and lost the cover to her color coated paring knife. Can this be replaced??
  5. M

    Help, I Completely Lost My Voice

    I submitted a show last night and have one declined credit card. During the night, I COMPLETELY lost my voice :yuck: so I can't call the customer. I sent her an email last night but she won't be able to hear me if she calls me back. Any suggestions on how best to deal with this so the show...
  6. M

    Director Lost Order for Host and Lost Commission for Me...

    My host's sister placed an order on tuesday using my link i gave her for the new web site. She said she clicked on my name and found her sisters name. She entered a 50 order.... Well, the order never showed up on my website, i asked her for her order confirmation and it showed the...
  7. wadesgirl

    Lost Checks: What to Do When the Unthinkable Happens?

    On Wednesday night, before leaving for Denver, I met up with a past host to get some checks for a few orders that she collected. I submitted the party that night (shipping to me) with intentions of depositing the checks when I got back. Here I am tonight and I cannot find the checks any...
  8. C

    Mastering Booking Calls: Tips for Overcoming Awkwardness with Friends

    I'm in an awckward postion and need everyone's advice. After 6 years in the business I need to learn how to make booking calls. What do I say to my friends that all know that I sell P.C. The awkward part is that I've never called any of them before to ask for a booking. Thanks
  9. babywings76

    Lost My DCB Cookbook: Need Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

    For some reason I can't find my Dinner in Your DCB cookbook. :( I sure hope I didn't lose it at a host's house. Anyway, I really wanted to make the Chicken Pot Pie recipe. Would someone be willing to type it up for me? :D :chef:
  10. Intrepid_Chef

    ifMy Recruiter Lost Her Career Sales, Has She Lost Me?

    My recruiter is the sweetest person in the world. We are friends and always rejoice in one another's successes. She had a great winter and always has a great fall and summer usually rocks for her. But this year, she's had a number of hang-ups, most stemming from a high-risk pregnancy that is...
  11. pampered1224

    Lost It All but Hey, That May Not Stop Me!

    For those of you who have had a rough go of it, I am in my 11th year as a PC Consultant. And I had no parties in June or July. Just could not get it together enough what with the new job and weird, ever changing schedule. It has NOT been the same days or times each week so I could not schedule...
  12. D

    Director New Web - Lost Another Order . . .

    Shoot, I lost another order b/c of the new web for a Relay for Life Fundraiser :( : Hi Sandi- Yeah, the website was too much trouble so I ordered with another RFL fundraiser. Sorry for the confusion. I didn't know my order went through. Please cancel it. Liz ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sandi
  13. Sheila

    Family Dog Lost in Tornado 4/3/12

    Sorry, I'm using Chef Success to try & make my missing dog's microchip number searchable on Google! She ran away during the tornado on 4/3/12 & we still have not been able to locate her. The microchip was done in Japan & is registered there. I did a free online registration with the stateside...
  14. MHouting

    Help! 1St Bridal Shower Ever!! Feeling Lost!

    I've been to some bridal showers (over 10 years ago) but no PC ones. I've been with PC for just 3 yrs now and have scheduled my VERY 1ST EVER shower! Brides Aunt is throwing (something I've never done either) and plan on meeting with her on Sunday (yes, in 5 days) but the shower itself isn't...
  15. C

    Recruiting a Long Lost Recruit: Questions Answered

    I called my long lost recruit after I got home from SL last week and she finally called me back last night and she still wants to remain active. So, I have a question. She signed the end of August, but her first sales were for September ($106.17). In reading the policy, she will not go...
  16. K

    Grieving a Lost Opportunity - Moving On to Cabo!

    :cry: I was so pshyched and pumped to earn Nashville, and I just found out last night that I won't be able to go... :cry::cry::cry: My husband's best friend just booked his wedding date for that weekend. I know I can and will still earn one of the other trips, but I'm just really bummed at...
  17. babywings76

    Lost the Little Silicone Protective Foot Covers to the Plate Caddy

    I'm afraid the little bag that had the silicone protective feet to the appetizer plate caddy might have been tossed among all the Christmas wrapping and stuff. I actually also found one of the plates slightly too large to fit the stand and called HO to see about getting a new plate. Luckily...
  18. T

    Prayers for Friend Who Just Lost Twins..

    HI. I left the hospital at 5am this morning after staying with a dear friend went into preterm labor w/her twins. She had a hard time until the 3rd epidural - and did a great job on delivery. It was just too early - the girls were 19 weeks. Please pray for her, her husband and families. This was...
  19. dannyzmom

    Director Searching for Lost Join Us Brochure Labels and Guide

    I can't recall if it was here or on CS that someone posted a set of labels she uses on her Join Us brochure as well as a guide as to where to put those labels....I printed it all and i *thought* I save it to my hard drive but can't find the files now...anyone have it or know what I am talking about?
  20. E

    I Recently Lost All of My Pampered Chef Items in a House Fire, and

    I recently lost all of my Pampered Chef items in a house fire, and didn't realize until now just how spoiled we are with our cookware. I'm wondering if anyone has a StockPot that they are willing to part with at a reasonable price. I'm hoping to be able to put together enough in August for it at...
  21. P

    Recover Lost Customer Info After Laptop Crash | Tips & Tricks - TiA

    My laptop crashed and has all my files from 3 years of my shows on it..Is there a way I can re-gain this information..I really need some of the customer contact information, that I no longer have paper trails of any longer. TiA
  22. quiverfull7

    Director Lost File with Girl Scouts Show Ideas: Need Help Finding!

    Does anyone have notes/ideas for a Girl Scouts Show where they can earn their badges? TIA :)Ok... I found the file with the Smores cups and recipes that use the mini muffin pan and that plan is perfect... I'm thinking that there was someone who posted the details of it... maybe a flyer or an...
  23. California Girl

    What Should I Do If I Lost a Customer's Check?

    I can't belive I lost a customers check!!!:blushing: I have been looking all morning for that sucker! I have a feeling that my son took it and ripped it up!! {he likes to come to my computer and get paper} How do I go about this? Should I call her, email her? HELP:eek:
  24. Dina Atnip

    Lost Recipe: Help Me Find It! (TIA)

    Looking for this recipe unable to find it anyone have it? TIA:D
  25. M

    for aBachelor Who Lost Everything...

    My husband's friend recently had a fire. We are having a fundraiser for him. We are doing an online show, and I am donating my commission to him. I also plan to donate the free product value to him as well. His friend lives far away, and is not computer savvy. I was hoping to surprise him...
  26. B

    Recover Lost Career Sales: Understanding Inactivity Policies and Exceptions

    I just noticed that I lost my career sales? I thought that if you were inactive for 2 months in a row, you lost them? I wasn't inactive in January, but was last month because of illness. The last time I was inactive was November of last year. I can't seem to find anything in the P&P manual...
  27. kcmckay

    soI've Probably Lost a March Show......

    But it's ok because it means I'll be giving it up to my new recruit!!!!! Yay. I've been after this girl since her show. She WILL be phenomenal!! I just know. She host coached herself and kept me on track for her show!! When we talked after her show she was toying with idea but didn't think...
  28. colegrovet

    Lost Package Saga: Hostess from Last Week's Party

    Hostess from last weeks party I closed got 4 of 5 boxes that were shipped.. Seems the 5th box is stuck somewhere between chicago and Nashville.. and of course that's the box with the packing slips and bags..
  29. P

    Completely Lost on Fundraiser Suggestion

    I'm a member of our local Lions Club organization. We only have 18 members right now so its really small. One of our members had breast cancer 2 years ago so last year she did a basket auction to raise money for American Cancer Society. I was talking to her about doing a Pampered Chef HWC...
  30. P

    I Finally Earned My 2% Raise With $15,000!I Lost My Career Sales

    I finally earned my 2% raise with $15,000! I lost my career sales last year :cry: so I got to start all over. :yuck: Just had to toot my own horn. :D