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What is commission: Definition and 184 Discussions

  1. M

    Can I Earn Commission on Outlet Orders Placed Through Consultant's Corner?

    So I've been an inactive consultant for a few years now and I have an old customer who contacted me about placing an outlet order. I don't have a website anymore since I haven't been actively working my business and I found on Consultant's Corner where I can place an outlet order but I'm...
  2. babywings76

    Missing Deductions and Charges on Commission Statements?

    Is insurance supposed to be $3 a month? When I look up my commission checks, I don't see a statement for every month (I was inactive one month) and a couple months don't have the deduction for the insurance on it. So I'm just wondering if I'm overlooking something and I did have it taken out...
  3. T

    December Commission: Payment Date for 22nd Falls on Christmas Weekend?

    The 22nd falls on a Saturday and Monday is Christmas Eve. That being said, any idea when we would get paid? Would it not be until Wednesday, the 26th?
  4. M

    Director Lost Order for Host and Lost Commission for Me...

    My host's sister placed an order on tuesday using my link i gave her for the new web site. She said she clicked on my name and found her sisters name. She entered a 50 order.... Well, the order never showed up on my website, i asked her for her order confirmation and it showed the...
  5. Kjurich

    Commission Pay Dates: Where to Find a Calendar

    OK is there a Calendar somewhere on CC that maps out when comission pays are. Cause I don't always you my consultant planner and would love to just see a list or something. . . Is it always the same dates? Funny how I have been doing this a while and never really paid much attention to it...
  6. S

    Director Check Your Commission Statements!

    I have been charged for errors on the new web! Apparently the host specials were not calculating correctly on the new web (the amount it said the products cost was not the correct amount) so PC decided to charge ME! I am waiting for a call back to continue disputing this (my phone decided to...
  7. ChefPeg

    Find Your Pampered Chef® Commission Rate Now!

    I know I've seen the commission rate somewhere, but can't find it now. Where do you find the answer to this question that's on the show planners? I’d love to help you start your own Pampered Chef® business. As a Consultant, you would’ve earned $ ______________ in commission from your...
  8. pampchefrhondab

    Unpaid Commission Woes? Get Answers from Consultants Connection

    My commission statement isn't ready yet, but my bank deposit is way short! I know my show made the cutoff date and the commission is showing in Consultants Connecction. I really hope I don't have to call HO about this today! I need this like a hole in the head!!
  9. P

    Hwc Fundraiser~ Do We Get a Commission on Sales?

    I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to this. Myself and a fellow PC Consultant friend of mine wanted to do a regular Fundraiser for a friend of ours that is going through breast cancer. My Consultant friend opened up a regular Fundraiser. She was going to donate her commission and to our...
  10. C

    No Commission Check Yet: Has Anyone Else Been Paid?

    I just checked my account and still haven't gotten my commission check deposited. I know it can be different based on your bank, but I usually get paid on a Saturday when the payday lands on the weekend so I was surprised that it wasn't there over the weekend. Has anyone else been paid?
  11. F

    Back Door Commission Statements Are up

    Check your July month-end statement on-line: https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/my_business/mycommission/mycomm.tpc?month=07&year=2011&type=E Remember it isn't deposited yet
  12. MHouting

    Host Pan Combos - No Commission

    How frustrating! I know its not that often a host chooses a pan combo set but, I just had 2 shows in a row where my hosts forked out $400+ and I don't get commission off them! SERIOUSLY?! ..... Not even off the $amount spent?! Grrr..... :yuck:
  13. kreaser

    Quick Question: Does Outlet Order Count for Commission?

    quick question and I know I should know this! If I am ordering under consultant corner (managing my business) and placing an outlet order under a customer name do we make commission on this? for some reason I thought when I placed orders like this before it counted towards commissionable sales...
  14. Sheila

    Director theBack Door to April Eom Commission Statements Is Up!

  15. Y

    Making Great Commission & Appreciating Company Incentives

    Very thankful for all the wonderful incentives this company offers us along with making great commission while doing something I absolutely love. I'm only wishing that after having a pretty good month in March, that I'd get PC dollars instead of conference registration as I'm unable to attend...
  16. Sheila

    Director January Eom Commission Statements Are Up!

    Here's the back door: https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/my_business/mycommission/mycomm.tpc?month=01&year=2011&type=E
  17. P

    When will I receive my commission check for December shows?

    I can't seem to find any information on what I'm needing to know. I just joined at the end of November. I submitted two big shows in December, both before the 15th. I do not have direct deposit, I haven't gotten it set up because of things that have been going on with my bank. How do I get...
  18. L

    Question About Monthly Commission Statements

    Can anyone decipher this? November 2010 Earnings 345.72 Adjustments: -192.36 Total November 2010 Payment 153.36 I'm trying to figure out what I will get paid tomorrow? From what I can read, this says I should still be getting $153.36, but what I was able to determine it was about...
  19. Sheila

    Director Nov Eom Commission Statements Are up

    The backdoor is open, but there's a glitch & it's showing all my sales twice! LOL Wouldn't it be nice if they decided to double pay us this month as a Holiday Gift! Bwahaha https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/my_business/mycommission/mycomm.tpc?month=11&year=2010&type=E
  20. M

    Sooo Confused. Commission Vs. Incentives

    Okay so I was looking at my business summary on Consultant Connection. In my total sales, it includes my October 30th show that was submitted in November. So, it's counting towards my November sales for commission, but will it also count for the SAT as well??
  21. NooraK

    October Month-End Commission Statements

    For your viewing pleasure... https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/my_business/mycommission/mycomm.tpc?month=10&year=2010&type=E
  22. J

    When Does Pampered Chef Normally Post Our Commission Statements?

    According to CC my commissions should be $198 and change and they only deposited $153 into my account... so I'm thinking something is wrong or they are taking something out of my commissions I'm not aware of. I tried looking it up online but only August Mid-Month is up...
  23. P

    Commission on Half Price Combos?

    I have 2 hosts who ordered the HP11 for $355. Do we get commission on this? It is not increasing my commisionable sales on P3. I will be really disappointed if the answer is no. Holiday weekend means HO is closed so I cannot call them.
  24. M

    Earning Commission on Discounted Items: FAQs

    Do I get commission on my host's 50% off items? or any of their items? Thanks!
  25. F

    Did I earn commission on items purchased from my bridal registry?

    I would look this information up on the website, but I am at work and cannot get in to it. Anyway, I had a bridal registry and received commission on each individual order as it was placed. The bride finalized her registry a week ago, ordering the entire set of pans and many more items and it...
  26. NooraK

    July Month-End Commission Statements

    For those of you who don't want to wait over the weekend: https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/my_business/mycommission/mycomm.tpc?month=07&year=2010&type=E
  27. R

    How Much Can You Make Selling? Commission Chart?

    Does anyone have a chart listing how much a person can make at different levels? I know it would depend on how much you personally sell.
  28. JackieB999

    Grand Opening Sales & Commission

    Hi Everyone... I'm new and I have a question. If I host my own show will I receive the sales credit as a host and also receive commission on my own order? If not, should I put the host as someone else to receive these benefits? I'd like to add to my kit while I have the additional discount...
  29. NooraK

    How Exciting Are the June EOM Commission Statements for New Directors?

    https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/my_business/mycommission/mycomm.tpc?month=06&year=2010&type=E Please enjoy looking at the fruits of your hard labor in June!
  30. NooraK

    Did I Miss My May Eom Commission Statements?

    I know I'm running a bit late on this... https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/my_business/mycommission/mycomm.tpc?month=05&year=2010&type=E I'm sure Becky & Christina will appreciate seeing their "Paid As" :D