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What is monthly: Definition and 103 Discussions

  1. A

    Monthly Host Special Used Twice?

    So I screwed up on my first party order. The host gave me her wishlist and I thought I had put everything in but I missed one item. This was a host that really could care less about the product, she only had a party to help me out. She received the double benefits for January but chose not to...
  2. dannyzmom

    Where Did Those Monthly Flyers Go?

    Have they been posted? Somehow I never find the monthly flyers when they're first posted...someone always has to direct me to them like a 2yr old. Sorry for being high maintenance.
  3. DebPC

    Need a Little Help Remembering Your Monthly Breast Exam?

    It's funny! Rethink Breast Cancer presents: Your Man Reminder - YouTube
  4. DebPC

    Canadian Monthly Specials: Compare to U.S. Deals!

    Do you have the same monthly specials as we do in the U.S? Or are your's different?
  5. P

    Can I Opt Out of Monthly Consultant Promotions?

    OK, I hope I am not opening a can of worms here but.... There are times I do not want the consultant promotion....not all the time; just some times. I wish we had the option of "opting out" or given PC dollars instead. I have promo items just sitting in a closet yet I paid for them on my...
  6. M

    Is Your Liability Insurance Increasing Next Month?

    If you didn't notice, there was a blurb in the weekly PC News Wire our Demonstrator Liability Insurance is going up March 1st from $2.00 a month to $3.00
  7. P

    Troubleshooting Monthly Sales in P3: Potential Solutions and Tips

    My current month sales are not showing in P3. Anyone else having this problem?
  8. L

    Monthly Dinner Club Success - Want to Join in on the Fun?

    Just wanted to update after the first dinner club meeting. I had asked for advise/suggestions in the summer. I did get 12/13 people to sign up and they have all picked a month. I held it last night and didn't have to hound much as far as those unable to attend to give me their order. with 12...
  9. L

    Monthly Dinner Parties at Consultant Home

    Ive been asked by a few of my customers to start a monthly dinner party. the idea is each month you feature a product, charge a flat rate and each month a different attendee gets the host benefits. Does anyone already do this? if so is it successful? any tips you can give me? thanks in advance
  10. P

    Monthly Host/Guest Specials - Flyers?

    Is Home Office no longer including the monthly host/guest flyers in the CN? The last 'pretty' flyer I had was for the May specials. Did I miss something?
  11. lindy0116

    Purchasing Monthly Host Specials

    Is there opportunity to buy an upcoming host special at discount before the given month? I know the Supply Form will have certain featured products but is there a way for example to get something like the Trifle bowl at discount to entice people at shows? Thanks.
  12. vanscootin

    Monthly Newsletter Troubles: What to Do?

    I design and send my own monthly newsletter, which I enjoyed doing until recently. The past 2 months I haven't been able to send them. They keep coming back to me saying that I am sending spam and have exceeded my hourly allowance... I have less 150 contacts that I send it to and I'm a little...
  13. L

    Question About Monthly Commission Statements

    Can anyone decipher this? November 2010 Earnings 345.72 Adjustments: -192.36 Total November 2010 Payment 153.36 I'm trying to figure out what I will get paid tomorrow? From what I can read, this says I should still be getting $153.36, but what I was able to determine it was about...
  14. lisa717

    Can Chairperson Get Fundraiser Show's Monthly Special?

    This may be a stupid question..but alas...if there is a booking off of a fundraiser show...when that show comes along....can the chairperson get the monthly special or no?
  15. PampChefJoy

    Is a Monthly Printable Newsletter Right for You?

    1 page printable newsletter
  16. Citchen Couture

    Unlock Your Free Monthly Item with Catalog Show Orders | Good Morning!

    Good Morning! I have what I hope is an easy question. I have several friends who are placing online orders through a catalog show. A few have e-mailed me to ask how they received their "free" corn companion? They are telling me there is no mention of the free item when ordering through my...
  17. emiscookin

    Creating a Monthly Newsletter: Tips and Tricks for Engaging Your Audience

    Ok, My Director (and another lady who is an Advanced Director in GA where we used to live) send out these beautiful, full color newsletter emails about the month and all the specials going on. They even include recipes at the bottom and the business opportunity and things like that. HOW IN THE...
  18. S

    Help!! I Need to Make a Recipe at My Monthly Pampered Chef Meeting.

    I am looking for something easy, pretty much cooking already done, just assemble... I have no idea, problably a summer recipe. I am so new to PC that I am so nervous to do a recipe in front of my peers!! Please Help...:(
  19. chefann

    forMac Users: Modifying Monthly Flyers From Ho

    Mac users, here are instructions to update PDFs without needing a full copy of Acrobat.You can use this technique to add your info to specials or to outside order forms. Then you can email them to hosts and know that your info will be there when they print them. Yay!First open the PDF in...
  20. esavvymom

    Expenses Question for Monthly Recurring Items

    I was wondering- how do I enter my recurring monthly expenses - specifically thinking about my iContact billing? Do I need to enter it monthly, or can I just total my monthly billings and enter one amount for the YEAR? Not sure if it's important, but we use TurboTax.
  21. E

    Monthly Email Newsletters: Info for Purchasing & Sending

    I've seen some people refer to monthly email newsletters you can buy to send out to your customers, does anybody have any information about that?
  22. J

    Director Help! How Do I Find My Monthly Sales for 2009?

    I just want to print out my monthly sales for 2009 month by month. We used to have the IPT, that's not all there (only Jan - Mar), and they just took off the point tracker for the Disney points, so I can't go there.....help! Why does it have to be so hard?? I just want a print out of my...
  23. lockhartkitchen

    Where Can I Find Monthly Training Topics for PC Cluster Meetings?

    Where do we find monthly training topics for cluster meetings? Are these accessible to only directors or can Team Leaders access as well? My director recently left PC. Another consultant and I (who have both been with PC more than 5 years) would like to lead our own cluster meeting. Most of...
  24. K

    Incentives for Monthly Top Peformers

    Hey all! I am wondering if anyone has any good ideas that they use or their directors have used to recognize top performers for the month. In 2009 I got the top performer a gift. That did get to be a little bit of a pain to always be searching for a gift. Any ideas...:confused:
  25. L

    Find Your Outlet Newsletter Here - Monthly Updates!

    Does anyone have a outlet newsletter they send to their customers? One showing all the items featured that month. I use to but the person I buy my monthly newsletters from no longer do and out email. Please help!!
  26. L

    Find a Monthly Outlet Newsletter: Get the Latest Deals Here!

    Does anyone have a outlet newsletter they send to their customers? One showing all the items featured that month. I use to but the person I buy my monthly newsletters from no longer do and out email. Please help!!
  27. Sheila

    My Monthly Battle: Working to Make the 'Sucker' Go Green

    Is it just me, or does anybody else hate to see that sucker zero out at the beginning of every month? I know it's a motivational thing to make us get off our butt and get busy, but I seriously HATE seeing it at ZERO!!! I work hard to get it to go green as fast as I can every month...
  28. esavvymom

    Past Host Now a Consultant- Get Monthly Host Special?

    My new recruit signed after hosting a show in June. Since she is a past host, can she still get the Monthly Host Specials as a past host? I'm assuming she can add herself as a guest to get it? Thanks!
  29. dannyzmom

    Director Erica's Monthly Team Recognition Template

    HELP!! I accidentally deleted the template Erica sent out last night and now I can't recover it.....can someone please email it to me at [email protected]?
  30. M

    New in Canada? Learn About Monthly Recruiting Bonuses

    hi I am new and in Canada just wondering if there is a recruiting bonus every month or if it was just a special in June? Thanks!