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What is training: Definition and 200 Discussions

  1. S

    How to Find Pampered Chef Meetings in Your Area?

    Hi everyone! I just joined pampered chef, and the girl I signed up under is actually from a different state. So we don't have any local groups of fellow pampered chef consultants to meet up with. How would I go about finding out about meetings in my area? I want to make sure I am adequately...
  2. esavvymom

    Direct Sales Training Webinars (Free)- August

    I wanted to pass along the info for an upcoming series of Interviews with 24 different people- from direct sales folks, to CEOs, etc. There can be LOTS of valuable business training and information in these. The show airs EVERY MONDAY - SATURDAY … Dates: Beginning August 4, 2014...
  3. B

    How Can You Incorporate the Color Purple into a Charity Cooking Show?

    Need some ideas please....I have a host that wants a cooking show but wants a theme with the color purple. She is raising money for leukemia and lymphoma society so since their color is purple she thought it would be fun. She is leaving all the ideas up to me so I can do whatever I wish...
  4. DebPC

    Director Favorite Training at Team Meetings?

    What do you think is your most successful type of training at your team meetings?
  5. DebPC

    When Is Everyone's Team Training This Month?

    Our meeting is 2/19.
  6. J

    Help Needed: Time Management Training for Busy People!

    Hey everyone! I have been searching for some sort if time management training and I haven't had much luck! I am HORRIBLE at managing my time and desperately need some help! Does anyone know of some online training or anything that I could try out??
  7. D

    Director Iso Training After New Consultant Training

    I meet with a couple team members once per week for extra training -- plus they say it keeps them motivated. We have done the Step Up program, listen to MP3s, re-taken the Online Training, read a book. Yesteday, they were asking if there was any training to do after the new consultant...
  8. Deb Bixler

    This Is Awesome and Free Training....

    Dana Wild will be interviewing me and 23 other of the world's top thought leaders about how to achieve the success you've always dreamed of having working from home. This is an awesome series that starts in August and runs through the end of the year! Register for Live and Replays...
  9. esavvymom

    Any tips for training a new consultant?

    Is there something you give New Consultants who join your team that gets them going - that allows them to work on it independently a bit, more than you holding their hand? I know the PC Kit has a great workbook, and I'll encourage that for sure, but wondering if you give something a bit more...
  10. K

    Training New Consultants: Pros & Cons

    Who does them and who does not? I am debating on stopping them as I do not feel they really benefit the new consultant... what do you do? How do you train them? :)
  11. 1PamperedMommy

    Training a Brand New Consultant

    I've found myself in a strange predicament...I have just recruited my first team member (and therefore I am training my first team member). Which is awesome! However, the problem is this...I have to train her on a system I can't access. How can I teach her how to use the "new" Pampered Chef...
  12. esavvymom

    New Web- "Online Training Center" Audios?

    I am not on the New Web yet, but wanted to try to direct a consultant who will be working a Vendor event, to one of the past audio resources that is on the Online Training Center (Booths Build Business). She is a detail-person and wants to know all of the details. I thought maybe if she...
  13. M

    Director Ready to Step Up Your Business? Need Advice on SUYB Training?

    I've decided to offer the SUYB training to my group and am wondering if I can get some advise from those who have done the training before. Years ago I did the training with my director and we met Saturday mornings. With todays' busy schedule i'm trying to see what works best: 1. Meeting...
  14. NooraK

    Discover Training Now Available at Pampered Chef Newswire

    PC Newswire says there is a training available, and sure enough, it is there!https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/new_site.jspLook for the blue box on the left that says "Take a peek now!"
  15. B

    Are you ready for our new online courses?

    Am I missing something? :confused: I haven't seen anything regarding the new website and app training aside from what I read on CC: 2. Online courses We'll be rolling out quick and fun courses throughout February. Manage Shows - Quick & Simple! Order Entry ... Easy! Personal Web Site...
  16. N

    Director Team Training with Three Hospitality Consultants

    doing my team training tonight on theme meetings and sure enough the only ones coming are three hospitality consultants.... Sigh.......
  17. Deb Bixler

    What Kind of Recruiting Training Would You Be Interested In?

    We are wondering what you look for in recruiting training. Can you help us out with this quick 3 questionnaire: http://bit.ly/wWUwz4
  18. pckelly

    Director AILY CHALLENGE: Boost Your January Sales with Our 10 Day Challenge

    Here is the training I promised you all last week. Basically, it's a series of 10 emails or FB posts to your group, sent beginning 12/26 and ending 1/4. The email encourages them to complete a challenge, make a recipe and provides a bit of motivation. I have done this for the last 3 years...
  19. S

    Training a New Recruit: Tips & Tricks

    I have my first new recruit and my director is out for the rest of the year. I know what I am talking about for the most part, but how do I explain everything to her and train her correctly???
  20. NooraK

    Discover the Best PC Training Videos on YouTube | DFWPamperedChef's Channel

    I found an entire channel of PC training videos on YouTube. I didn't think this was allowed, but it's a lot of great info: DFWPamperedChef's Channel - YouTube The knife one had some great skills tips: PAMPERED CHEF Knives - Forged Cutlery - YouTube
  21. S

    Bookings Conference Training - 'Blue Sheet'

    In one of the conference training bookings classes (from this year) that is now online in the training center, they mention a 'blue sheet' that was handed out. i think that the sheet has a first set of instructions for the host, including some wording for her to use to text/email to her guests...
  22. P

    Director Training Lots of New Consultants at Once

    I'm planning to add 12 to my personal team this month....how on earth do you all train lots of people at once? I was thinking conference calls but I like the one-on-one time with each person so I can get to know them....and I feel like someone might be less inclined to ask questions if they feel...
  23. esavvymom

    National Conference Workshops- Online Training Center

    The Conference workshops from 2011 are now on the Online Training Center, under "Resources". There are 9 total (one of them has two? Not sure if it's two PARTS or two speakers...so it could be 10 total). They do not list who the speakers are though. Meet You at the Top! Promotion...
  24. esavvymom

    Great Free Training for Direct Sellers- 24 Speakers

    I don't know if you've seen these or not. If you are on any e-newsletter for the various DS trainers, you have, but I know not everyone is. I've listened to a most of the trainings so far, and its good stuff!Free Tele-seminar Series: 24 Speakers & 24 Free Training Audios From Tammy...
  25. cookingwithlove

    Ad Training in Philly: Carpooling Options from Allentown | Join Now!

    Anybody going? I am trying to figure out how to get there from the Allentown area. I would love to car pool with someone and I am flexible and can meet you along your route to philly.
  26. cookingwithlove

    Director Join the Ad Training in Philly: Carpooling Options from Allentown Area

    Anybody going? I am trying to figure out how to get there from the Allentown area. I would love to car pool with someone and I am flexible and can meet you along your route to philly.
  27. esavvymom

    Is Susie Nelson's Free Training Worth Signing Up For?

    Just want to let you know that I've been following Susie Nelson's training - and I think you'll enjoy it and learn a lot from it, too. Susie built one of the top organizations in her company, and what's most impressive - and why I think she's a person to listen to - is she built her...
  28. esavvymom

    New Training Course on Cc - Boost Your Bookings

    There is a new Online Training Course video/training: "Boost Your Bookings". I just finished it, and it's quite good! Some good resources, and great word choices. I especially liked a calendar they give with word choices for various Season/Events (New Years, Valentines, Sports season...
  29. P

    Director Top 10 Spring Sellers: Training & Recipes

    Can you share your top 10 sellers for the Spring Season and what recipes you are doing? I am going to do a training on this at my meeting and want so additional info other than just my stats. TIA
  30. B

    Celebrating My 2nd Recruit: Grateful for Director Express Training

    I have my 2nd recruit! WOO HOO! I'm SO excited and thankful for my Director Express training!