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GREAT Free Training for Direct Sellers- 24 speakers


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Sep 8, 2008
I don't know if you've seen these or not. If you are on any e-newsletter for the various DS trainers, you have, but I know not everyone is. I've listened to a most of the trainings so far, and its good stuff!

Free Tele-seminar Series: 24 Speakers & 24 Free Training Audios

From Tammy Stanley's newsletter (she is one of the presenters)
(Register Today!) This tele-seminar series lead by Dana Wilde of The Mind Aware allows you to hear from 24 experts - some who are direct selling experts and some who have expertise in other industries that could give you some new insights into improving your direct sales business.

I am presenting on September 15 and I don't want you to miss that - I'll be sharing how to leave messages that create value and get customers to call you back. Register NOW while it's fresh on your mind!

So far, I've heard Belinda Ellsworth, downloaded Karen Phelps, and listening to Teresa Garrison (Great RECRUITING advice!). Today was Deb Bixler (who is on ChefSuccess). (i'll be downloading that one later).

The past calls are still available: (they say for just 48-hrs, but the first one is still online....but I don't know how long).

Belinda Ellsworth
Karen Phelps
Teresa Garrison
Deb Bixler

Sue Rusch
Julie Anne Jones
Karen Clark (Focused on Social Media marketing, etc...)
Becky Spieth

*Be sure to click on their "Special Offer" button too (not while listening to the call, because it will stop your call recording), but if you scroll to the bottom of their "Special Offer" page, they all have a Free Thank You gift that you just have to send your email /name for to receive (scripts, additional MP3 recordings, etc).

Upcoming Schedule: (Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3pm Eastern, for about 1 hr)

Small Steps for BIG Results - Calendar

9/6/2011 * Connie Podesta
9/8/2011 * Bonnie Ross Parker
9/13/2011 * Mia Davies
9/15/2011 * Tammy Stanley
9/20/2011 * Andrea Waltz
9/22/2011 * Lyndsey Baigent
9/27/2011 * Casey Eberhart
9/29/2011 * Christie Northrup
10/4/2011 * Pat Pearson
10/6/2011 * Shari Hudspeth
10/11/2011 * Dr. Steve Taubman
10/13/2011 * Grace Keohohou
10/18/2011 * Dr. Rachna Jain
10/20/2011 * Martha Staley
10/25/2011 * Mary Christensen
10/27/2011 * British Hill
11/1/2011 * Dana Wilde
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Sep 8, 2008
*bump* The playback recordings appear to still be available for all of these calls! So if you haven't listened to the speaker(s) of your choice, you still can. I just updated and added the newer call links.

TONS of great information. They are about 1 hr in length each.
This past week's guests included Karen Clark, and she talked a lot about using Social Media and the internet (I'm listening now).


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Jun 9, 2006
I too have been following....they have been awesome!!!