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What is awesome: Definition and 96 Discussions

  1. S

    What's Included in this Incredible Pampered Chef Bundle?

    Pampered Chef Banner, laptop bag, sling purse, recipe collection binder filled with pampered chef recipes, pineapple wedger, 8x8 pan, extra easy accent tips, stone heart mold, pampered chef bag filled with invitations, bridal invites and birthday cards. Three stoneware racks. Would like to have...
  2. P

    Just Discovered Awesome Feature of P3!

    I was working with a new consultant last night helping her submit a show and other features of P3 (like how to keep track of expenses). Well, SHE clicked on the little calendar icon and we discovered you can use it as a personal planner! Hello! I did not know this! Schedule your calls, make...
  3. B

    Can Threads Automatically Close After a Year on Our Website?

    Is there a way that threads could automatically close if they have no activity say for a year? So often new people reply to an old thread not realizing that it was so long since it was posted. If the thread was closed they could start a new one and refer to the info in what they found without...
  4. Deb Bixler

    This Is Awesome and Free Training....

    Dana Wild will be interviewing me and 23 other of the world's top thought leaders about how to achieve the success you've always dreamed of having working from home. This is an awesome series that starts in August and runs through the end of the year! Register for Live and Replays...
  5. M

    Is My First Recruit the Best One Yet?!

    My very firs recruit just qualified! Her 30 days aren't up until the 5th of December!! I'm so excited!! /dance :sing:
  6. W

    Booking Blitz: Awesome October $2500+! Incentives for Party Hosts? Help!

    I'm interested in doing a Booking Blitz. I have a show tonight but no other ones scheduled. I had an awesome October $2500+!! What are your thoughts/ideas on this? And what do you offer as an incentive to have a party ($100 free products)? Any and all feedback will be GREATLY appreciated!!
  7. P

    I Had a First Tonight and It Was Awesome!

    Had a show tonight, 10 guests plus the host. Not one person, including the host, had ever been to a PC party before!!!! Not one!!! It was awesome. They asked a million questions and were on the edge of their seats. They were grabbing extra food from the fridge so EVERYONE could try...
  8. J

    Simple Slicer: The Ultimate Mandolin Alternative for Fast and Easy Slicing!

    So, I have to admit....me and the Ultimate Mandolin do not get along well. So, I was very excited to try the new Simple Slicer (Retails for $29.50) and we are now best friends! I sliced a huge onion, zucchini, and squash the other night and it did a fantastic job! I tried all 3 settings and 1...
  9. finley1991

    Director Reflecting on my AWESOME TIME: Highlights, Lowlights & Revelations

    Thoughts? Highlights? Lowlights? Revelations???I had an AWESOME TIME! I was able to spend a ton of time with friends. I only had 1 consultant (my mom) go with me so I had to do ZERO babysitting like I have in the past and it was the best experiences I have had BY FAR!Lowlights: IMO... Go...
  10. ShelbyMichalek

    Off-Topic: Awesome Military Homecoming

    Just had to share because I'm having an amazing adreneline (sp?) rush. A great friend of mine had her husband surprise her by coming home from deployment a day early. We ladies got together for our wives group meeting tonight and he surprised her there. I knew it was going to happen so I was...
  11. A

    Awesome Recruiting Call With Yolanda Easton

    Our team training call last night featured guest speaker Yolanda Easton (Sheila's Director!). She was AWESOME!!! Playback Details (605) 477-2199 Access: 534366# REFERENCE #12
  12. R

    My Recruiter Is Awesome.... Not Exactly.

    Well, I think I want to pull this post down... permanent posts ranting are probably not a good idea ;-)
  13. P

    What Can You Expect at Spring Launch?

    For those who have not been to Spring Launch yet....you are going to be blown away!
  14. L

    October Show Success: How I Hit My $15,000 Goal with One Amazing Show!

    I started the month of October with 10 shows on the books. Really exciting, but almost overwhelming. Set my goal to hit $15,000 by the end of the month (was about $5,000 away). Well, then 5 of them cancelled, rescheduled, or turned into catalog shows. I was kinda bummed...
  15. lockhartkitchen

    Are You Ready for Day 4 of the Awesome Local Festival?

    Tomorrow is day 4 of my local festival. Great reception to PC! I made sure that I got everyone's information that wanted a new catalog (didn't hand these out), which gave me the opportunity to talk more to them and know their needs. I booked two shows today on my calendar and got a fundraiser...
  16. M

    Just Had an Awesome Show and Needed to Share..

    I had a cooking show scheduled tonight with a lady who has been to a few of my shows. I've gotten to know her and she's a really great person; I've also gotten to know her circle of friends since they've all mostly been to these past few shows. As we were setting up before everyone got...
  17. S

    How did I make my last show a hit with these simple games?

    ...thanks to everyone here who shares their ideas!!! Also thanks to Tracy in Yorktown for meeting me half way to sell me a pack of f/w catalogs. I did the ice breaker where you have everyone fold a piece of paper in half and write down a kitchen tool that they would like to replace. Then had...
  18. M

    Awesome Show Tonight - Over 700 Orders!

    i just had a really good show to night. for one thing it was a combined party with tastefully simple. form both shows it is over 700 becuse i am host for the ts and i am giving away the host for a door prisz for pampered chef. as a mystery host party open house and i have not had this meany in...
  19. C

    I Am Now Qualified - How Awesome !!!!!

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my excitement with everyone !!!!!!!!! I am choosing the Roaster Pan as my free new consultant gift !!!!!
  20. C

    Rockin' the Night Away with Creed: An Awesome Live Concert Experience

    Good Morning Cheffers I just have to say I saw Creed last night and they still Rock! it was so awesome, they sang 2 new songs from their Full Circle cd coming out in Oct, we saw them on the weathered tour and this time they were so much better..
  21. D

    Who is Crissy11 and why is she having an awesome month?

    Just had to give a standing ovation to Crissy11. This has been an awesome month for her. Six shows so far and her average is $888. How cool is that? She has had one show to close at $1560, one at $1277 and one at $900 and the others are above the company average. So proud to have her on my TEAM...
  22. J

    Who's Ready to Join My Winning Team?!

    Wow, after signing a total of 4 recruits in July (I signed 2 and my team added 2), my newest consultant -- 2 weeks into the biz -- is signing her first! I also have another consultant who started in March that is signing her 4th and 5th later this month.... OMG! Soooo excited for everyone on...
  23. chef131doreen

    Back from Miami Trip: An Awesome Yet Pricey Adventure!

    Back from Miami , this trip was AWSOME yes a bit $$$$:yuck::yuck: but Wow . Lunch the 1st day $100. that was 4 of us burgers, fries salad wrap ect nothing that should have made it so high but oh well . Got a photo with JEAN and another with Lisa Flynn before breakfest. We sat in the...
  24. babywings76

    How Awesome! Sending Pampered Chef Designed E-Mails Through Icontact!

    My director just sent me a test message. She was on the phone with someone from iContact today and they guided her through copying the PC generated e-mail designs from our PWS into iContact to send out. It worked beautifully! I asked if she could give me directions on how to do that. What a...
  25. whiteyteresa

    Mind-Blowing Card Trick Video: Watch Sam the Bellhop in Action!

    http://www.noob.us/entertainment/awesome-card-trick-sam-the-bellhop/ I hope you enjoy :chef:
  26. PamperedCaniac

    Recipe Ideas for Awesome Fundraiser and Prayer Request in One

    I am doing a fundraiser for my sister in laws ladies group. They are doing a fundraiser for a young lady (29 years old) that has cancer. She was 35 weeks pregnant with her 3rd child and in a lot of pain in her pelvis and back. They decided to do a c-section thinking it was something else...
  27. C

    Is My First Recruit an Amazing Success Story?

    So my first recruit is a man. He has a wife and two little boys. PC is his hobby. Well Mr. Hobby man just had a catalog show close at 450. He also had a show last night which is at 450 with outside orders coming in. Tonight he had one more show which is at 1240 with more orders coming in...
  28. wadesgirl

    Awesome Bride! Question About Guest/Host Special

    I'm working on a bridal shower for two weeks away. I was going over the gift list, this bride has selected some of the best items we have to offer! She has picked a ton of cookware, stoneware, knives, etc! I really hope this goes well for me! Here's my question, two of the peices of...
  29. finley1991

    Director How to Make a Solo Consultant's 55-Minute Drive to NMD Worthwhile?

    I have ONE, yes ONE, consultant attending NMD tonight. :cry: I am really disappointed but am not going to focus on that because I can't do anything about it. I want to make tonight AMAZING for her... she's driving 55 minutes to get here. Any suggestions? The creativity is just not...
  30. kcjodih

    Okay All You Awesome Cheffers :), I Need Help

    planning a meal for 14 :eek: I have 10 coming for dinner in two weeks for a combo bday party for DS, DN, DFIL and DMIL. MY turn to host :eek: DS would like chicken parmigana and DMIL would like manicotti but I need enough to feed all and have enough variety but still have it flow, kwim? So...