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What is qualified: Definition and 90 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Who Qualified for the New Small Cool and Serve???

    I just sent in my second show- so I will get it free! I think it's a great addition to our line.
  2. R

    Director Club That Is! Yippee! Now to Get Them Babies Qualified!

    CLUB that is! Yippee! Now to get them babies qualified!
  3. naekelsey

    Why Can't Orders Be Accepted Until Qualified

    My new recruit is wondering why she can't get orders on her personal website until she qualifies. I wanted to ask you all before I answer her, to make sure. I think it has something to do with making sure she isn't a "Kit Napper" but not sure if that is correct..
  4. K

    Exciting News: $1260 in Commissionable Sales and Bonuses Await!

    Still waiting on an email or update on CC but I turned in my first party with $1260 commissionable sales! YAHOO! So that means I get 100 PC Dollars for signing up in Jan (instead of the DCB), 100 for $1250, and 100 for the 30 day bonus?! Is that right!? whu hoo!!!
  5. Karen

    Website for New Qualified Consultants

    Can anybody tell me how the 90-day trial of the website works for new qualified recruits? Do they sign up and pay the initial 6-month or 1-year subscription and receive an additional 3 months free? Or can they try the 90-days free before subscribing to the 6-month or 1-year? Thank you!
  6. Aurora

    Just Submitted My Second Show -- and I'm a Qualified Consultant!!!

    Just submitted my second show -- AND I'm a QUALIFIED consultant!!! QUESTION - post 12WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Submitting my third show tonight! Two more shows next week, two on the books for December... I'm SO excited! :D:chef::D:chef::D:chef::D:chef:
  7. M

    Maximizing My Pampered Chef Qualification Rewards: Tips and Suggestions

    I'm SUPER EXCITED about qualifying, getting $200 in PC $, and my GRILL PRESS!!!!!! I LITERALLY went until 11:45 last night. (I'll post another thread on that). So, now I have a couple of questions now that I've qualified. How long does it take to get the email link for the PWS? I have a show on...
  8. ChefCKHall

    Consultant Qualified in First Show!

    So excited, I had five ladies sign this month and Karen had her first show this evening. QUALIFED in one show! Man-oh-man. What a blessing. Karen, PC will bless you so much! Love you GIRL! CK
  9. Dotty

    Did I Qualify for Sales in Just 30 Days? (Brag Alert!)

    Today I had my 3rd party, which put me over the qualifying mark for sales! :) I qualified within 30 days, so I will get the rebate on my kit. I'm so excited!
  10. thehaleykitchen

    Difference in Getting Qualified: 30 V. 90

    Morning everyone! Could someone in plain English please tell me the difference I would gain if I was qualified in 30 days vs. doing so in 90 days? I have until midnight tonight to come up with $408 in sales to get qualified in 30 days. Don't think its going to happen... However, I have a...
  11. Mel92504

    My 1St Recruit Just Qualified!!!

    WooHoo!!! I'm doing the happy dance right now:):sing: My first recruit just qualified...& today is the end of her 30 days!!!!! I was a little worried because she hadn't done much in the beginning...but now she has submitted almost $1900 in just 3 shows!!!!! I never realized just how...
  12. N

    Can You Help Me Qualify My Recruits for a Chance to Win a Disney Trip?

    I am trying desperately to earn the Disney trip. I have 4 unqualified recruits, one that signed in September who has done nothing, one that signed in October that has done about $450, and two that just signed. One of them already has a $250 catalog show to submit and the other one signed...
  13. C

    I Am Now Qualified - How Awesome !!!!!

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to share my excitement with everyone !!!!!!!!! I am choosing the Roaster Pan as my free new consultant gift !!!!!
  14. D

    Did My First Recruit Qualify in Just 90 Days?

    I recruited her "by accident" at my second show in my first 30 days. I thought she had to qualify in her first 30 days for the special $150 PC dollars but I guess not, they got deposited last night! She qualified in her first 90 days. I'm so pumped! I am so excited to fill my calendar...
  15. J

    2000 Points for a Qualified Recruit?

    Hi there...I have a question: with the last incentive trip, the new recruit had to qualify before they went inactive in order for us to get the 2000 bonus points. in the new "Disney" incentive, it only states that the recruit needs to qualify (no talk of active or inactive) and as long a...
  16. groovybear1213

    I Qualified for Director - Celebrating My 9th Recruit!

    Just have to scream!!!! Today, I qualified for DIRECTOR!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!! I have personnally recruited 5 people and signing another tomorrow hopefully. One of them has two recruits. I have two other recruits that have signed one person each. SO I have 9 almost 10 in my cluster now and...
  17. ChefErin

    Will I still get a free PWS as a new consultant and how do I qualify?

    I paid for the subscription before I qualified...now that I have, will they credit the subscription in the form of PC dollars? How do I find out?
  18. F

    Overcoming Adversity to Reach Success: My Journey to Qualifying in 30 Days!

    Well my 30 days ended yesterday and eventhough it was down to the wire and had some last ditch efforts...I DID IT!!!!! I had 2 cooking shows cancel on me due to deaths in the family so I scrounged up 2 catalog shows which pushed me just over $1300! One of those cancelled shows rescheduled and...
  19. M

    My New Recruit Qualified With Her First Show ($1257 in Sales)

    My new recruit qualified with her first show ($1257 in sales)
  20. S

    Achieved Qualification with Only 4 Shows | Excited for Website and Registry!

    I thought I had to do the 1250 in sales to qualify, but apparently not, they just sent me an e-mail saying I'm qualified. I only did the 4 shows. oh well, I'm happy, now on to the website!!! and the registry I need to put in.
  21. TerraOB83

    Qualified and Fundraising: When Can I Get Orders on My PWS?

    So I finally qualified yesterday and thanks to my fundraiser i got a ton of pc $:D when will i be able to get individual orders on my pws?
  22. N

    What are the rewards for recruiting a qualified member in 30 days?

    My recruit who signed in January qualified within her 30 day. WHOOOPIEEEEE! Congrats to Darcie! But I don't remember what the rewards were for the recruiter and can't find it.
  23. DebPC

    Qualified for Recruiting Promo - Celebration Time!

    Just came today- I qualified for it in the recruiting promo. Sweet!
  24. J

    Just Barely Qualified: Struggling to Set Up My Website

    to start off with I have qualified, just barely.... I can not figure out how to set up my outlet on my website, which is one of the big reasons I got the website. Also I see that some have recipes and such and I am clueless how to get them posted...I think I am suffering from major prego...
  25. P

    Just Qualified Last Night... Now I Want My Website!!

    Hello, I just qualified last night (within my 90 days) and I was wondering how long I have to wait to sign up for my free website?
  26. K

    Success! I Qualified as a Consultant in 30 Days!

    With 3 shows in 2 weeks, I am a qualified consultant! WoooHOOO!! My 30 days are up on Dec. 4 and I still have a fundraiser that will come in before that, so I'm feeling really jazzed about the potential of my new business. My goal was to qualify in the first month, and I'm so glad I met that...
  27. mjs2052

    Just Qualified, How Do I Set up Online Orders/Outlet?

    I just qualified today and I was wondering if my website is automatically set up for online orders and the outlet or if I need to do something? If it is set up automatically, how long does it take for them to do that? Thanks!
  28. W

    I'm Stoopid, Can't Find This Info - Kit and Qualified

    All, I can't believe I can't find this on the site. What do you get when you sign up for $155? I know you get some basic items that you can use to do simple shows, some catalogs, etc. Now that you have your kit, what is required to be "qualified" and what can't you do until you ARE...
  29. B

    Staying Active as a Busy Teacher: Commissionable Sales and Online Orders

    I am worried about going inactive - I am a teacher and have been really busy with work and extra-curriculars, and I'm short this month for my $200 commissionable sale - the cookware did me in! I have a catty show in Nov. for a fellow teacher, and I want her guest to be able to purchase online...
  30. B

    Help!!!! I Just Started My Pampered Chef Business 5/27/08, I Qualified W/ My

    HELP!!!! I just started my PC business 5/27/08, I qualified w/ my first 2 shows. But I haven't been able to get any more bookings. Also, does anyone know how to use PC dollars after you earn them? I want to make this business work, I just don't know how to go forward.