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What is promo: Definition and 117 Discussions

  1. S

    Searching for Pampered Chef Weber Grill Promo Gift From a Few Years Back...

    Hello everyone,I know this is a long shot but I was wondering if any of you might by any chance have one of the teal blue PC Weber Smokey Joe grills from 4 or 5 years ago?? or even know someone who might?? I am desperately trying to track one down and would really appreciate any help at all.New...
  2. Heather Shepherd

    Teacher's Appreciation Promo Ideas

    One of our local businesses is putting together thank you bags for the staff/teachers of our school district and has invited other businesses/direct sales/personal to contribute. They will be putting together 250 bags and I need ideas on what I can put in. I was thinking of making a business...
  3. doughmama

    Catalog Tote - August Promo for Sale

    Catalog tote - August promo for sale Catalog tote - new in package. Very nice but I just don't need another. Paypal only. List Date: 9/2/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Catalog tote - August promo for sale -------------------------------------- On Sale...
  4. DebPC

    July's Free For All Promo: See How Many Shows You Can Catch!

    How many shows do you have booked for July's Free For All Promo?
  5. T

    June Guest Promo Not Available?

    I am trying to enter a show and it is telling me the RG33 quick stir pitcher is not available yet? What am I missing - this is the June promo for guests. Also, I have a customer shipping to her sister in GA. Why is shipping and handling $15?
  6. DebPC

    Free Cool N Serve Promo Announced

    Just found this on the website...
  7. K

    Have You Gotten the New CC Card Promo?

    I'm not seeing these on CC yet. Anyone receive one or tell me where to find it?
  8. P

    Director Was There a New Cons Promo Announced at Launch?

    not seeing anything on CC yet???
  9. B

    Feb. Recruiting Promo Notification

    Has anyone - new recruit or recruiter - gotten the notification e-mail from HO about selecting your bonus from the Feb. promotion (cookware for the recruit, outdoor grilling for the recruiter)? The $1250 has been submitted for a while now and neither one of us has heard anything.
  10. C

    January Recruiting Promo: Pampered Chef Dollar Deposits

    Anyone know when we will get the Pampered Chef dollars we earned from the January recruiting promo deposited? Thanks!!
  11. C

    February Bag Promo: Earn and Receive Your Bag Rewards Now!

    Does anyone know when the bags we can earn for February should be sent? I can't find that info anywhere! Thanks!
  12. F

    Maximize Your Earnings with Feb. Recruit Promo - Limited Time Offer!

    Feb. Recruit Promo is up :) Doesn't show what consultants get...
  13. P

    Need Vistaprint Promo Codes? Get FREE Deals for Address Labels and Postcards!

    I've stopped getting the emails even though I've been logged into their website and none of the old ones work anymore. Does anyone have any FREE promos they can send me? I definitely need address labels and postcards!
  14. kristina16marie

    Tasty Tidbits Question - New Recruiting Promo!

    Hi Joy, I was wondering if you saw the new January Recruiting Promo & if you will be updating your January Newsletters? If not, that's cool & I'll send mine out - but if you were going to make changes, I'll wait. =)
  15. Sheila

    Discover the Ultimate Recruiter Promotion | Pampered Chef

    Have you guys seen this yet? :happyforyou: https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/images/cc/us/pdf/rp_12jan_recruiter.pdf
  16. VeronicaW

    January Recruiting Promo: Boost Your Team with Our Latest Offer!

    Is there a new recruiting promo in January?
  17. kristina16marie

    Gift Card Promo for Late Signers (Snowstorm Extension)

    I had a consultant who signed on Nov 6th and since the gift card promo was extended she qualified for the kit rebate & I for the gift cards. She hit her $1250 on 11/29 and I still have not received the email for me to choose my card! Christmas is coming and since it's processed through a 3rd...
  18. esavvymom

    Recruiting Promo- Problem With Appliance?

    This is my first time earning one of the recruiting promos. I got the Magic Bullet blender today. My DH was going to wash it, and noticed that one part of it was broken. What am I supposed to do with it? I have a Best Buy packing slip with the Warehouse info on it as the "Ship to"...I...
  19. mscharf

    Shipping Question- Recruiting Promo

    Just wanted to see how quickly the kitchen appliances were shipping out? I know it says 4-6 weeks, but wanted to see if they were shipping quicker!! My hubby really wants to the Kreuig!!
  20. T

    Vistaprint Promo - Email Teresa at [email protected]

    Does anyone have a current vistaprint promotion email they can email me at [email protected] thanks Teresa
  21. chefkathy

    New May Recruiting Promo up Behid Cc

    I was just thinking this weekend how I needed a new outdoor folding chair. I like this one MUCH better than those folding camp chairs. I have a hot lead who will probably be signing this month, so I will likely get one. Woohoo!
  22. kcmckay

    Urgent Printing Invitations for March Promo?

    I'm doing a show for the MFP spring product promo. I wasn't going to use PC's invitation but then changed my mind. But I may go back to the one page after all of my own. HOwever, my issue is that when print PC's it prints the Print Form tab on it??? How do I get rid of that??? Thanks
  23. C

    Is the Silver Promo Apron from November Still Worth Getting?

    I realize I haven't taken it out of the package yet and likely will never wear it. Did anyone miss out and feel like you just have to have it? PM me Thanks!
  24. B

    My First Groupon & Thoughts on Promo Ideas

    I bought my first Groupon today (if you want to know more, I can probably figure out how to send you a referral link). If you're not familiar with Groupon, a merchant offers a special deal, ie. $40 worth of food for $20 at a restaurant. Enough Groupon members have to buy into the Groupon for it...
  25. Intrepid_Chef

    Anybody Expecting a November Promo?

    I have a recruit lead who rescheduled her show for Nov. 26. I have to get her a new host packet, since the old one got tossed out in a cleaning spree. Wondering if I should wait until Nov. 1 to send it out, in case any new recruiting promos are announced. Anyone think we can expect one? I...
  26. PampMomof3

    Exciting Recruiting Promo Starting Tomorrow - Don't Miss Out!

    I received a phone call from a sister director in my area stating there is a recruiting promo that starts TOMORROW!! Keep your eyes peeled! She received an upper exec email and wanted to let me know since my meeting is tonight.
  27. Melissa78

    Didn't Receive Promo Box? Here's What You Need to Know

    Did anyone receive their box of free goodies that I'm told we get when promoting? For those who promoted on July 1 do we get the Spring SAT items or the new fall? I have a feeling by promoting on July 1 and not June 1 I'm going to be very disappointed and only receive the fall box. (thats the...
  28. Sheila

    Let's Talk About the Aug. Sales Promo!

    I'm referring to page 20 of the July Consultant News ... "Carries a HOT new fall product" ... hmmm, something stoneware? ... "and coordinates perfectly with the Glassware Tote" or something dots? Inquiring minds want to know! What's your guess?
  29. Sheila

    Director Let's Talk About the Aug. Sales Promo!

    I'm referring to page 20 of the July Consultant News ... "Carries a HOT new fall product" ... hmmm, something stoneware? ... "and coordinates perfectly with the Glassware Tote" or something dots? Inquiring minds want to know! What's your guess?
  30. NooraK

    Interesting June Recruiting Promo

    It appears that we have a choice: Double points, or $50. https://www.pamperedchef.com/images/cc/us/pdf/rp_10jun_recruiter.pdf