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What is late: Definition and 72 Discussions

  1. C

    Submitted Late: Will It Count as May or June?

    I had a skype show for a friend of mine and we submitted it last night. (I know...I wanted to submit by the 29 but she's military and had to wait until pay day.) So a card declined and I had to fix it this morning. Will it still count for my 2nd May show since it was technically submitted in...
  2. pcsharon1

    Rejoining Consultant Alert: Important Steps to Take Now | PC Team Update

    I rarely have anything negative to say about the way things work with PC. But I have to say today I got an email saying "A former consultant has rejoined your team" and then when I opened it it was directions on what to do now that she has rejoined. Problem is.................she rejoined...
  3. EmilyStraw

    Earning Taste of Travel: Late Start, Does it Count for Vegas?

    How many of you have earned Taste of Travel? I would really like to earn it, but I didn't start until February. Would it still be possible? And if you earn Taste of Travel do your points also count toward Vegas?
  4. kristina16marie

    Gift Card Promo for Late Signers (Snowstorm Extension)

    I had a consultant who signed on Nov 6th and since the gift card promo was extended she qualified for the kit rebate & I for the gift cards. She hit her $1250 on 11/29 and I still have not received the email for me to choose my card! Christmas is coming and since it's processed through a 3rd...
  5. P

    Director Consultant's $1000 Payment Delayed: Mini Kit Purchase Required?

    I have a consultant who submits a $1000 every six months on the dot. Well, this time she submitted it November 1 instead of October 31 when October 31 was her 6 month deadline, so she's being told she has to buy the mini kit to start over. Does anyone know if she can order it today or does she...
  6. P

    Navigating Late Orders After Computer Crash: A Tote Story

    I did a show last week where 10 had RSVP'd but only 3 showed and the host was like yeah I will get plenty more orders. Then she wanted to extend to Saturday I was like ok, if you are getting more orders. She does not like to collect cash so all of her additional orders would need to order...
  7. wadesgirl

    My Mistake Cost Me: Late Car Payments & Husband's Anger

    I'm sad!! I just went to make my car payment and realized while this whole time (1 1/2 years!) I thought my payment was due the 10th of the month! I just discovered today it was due the 9th! Do you know how many payments I've made late because of this?! SEVERAL!! This makes me so upset, my...
  8. PampChefJoy

    Vacation Planning: Late is Better Than Never

    Here you go. Sorry it's late. I guess I need to start planning my vacations NOT around the 1st of the month...
  9. M

    Late Fall Show Idea, & Suggestions Wanted!

    Hey there Cheffers! I am planning to have my own show (I've never done this) in November. I want it to be an open house type show, and I'm not sure if I will pre-make all of the food or if I will demonstrate one. It's going to be mostly friends and family that are invited, maybe some past...
  10. K

    Last Minute Conference Registration: Is it Too Late?

    I want to go to Conference but did not register. Is it too late?
  11. C

    Can I Still Order Pink Products in June?

    I sent out my monthly newsletter in May and also sent out emails promoting the exclusive pink products only available in May and then this morning a customer emails me to order some pink products. I didnt order any extras of anything so I have nothing to offer. Is there anyway to still order...
  12. PampChefJoy

    Sorry it's Late! Enjoy Our New Recruiting Promotion

    Sorry it's late! On the up-side... the new recruiting promotion is included :)
  13. crystalscookingnow

    Registration Open Late: Can I Still Pick Up My Materials Tues. AM?

    I have to come up on Tuesday morning instead of Monday. The earliest train that I can take will not get in Chicago until 10:20. Any chances registration will still be open to pick up my materials? I know I'm going to miss some things but I just can't work it any other way.
  14. C

    I Earned the Apron This Year, Submitting My 2Nd Order Late on the

    I earned the apron this year, submitting my 2nd order late on the 15th. Any guesses as to when I might receive the apron? Should I have it before the 30th? I have a booth on the 30th and I would love to wear it there. =) (I am in Michigan, shipping here is usually crazy fast- I had a...
  15. turtle15

    Submitting Late: Does February or March Matter?

    If I hold a show at the end of February, but don't submit it until March, which month does it count toward my sales?
  16. A

    Submit Your Order Today for December Commissionable Sales | Don't Miss Out!

    I have an individual order that I forgot to enter in yesterday. If I enter it in today and submit today but put the order date as 12/31, will it still count towards the commissionable sales for December or will it only count for January? TIA!!
  17. Tropicalburstqt2

    Its 8Pm Here... Too Late to Send a Phonevite? the Shows Saturday.

    Its 8pm here... too late to send a phonevite? The shows Saturday.
  18. B

    Maximizing Host Benefits: Tips for Closing a Direct Sales Show

    My mom hosted my very first show last Monday, and it went really well! There were over $840 in orders including some outside orders she got after the show, and she was very happy with her $165 in free products! Because it was my first show and I wanted to be sure that my mom got all of the free...
  19. C

    I Submitted My Final June Show Late on the 30Th. It Is Already in

    I submitted my final June show late on the 30th. It is already in 'picking', but it is not reflected on the Performance Tracker. I am anxious to see it there. Is anyone else having the same experience?
  20. soccermama

    Are any consultants arriving late at O'Hare on Wednesday night?

    Are there any other consultants in Wave 1 who are arriving late night on Wednesday at O'Hare? My flight gets in at 11:29pm, and the last shuttle leaves at 11:30pm, so I'm looking for someone to share a cab ride into Downtown.
  21. P

    Venting After an Unexpected Late Night: 4am and I'm Tired

    I'm sorry I have to vent....I am having a HWC Fundraiser open house tomorrow. I was up til Midnight cleaning the house, and I have to get up to make it to the store for 7 am so I can start preparing food and setting up my displays, etc...My SO just came home with 5 friends to PARTY!!!! IT is...
  22. Intrepid_Chef

    Too Late to E-Mail Marla and Jean but ....

    I want to share this anyway ... first real success I've ever had out of the catalog tote! I was shopping at the drug store last week ... went there ONLY to get dishwasher tabs ... some lady stopped me and asked if I sold Pampered Chef and got a catalog ... I explained to her that if she had a...
  23. chefkugler

    Fed Ex Driver Coming Late - PJs Optional!

    Anyone else have a Fed Ex driver that comes OH SO LATE?? My driver usually comes here late. Like up until 9 PM at the most. Well, I had a return that was being picked up here and he just showed up at 9:50 PM. " Hi Mr. Fed Ex, like my PJ's?" :rolleyes:
  24. esavvymom

    How Late Is 'Too Late' to Follow Up?

    When I first started as a consultant back in September, I got an opportunity to work a booth shift at a major home show. I had several contacts from that- of course, being new, and scared to pick up the phone (still am), I never contacted them- except via mail when I sent catalogs and a "Thank...
  25. DebbieSAChef

    Have a Question About How Late to Submit a Jan Show!

    I have a show on Saturday, January 31st and as much as I would like for her to close her show that day, it probably isn't going to happen so how late can I submit into February to have it count for Jan? This is typically a big show for me so I want her to get her extra money in FREE products...
  26. C

    What Challenges Did I Face Starting My Business in a New Location?

    Hi, my name is Crystal Patton, I've posted here a bit but just stumbled across this area. Tee-hee :) My husband works on the road and for two years, Nov 2005 to June 2008, the kids (three boys ages 6, 3 and 1) and I joined him. Man was that an adventure!!:eek: I have always loved PC...
  27. M

    Ho, Ho, NO! Pampered Chef's Late Christmas Delivery Fiasco

    Dec 10 - I submitted a show with plenty of time to ship before Christmas. Dec 15 - 3rd package arrived missing 15 items! Dec 15 - I called HO and they said they'd expetide the priority (in house - not Fed Ex) and the host could expect them on Dec 19. (Wouldn't ship directly to...
  28. kcmckay

    Customer Care? When Is Too Late?

    Hi, all I'm terrible about making CC calls. It's a habit I'm working on fixing in the New Year. I had every intention of making calls for my November shows. I had one cooking and one cattie. Would sometime this weekend be too late to make those calls? I don't want to seem like I forgot, though I...
  29. kam

    Too Late for Indiv Order for Christmas?

    If I submit an individual order today and pay the Direct shipping will it get there by Christmas? I know the cut-off was the 15th for shows - but I don't have anything handy here to check if it was for indivual orders? She only wants a can opener and cookbook. I am willing to think she would...
  30. amy07

    Arriving in Denver Late Wed - Shared Taxi/Shuttle?

    what time are you arriving in Denver? My flight is not getting in until a little past 11pm on Wednesday. Wanted to see who else may be around at that hour who will be in need to share a taxi/shuttle.