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  1. C

    New Recruiting Promotion!

    Wooohoo! I am so excited about this promotion! I want to be a VIP! Even more, though, I am so excited about getting the free Gas Card and Free Leadership Conference! I am so glad that they have continued the awesome promotion for new consultants! THANK YOU PAMPERED CHEF!
  2. pamperedbecky

    New Consultant Promotion

    I was just curious if anyone has had new consultants sign in July or August mostly because of the AWESOME promotion going on right now with the free Roasting Pan with Rack. I doubt that would be the ONLY reason someone would sign on to be a consultant, but I just wondered if that was the last...
  3. Cindycooks

    Promotion Question

    I am at work without my PC notebook and I need to know what it required to become a Future Director. Is it 2 recruits? Or is it 2 recruits plus a certain dollar amt in sales. I have searched high and low on the PC website and cant find the answer to my question! I have my 2nd recruit and...
  4. C

    New Recruit Promotion

    What are you hoping to earn????? I NEED that flat screen tv for my room.
  5. K

    July Recruiting Promotion

    This question are for those of you who went to conference - Can you make Septemeber your SSM1 and still qualify for the July sign up promotion? That is all I want to know! I have someone who is thinking about signing up and payday (for her) is tomorrow. I would like to get the word out to her...
  6. S

    Mini-Catalogue Promotion

    I grabbed some mini-catalogues at conference over this past weekend and was trying to figure out a way to promote the new fall products. I've come up with a post card idea that I'll attach to a mini-catalogue and send out in the mail to select customers. Let me know what you think!
  7. PampMomof3

    Stone Promotion

    I was reading these boards and I am trying to think outside of the box and get my June sales up there. I am in my SS2 and I have gotten both ss pkgs but I REALLY want the bonus stone pkg! I hate to be greedy but I really want to earn the new Fall stuff as well! Why not? So, I posted on my...
  8. DebPC

    Dollar a Day Promotion

    One Pampered Chef booking promotion which sometimes works to get them booking in the beginning of the month is if they book in the first 5 days of the month they get a certain product at a certain price. Example: Rectangle Baking Stone for $10. You could work this to suit anytime you wanted...