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What is promotion: Definition and 144 Discussions

  1. cookinforyou

    Exciting Promotion to Director: July 1!

    Toot Toot So excited I did it!! I promote officially July 1 to director!! I have 6 active this month and over $6000 so far in team sales!! :sing::sing::sing: I have so much to learn and I can't wait to embark on this new journey!!
  2. Bren706

    Have You Seen the August Recruiting Special Promotion?

    I see the Purse-a-palooza special for the August recruiting special for us, but has the promotion for new consultants signing been announced yet? I haven't seen it. Am I missing it somewhere?
  3. kam

    Trivet Promotion - Ordering Question

    The flyer says : Trivets are available only during June, July and August, 2012. It does NOT say "Shows"...so I am thinking if I am closing my May show this week (in June)...I might be able to order on this show? I know I can call HO, but today is Sunday and I won't be able to call until...
  4. wadesgirl

    What was the $68 sales promotion in January 2011?

    I'm finally getting all the final things together for my taxes and checking out all my "other" stuff on my 1099. Does anyone remember what the sales promotion was for last January? It was valued at $68 - it wasn't the mini sling bag because that's on there already.
  5. E

    Boost Your Team with New Recruit Incentives in the First 30 Days

    Am I missing it or are we not offering incentives to new recruits who qualify in their first 30 days?
  6. PampChefJoy

    Ebay Promotion: Check Out My Message!

    Look at the message I got on my Ebay account... http://www.tastytidbits.net/images/screenshot.jpg
  7. K

    Confirming Promotion: Check Team Stats to be Sure!

    I THINK that I promoted to Director last night!!! But I need to double check the team stats to be sure that one girl submitted her $150. I am on pins and needles and the system isnt updated... anywhere that we can check that thats updated? :)
  8. chefmatula

    Achieve Director Status and Grow Your Team with Me! Join the Excitement!

    So excited!! I am now a Director!!! :chef::thumbup: I have 6 direct recruits and will have 7 indirect by the end of the month! (I'm also working on 9 other people right now to sign possibly!!! I LOVE meeting goals before my Goal date!!! I absolutely :love: what I do!!!!!
  9. C

    Exciting Promotion News: Advanced Director Level Achieved!

    Just had to get on and say that I promoted to Advanced Director yesterday!!! I am so excited!!!!! I guess I need to change my profile!! WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. W

    Mini Catalog Hipster Bag, Lap Boards & August Promotion Bag Wanted

    I'd love to buy the mini catalog hipster bag. If anyone has one for sale, please message me or send me an email to, [email protected]. I'm also interested in purchasing lap boards and the August promotion bag. I signed up in September so I missed the August bag, but I earned the one for...
  11. L

    How Does Your Team Celebrate a Promotion???

    What does your team/cluster/director do when someone promotes to director? Is there a party at the meeting? Special goodies? Like what? Send flowers? Red apron? Cash/gift cards? I observed what I thought was beyond tacky and hugely disappointing, almost embarrassing...but before I go into...
  12. pckelly

    Director Could I Finally Be Promoted to Senior After 13 Years as an AD?

    I can't believe it. I am fairly certain that I promoted to Senior today. There is a show on hold, that will make one of my 2nd Gen Directors green and promote me to Senior! One of my TL's went to Conference, came home fired up and recruited 2 people, got them active and promoted to Director...
  13. T

    Is the $50 Gas Card Bonus at the Local Fair's PC Booth Real?

    I stopped by a PC booth at the local county fair. The man that I talked to said something about needing another booking for July. He needed one more and encouraged me to get one more than the 3 I have scheduled. He said there is a $50 gas card for a bonus? Is he mistaken or was this...
  14. B

    Thoughts on the Consultant Promotion?

    For those of you that went to conference, what is the story with the "Going Places" Bags? I'm a little bummed that that is the consultant promotion for the next 3 (!) months. Did they say if we will be selling these in the future to our guests? They are really cute, but I'm not thrilled that...
  15. kcmckay

    Bonus Promotion Taste of Travel??

    Does anyone know what it means for your title at end of earning period. I'm not giving up on promoting by July 1st as I want to promote for conference. However, I'm wondering for the sake of Taste of Travel earnings if it's based on your title at end of earning period if I don't promote by...
  16. C

    Director Using HO Newsletter: Effectiveness & Outlet Promotion

    I know we have discussed using HO newsletter vs other companies many times. I have switched to the HO, overall I like it, it is very easy to update my contacts which was something that was a huge chore for me with Icontact. Overall there are very few kinks and I have a decent open rate. The...
  17. N

    Upset Over Promotion Incentive Qualification?

    I was promoted to director April 1, but my director is telling me I will not be paid as in May b/c one of my 4 direct recruits was inactive. She still had 2 girls under her (she is a team leader) submit, so I was thinking that meant they would serve as one of my 4. Is that not how it works? I...
  18. vanscootin

    From Promotion to Director: Keeping the Title

    I never really paid much attention about promoting and stuff until last month when I promoted to team leader....well the stars aligned for May... and my team hit the mark for me to become a Director... (woohoo) So does that mean I get paid as a director on June 8th commission day? Now I'm...
  19. 3

    Possible May Recruiting Promotion for Pampered Chef!

    Anyone have an idea if Pampered Chef will be doing a recuiting special this month? I know it is possible that there might not be anything, but just checking....Let us know if you know or when you know.....thanks ahead of time!
  20. finley1991

    Director Earn May Promotion: Just for Consultants & BBQ Apron Status

    Just an FYI... I asked my D about this to see if it will be offered to hosts/guests and she checked with JJ... respond is below... This really is just a Consultant promotion. We have received a lot of requests to do something for Hosts, but we only have quantity for Consultants....so...
  21. kcmckay

    Grab Your Free Gas and GPS: April Promotion for New Recruits!

    I'm so getting $300 in free gas and a GPS! Well I'm going to do my best to find at least 3 new recruits in April. I need a GPS and free gas will help out substantially to put towards other bills! Like airfare to conference! Who's getting a GPS with me?? Definitely need to get on the phone all...
  22. cookingwithlove

    Director Kathy's Promotion: Celebrating a Big Step Forward!

    Kathy on my team promoted to Director, wahoo!!
  23. 3

    April 2011 Recruiting Promotion: What Can We Expect?

    anyone have any thoughts on what the recruiting promotion might be for April 2011?
  24. babywings76

    Invitation From Cc for the Free Mfp Promotion

    I like the invite that we can print off from CC. I came up with what I want to put on there, but I was wanting to e-mail it and put it on FB. Anyone know how to get rid of the "print form" grey box that is shown on the top right of the screen or how to save a copy of that invite when we put...
  25. chefheidi2003

    April Sales Promotion: Father's Day Special in May - Don't Miss Out!

    Did anyone see the April Sales Promotion? It will be available as a Father's Day Special in May. I am very excited about it. I am planning on buying one for each of my brothers. One is a father..the other just likes to grill so I figured it would be perfect for him as well..LOL.
  26. kcmckay

    What Are the Benefits of December Promotion for Recruits and Recruiters?

    Hi all, I've got a possible recruit. She's a friend and been one of my best hosts. And I had approached the subject and she said no. But then she asked me about it so we are having an "interview" on Saturday. I'm good with what to talk about but I'm confused about December promotion. Can anyone...
  27. H

    What are some ideas for a 10/10/10 special show with The Pampered Chef?

    I'm still new to PC and I'm trying to find way to increase my sales and bookings. So, I thought it be good to do a 10/10/10 special show. I know its a Sunday but I can do a brunch theme. Here are my ideas for special 10/10/10 discounts/specials: Host, an additional 10% off you total order...
  28. P

    Is There a New Recruiting Promotion for July?

    Anyone know if there will be a new recruiting promotion for July? Was there one announced at conference? I have a lady signing this week and always seem to miss whatever promo is going on. I am either just before or just after. Thought I would ask around see if its worth waiting a week to sign...
  29. PampChefJoy

    Sorry it's Late! Enjoy Our New Recruiting Promotion

    Sorry it's late! On the up-side... the new recruiting promotion is included :)
  30. K

    Eligibility for Disney Promotion: My Experience & Advice

    So what do you think of this promotion? If you didn't earn Disney are you still eligible? I did but wasn't sure if I should promote it to anyone on my team as no one else earned the trip.