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What is status: Definition and 119 Discussions

  1. A

    Understanding Active Status: Orders That Contribute to Your Activity

    What types of orders count toward "active status"? Only shows and sales orders? Or personal and supply orders as well?
  2. C

    Maximizing Active Status: Understanding Commissionable Sales and Requirements

    I know I can come here for a quick answer. If I turned in $35.50 commisionable sales in August, and nothing so far in September, do I need to turn in $150 for September, or will the $35.50 count towards $150, leaving $114.50? Hope what I am asking makes sense. I have read the policy and...
  3. esavvymom

    Inactive Status - More Than 2 Months

    So, if I don't get any sales this month (not looking like it, and i have no shows), it would be my 2nd month inactive. Right now, I don't care. I'm so busy with a few other things the rest of this month, I don't have time or the energy to even try. I have NEVER been one to pick up the...
  4. M

    Charm Bracelet Status - 9/13/12 Submission

    Has anyone received their charm bracelet yet? I submitted my 2nd show on 9/13/12 and haven't received it yet. I thought I saw somewhere that it would be shipped as earned. Just curious!
  5. pamperedbecky

    Director Why is the Shipment Status page not working?

    Is anyone else having problems with clicking on the Shipment Status page on the "old" web? When I click on it, it says "page not found." Weird.
  6. Jennie4PC

    Why Has My Status Not Changed? Insights on Consultant Recruitment and Changes

    Why has my status not changed? I recruited a gal end of Oct. and I am still showing up as a consultant. I recruited a 2nd guy after the 8th and so I am expecting that to change on Dec 8th.
  7. Sheila

    Issues from Yesterday: Status Update

    Maybe they are still working on all the issues from yesterday?
  8. M

    Pampered Chef Plan for CC Activation: What's the Status?

    Does anyone know when PC plans on putting this on CC? I was activated to late to receive my change over kit. I thought by now it would be up. TIA and have a wonderful and blessed day!!!
  9. C

    July Issue Mailing Status - Have You Received Yours?

    Aren't we still supposed to get the July issue in the mail? Mine hasn't arrived yet :( Did they say anything at NC about stopping the mailing of these?
  10. finley1991

    Director Earn May Promotion: Just for Consultants & BBQ Apron Status

    Just an FYI... I asked my D about this to see if it will be offered to hosts/guests and she checked with JJ... respond is below... This really is just a Consultant promotion. We have received a lot of requests to do something for Hosts, but we only have quantity for Consultants....so...
  11. B

    Why Does Shipment Status Only Update Weekly?

    Shipment status on CC has been saying March 23 for days and days. For some reason the status seems to only update once a week and jump several days at once. I have indiv. orders from March 31 that have shipped. I'm trying to get a sense of where they are with regular shows shipping. I'm...
  12. ChefJWarren

    Status Change: When Will My Consultant Title Update?

    I had 2 recruits but one went inactive in December making me a Senior Consultant again. Well my one recruit didn't submit for February so I dropped down to Consultant again. She submitted a show in March and I submitted 3. When will my status change back? It still says Consultant. Will I get...
  13. dannyzmom

    Director Achieving 'Green' Status as a Director: My Proudest Moment!

    I got a phone call from my NED today to congratulate me on being the first person in her entire downline to "go green" as a director already this month :)
  14. P

    Director Canada's 2SC Requirement: TL Role & Director Status

    Canada is still on the "old" new plan with the 2SC requirement. I have a TL on my team who's team will look like this this month: TL ... Cons1 (inactive) ... Cons2 (active) ... Cons3 (inactive) ...... SC1 (active) ......... Cons1 (active) ... SC1 (active) ...
  15. P

    Changeover Kit Active/Inactive Status?

    Does anyone know the particulars on your status to receive the Spring/Summer changeover kit? I have a few inactive downline and I want to send them an email regarding their status and receiving the new Spring/Summer info.
  16. ChefCKHall

    Did I Reach Elite Seller Status?

    This was one of my personal goals....I had met several Elite Sellers at the Spree for 53. They are automatic directors and get an extra 2% for elite seller status. Did I ever confess my reason for wanting to be a director? It was so I did not have to stand in line for Merrill at National...
  17. A

    Are You Addicted to Checking Show Status on Weekends?

    I submitted a show on Sat morning and even though I know it is the weekend and nothing will be updated I still find myself looking on CC to check the status of my show. I need to get off the internet.
  18. L

    Understanding Employment Status for Credit Applications and Self-Employment

    So when filling out things like credit apps and stuff, do we list TPC as employer and then mark self employed? Or just Self as employer?
  19. ChefMary412

    Maximizing Facebook for Success: Tips for Show Bookings, Recruitment, and Orders

    Has anyone used a particular facebook status that has helped book shows, recruit, or collect orders? I have put on there what I am cooking now and then, or what I am excited about... but try not to be overly PC on it. Just wondering if and what others do on their status, related to PC
  20. J

    Order Status - How Long Does it Take to Ship?

    I was just wondering... I submitted an order on 11/2, HO received it on 11/3 and it still just says "received"... How long does it normally take to ship an order out? I don't recall it taking this long before, but I've only submitted two shows and they were in June/July.
  21. S

    Is My Show Order Status Normal on a Friday?

    Hi! I am new..so still getting used to how things work. I just submitted my second show this morning. It went from received to ready for picking back to received? Is this normal? I am guessing because its Friday they don't work the weekends? LOL....
  22. heat123

    Can a Catalog Show Save My Career Stats from Inactive Status?

    Yeehaw! I was on the brink of losing my career stats but a catalog show pulled through and I will submit tonight at 8pm! :) Been barely keeping afloat since last year but thank goodness, I'm still holding on by a thread! :chef:
  23. wadesgirl

    Exciting Team Growth: One Step Closer to Director Status!

    I just signed two new gals last month. This brings my team up to 2 "submitting monthly" consultants, 2 "sometimes" consultants and 2 new consultants! One of my submitting monthly consultants is a SC. This month I will be only 1 SC away from Director! This is the closest I have been! I'm...
  24. M

    Managing Money Order Status for Direct Sales: Tips and Strategies for Success

    Ok... I know I screwed up some where along the line and now I am picking up the pieces. Now with money order status only I am stuck with it for 6 months... So what do you think the best way of going about this is? I sooo many people that want to write checks and it would be so much easier if...
  25. M

    Managing Money Order Status: Tips and Tricks for Direct Sales Consultants

    Ok... I know I screwed up some where along the line and now I am picking up the pieces. Now with money order status only I am stuck with it for 6 months... So what do you think the best way of going about this is? I sooo many people that want to write checks and it would be so much easier if...
  26. kreaser

    How Do You Change a Show From Fundraiser Status to Regular Show

    hi all...here's my situation. Doing a show for an Iraq soldier who was injured. They originally wanted to set it up as a fundaiser. So I set it up in my website as fundraiser. Had orders also placed via my website. Now they may want to turn it into a regular show instead and get him the products...
  27. A

    Don't Understand Inactive Status

    I just completed my first 90 days and am in danger of being Inactive or possibly am Inactive, but I'm not clear on what the penalties are. I had two catalog parties flake on me and only had one guest show up at my show, which was the only one I had in April, so I didn't have $150 worth of orders...
  28. C

    Turning Inactive Status to Active: Help Needed!

    Ok, so I went inactive :yuck: - but I did submit a show the first part of April. I received the order last weekend. My question is - when will CC show that I am active again? I am wanting to order the HWC products so I can display them at a RFL vendor expo in 2 weeks. CC is saying that I...
  29. M

    Understanding Home Office Leads & Team Leader Status

    Hi all! Today is my 30 day anniversary! :D I have a question about Home Office leads and team leader status.... Can anyone explain how this works? I've looked everywhere! I have signed two recruits and wondering when I will have the title of Team Leader? When will I be eligible for HO...
  30. cathyskitchen

    Urgent Stay Updated with Product Status Alerts - Back Order Information

    Product Status Alerts Back Order The following items are temporarily delayed. As of today, the estimated recovery dates are listed below. Item#...........Item........................................Estimated Ship Date 1321............Deep Covered Baker-Cranberry......3/16/2010...