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What is mailing: Definition and 85 Discussions

  1. lt1jane

    Can I Alter My Logo for Mailing Labels?

    With the new logo, I had to update my mailing labels that I print out. I had to alter the logo slightly to look decent on the labels (their format would result in a tiny logo you couldn't see). All I did was put the logo on the left and the "Independent Consultant" on the right. I know they...
  2. DebPC

    Maximize Value: Mailing Host Packets with USPS Priority Envelope

    Just checking.... I always mail mine in a USPS Priority Envelope- I think price is $5.15. Is this still the best value? I usually include 4 catalogs, 5 outside order forms, 30 invites and misc. in a school pocket folder.
  3. N

    Neighborhood Flyers ... Mass Mailing Vs. Door 2 Door

    This September will be 3 years that I've moved into my first house. I of course thought everyone in the area will welcome me into the neighborhood but no one did but one. Here I am trying to make this work and today was the day where I was going to walk my dog around and hand out some...
  4. lmklipfel

    Mailing Mini Catalogs: Postage & Tape Requirements for Secure Delivery

    What is the postage you put on a mini catalog? Do you have to tape them closed?
  5. wadesgirl

    Maximize Your Black Friday Sales: Tips for Mailing to Past Hosts

    I was debating on mailing out flyers and information to my past hosts about Black Friday and including some booking info for January. When I got down and looked at it, I have over 150 hosts! Yikes, a lot more than I thought I would have. It doesn't seem reasonable for me to mail out...
  6. M

    How do I mail an order to the home office without a PC debit card?

    I need to submit a show today for a host that is ordering a gift and wants the turkey voucher. The problem is that I am right in the midst of switching bank accounts and no longer have my PC debit card linked to the right account. I know when I first started I was able to send my first two...
  7. C

    July Issue Mailing Status - Have You Received Yours?

    Aren't we still supposed to get the July issue in the mail? Mine hasn't arrived yet :( Did they say anything at NC about stopping the mailing of these?
  8. S

    Marketing Yourself: Mailing Out Letters & Catalogs

    I am trying to get my name out there and was thinking of doing this. Has anyone just mailed out letters or mini catalogs before? If so, how did it go for you? I'm trying to decide if it is worth the postage. Thanks!
  9. P

    Mailstation 2: Find the Best Digital Mailing System

    Mailstation 2 - Digital Mailing System - Digital Postage Meter | Pitney Bowes I'm planning to get my own postage meter and thinking about this one. Anyone know of a better deal or have a better recommendation?
  10. California Girl

    Whose Contact Information Should Be on the Invites: Host or Consultant?

    if you mail out the invites for the host, do you put your phone number and email or the host?
  11. RMDave

    Stuck on MyThirtyOne.com Mailing List - Need Advice?

    Somehow, I managed to get myself on a MyThirtyOne.com mailing list. The consultant who emails me (daily) keeps addressing the email recipients as "Ladies." You know how happy that makes me. I have written three times (over three days) to the consultant and asked to be removed from her...
  12. L

    How do I add show info to mini invites for mailing?

    Hey all, I am needing some input for those of you who mail mini's as invites to a show. I am doing it for the first time and didn't know what you do to put the show info on the catalog. A director at our last cluster meeting passed one around, I know she printed something on labels, but for...
  13. C

    Coaching Hosts Re:guest Lists (Without Mailing Invitations)

    If you don't mail invitations for your hosts (and thus don't have an actual reason to ask them to send you their guest lists), how do you go about coaching them specifically about the size of their lists? I verbally suggest, and include this in my host pkg, to invite 40 people (and I've...
  14. PampChefJoy

    Anyone Who Uses Tt in Conjunction With a Mailing Service

    I am swamped and needing some help. I am looking for helpers to type up a few tutorials for me. I need a tutorial, step-by-step, for using TT with iContact. Basically walking someone through every step needed to send a newsletter. Written instructions are great and screen shots would be...
  15. thehaleykitchen

    Should I Tape the Edges of My Mini Catalogs for Mailing?

    I have what seems to be a silly question to me but I am unsure of the answer! I want to use my mini catalogs (SS10 ones) as mailers once my website is opened up - so close to getting qualified - but here is my question: do you tape the edges or no? I am afraid that they would get destroyed...
  16. N

    forThose Mailing Invites, How Do You Train Newbies

    My director wants me to train the OLD way...postcards and hosts mail them. I send out the mini catalog & an invite, I pay the postage for my hosts.. Since I do it this way it makes it very confusing to train a newbie. Input please.....
  17. M

    Last Minute Holiday Open House: Mailing Flyers, Email & Calls

    I am having a last minute Holiday open house and I was thinking of mailing out flyers and sending an email and also calling everyone in my contact list. Anyone ever mailed flyers just folded with the label for the address on it. I know I can do it. I receieved items in the mail like that, but I...
  18. beepampered

    Credit Card Mailing Addresses: FAQs

    I remember getting an email about requiring a mailing address to use credit cards. When does this go in effect? Does this mean that I can never put someone else's credit card on an order? I will sometimes close a show without a payment and then get a credit card a few days later and put it on my...
  19. cookingwithlove

    Cutting Expenses: Is Mailing Invites Worth It?

    I have been very intentional this last year in cutting down expenses, but they are still too high and I am embarassed to post them here. I did notice that I spent over $700 on postage. This does not include the cost of mailing the hostess packet. I have been mailing out the invitations...
  20. cookingwithdot

    Diy E-Newsletter & Mailing List Software

    Has anyone used any of the DIY software that helps you manage your contact list and send out your e-newsletters? I know we can go through a service to do it for us, but I'm thinking it might not be so hard to manage my own. Thanks!
  21. P

    Responding to Mailing List Opt-Out

    Just curoius... how do you respond back to someone when they have asked to be removed from your mailing list? What do you say? Thanks.
  22. wadesgirl

    Mailing Invites - Return Address

    When you are sending out invites in an envelope do you put your address or the host's address in the return address spot?
  23. L

    Can I Mail a Mini Catty with Just One Stamp?

    I know this is on here somewhere, but I'm in a rush and can't find it. I have a mini catty, an invite (single sheet of 8 1/2 x 11) in an envelope. Can I use a single stamp?
  24. S

    How much does it cost to mail Mini Catalogues in Canada?

    Does anyone know how much it costs to mail the Mini Catalogues in Canada? Just curious if I want to use them for Invitation or not....
  25. I

    Director Mailing Mini-Catty as Invite for Shows...

    Ok..I am mailing the mini-catty for the invites...i know people are doing this...how are you doing it? Where do you put the show info? Any suggestions, tips or ideas would be well appreicated! :)
  26. kaseydee

    Question on Calling Someone After Mailing

    I have started mailing a packet to all mothers of the brides to be listed in our paper. I do not know any of these people just found the info in our engagement listings. I look up their address in the phone book or if not there goggle them. My question is would you call them about a week or...
  27. H

    Mailing Bridal Registry Brochure?

    How are you mailing the brochure for the Bridal registry? I have a bunch of people that I want to send these to, but I can't figure out what size envelope to put it in.
  28. C

    Efficient Mailing Invite Forms for Hosts | Simplify Guest List Management

    I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I seem to remember seeing forms on the Supply Order form before that we could order and give to our Hosts to make out their guest list and then they would give us a copy so we could mail out their invites. I don't see it on the new order...
  29. C

    Proper Mailing of Mini Catalogs: Tips and Guidelines

    I weighed the mini catalogs and it seems to be 1 oz or less so I'm just sticking a first class stamp on them. My question is: do I have to tape them shut? If so, should I tape the three open sides or just the longest side? TIA.
  30. C

    Effective Strategies for Mailing Invitations: Timing and Tips for Hosts

    I want to start mailing the invitations for the Host so that I know they were actually mailed. How long before the show do you mail yours? My thought is 2 weeks, is that too soon? Then, do you do something else? I have seen some post cards that tell the host, now is the time to ... (start...