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    CANADIAN Consultants - June Bonus???

    Have any Canadian consultants received the bonuses for the 2 shows before June 15, and the June Sell-A-Thon products yet???????????????
  2. C

    Recruiting in June

    I recruited someone in June who I am waiting to submit her 4th show this month. I was thinking that there was an insentive in the month and never came accross it here. Then lastnight I find it in KCN and we get, I believe, $60 in new fall products. Does anyone know what it is going to be...
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    Woven Selections-Join in June

    I just signed up at the end of June to take advantage of the Free Woven Selections (Large Square Server & Woven Round Tray). My super starter month 1 is August. If I submit my 4 shows or $1250.00 in sales by the end of August will I still be eligible or does it have to be submitted by the end...
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    Special Bonus? June Sell-A-Thon

    Just curious...did anyone receive the special bonus for holding and submitting two shows June 1-15 yet? I can't wait to see what it is!
  5. N

    June Guest/Host Special

    Hi Everyone, I was curious about how the June specials worked out for you. I didn't have a single guest order the guest special, and I just had one past host who ordered both host specials (two people had booked off of her show)- no one else. How did things work out for you? Nora
  6. S

    June Recruit Announcement

    I have drafted this to email to recruit leads but it lacks pizazz (in my opinion). Any ideas? JOIN NOW!! Receive Woven Selections FREE by starting your own business between June 1 & June 30 (and submitting 4 qualified shows by July 31) (picture)...
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    I am new to The Pampered Chef...my SS month is June, however I have

    I am new to The Pampered Chef...my SS month is June, however I have done a few parties and someone brought up a question that I didn't know how to answer it exactly. Maybe you all can help! If you cook something on/in a stoneware piece and leave it on/in the piece to keep warm...does the food...
  8. K

    Party in May/Closing in June

    I am very confused on if someone has a party in May and wants to close in June. :confused: I was told that I can do that--is that correct? What I'm confused on are these things-- 1. Does that party count for June, if that's when I close, or does it still count for May? 2. When I am...
  9. C

    New Products available June 1st ???

    Does anyone know if you can pre-order the items on Page 37? Sort of like a "back order" status where the guest can add them to the orders at May shows, but then those specific items would just not ship until June? I have a catalog host that has several guests that want to order both the HWC...