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Pampered Chef: I need an ice cream sandwich maker

  1. I have a customer that wants the ice cream sandwich maker, and I was hoping that someone might sell one to me, since they are discontinued. Thanks.
    Mar 15, 2009
  2. julia.poe

    julia.poe Member

    I have one I used once or twice not in the box if you want it.
    Mar 15, 2009
  3. ughubug

    ughubug Member

    you can submit through today in Pampered Partner if you use a february date to order...
    Mar 15, 2009
  4. Jules711

    Jules711 Veteran Member Silver Member

    I have one new in box.
    Mar 16, 2009
  5. pcsharon1

    pcsharon1 Veteran Member Gold Member

    I have one new in box that belongs to a clustermate - she has it marked down about 20% which would cover your shipping. PM me if you still need it.
    Mar 16, 2009
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