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What is fiesta: Definition and 25 Discussions

  1. P

    Director Hosting a Fiesta? Tips for Salsa & Guacamole on a Budget

    Any tips?? Do you do both salsa and guacamole? Do you find it's expensive for hosts?
  2. C

    Fiesta Chili Mac

    Does anyone have the recipe for the Fiesta Chili Mac. It is from the More weekday dinners done recipe card collection. I have made it several times but I've misplaced the recipe card. Thanks
  3. PamperedSD

    Mexican Fiesta Flyer

    I'm off to a slow start so far for 2010. I had a Valentine's show last week at work and someone asked to host a show :) She said most people from work wanted a Friday and her close friends wanted a Saturday. I told her to pick the date that worked best for her - Sat! So here is my flyer...
  4. T

    Mexican Fiesta Games?

    This is going to be my first PC party and my host has requested that we hold a Mexican fiesta party. Does anyone have any game ideas that go with the fiesta theme? Any help is appreciated, thanks!
  5. silly@hrt

    Need Help With Mexican Fiesta!

    I'm a fairly new consultant and I have a Host requesting a Mexican Fiesta... Any advise out there on really good recipes, invitations or ideas? Thanks!!!
  6. jasonmva

    Mexican Fiesta Dessert Ideas for Church Anniversary Dinner

    I am the coordinator for our church's anniversary dinner. Our theme this year is a Mexican Fiesta and I don't know what type of dessert to do that would tie in with the theme. My original plan was to just have an ice cream sundae station set-up and let people make their own sundaes but I feel...
  7. pchefjaime

    Delicious Mexican Dessert Ideas for Your Sunday Fiesta!

    I am looking for any ideas/recipes for a mexican dessert that I can demo at a party on sunday. THe are doing a mexican theme and making all authentic tacos and rice I am going to do a drink and dessert. So I am looking for a dessert that will be up to psar and possilbly a drink also...
  8. S

    Need a Invite for a Mexican Fiesta Show. I Have Done the Search Thing

    Need a invite for a Mexican Fiesta Show. I have done the search thing and can not find anything. Please help if you have anything. Thanks! Schel
  9. momoftwins

    Iso Fiesta Seasoning Set

    I have a customer that wants 2 sets of the Fiesta Seasoning. Does anyone have any???? Let me know the cost with shipping to 68122. I do have paypal. Thanks!
  10. B

    Throw a Fiesta this Saturday with Southwest Eats & Margaritas!

    I am soooo excited for my party this Saturday, there is suppose to be a great turn-out. (One of the attendee's just inherited mucho $$- SELL THAT COOKWARE GIRL) The host and I went and bought groceries for the party, we are serving Southwest wraps, tex-mex chicken crustini, and mini margarita...
  11. pckelly

    Looking for a Fiesta Dessert.

    I am looking for a fiesta type dessert, besides the Mexican Chocolate Pie, for my Fiesta Theme Show on Saturday. Any suggesstions??
  12. ChefBurke

    Fiesta Show This Sat Help!!!!!!!!!

    I have a Mexican Fiesta show this sat. I am a newbee & wanted to make something fairly easy.. any ideas? I was thinkin touchdown taco dip..
  13. S

    Mexican Fiesta Night: Sangria, Taco Ring, & Fiesta Nachos!

    I have a show tomorrow night with a "Mexican Theme". I am making sangria in the Quick Stir Pitcher and the Taco Ring. I am thinking of making the Fiesta Nachos, to have out, on the stone, when guests arrive. I have never made these though and am just wondering if anyone else has....any tips...
  14. K

    Fiesta Sandwich Ring

    I have been looking for the Fiesta Sandwich Ring receipe for an upcoming show. Does anyone have this handy that they can email me? My family and I have just moved into my parents home so half of my items/office are in boxes. Thanks Kellie Sissom
  15. Jenn'sKitchen

    Fiesta Sandwich Ring

    I have a show tonight. The host does not like mayonaise but wants to do the fiesta sandwich ring. What should I substitute the mayo :confused: with if anything?
  16. L

    Create a Fiesta: A Unique Cinco de Mayo Celebration

    I know that there are Fiesta Themes out there, but this is the first one I've put together and thought I'd share it with you. It could be promoted for May 5th shows as well (Cinco De Mayo)!
  17. monica_sweetconsultant

    Fiesta Salad Turnover

    ok i have a show next saturday night that i am totally excited about. first this will be my first kitchen show since september. (its like starting over again :eek: ) second, the host is really excited as well. she has alot of PC stuff and wants to replace some things that got broken and order...
  18. Ann F

    Fiesta Cheese Torta Recipe

    HELP! I made this last year for my daughter's wedding reception and we all loved it. Now I can't find the recipe and we want it for tomorrow night's get-together! I've searched here and on PC website. THANKS!!!
  19. krzymomof4

    Hosting Your First Fiesta: Games for a Fun Show!

    I am having my first fiesta show on Sunday. I have the menu picked out, but was wondering if there are any games for this floating around. I have done the left right game to death and I have made up my own word scramble and name that slogan game, but they don't seem to fit this one. Than ks
  20. W

    Fiesta Seasoning Set

    I am not sure where to post this but I was wondering what is included in the Fiesta Seasoning set on the Paperwork/Supply order form? I want to use the seasonings for my next show and was wondering what the "set" was. Thanks!!
  21. M

    Idea for Mexican Fiesta

    I am having 2 Mexican Fiesta shows next month, and I wanted to try some "authenic" mexican recipes without making a mess. I went to the recipe files on the PC website, and looked at the Spanish Season's Best. There are some great ones there, and since I live in a suburb of Chicago, I can get...
  22. P

    Kelly's Mexican Fiesta Theme Show: Ideas & Recipes!

    Looking for ideas/recipes for a mexican fiesta theme. My first theme show! Thanks, Kelly
  23. R

    Mexican Fiesta Invite?

    I have a hostess who wants to do a Mexican fiesta. There won't be any alcohol, so I can't use the margarita invites...does anyone have a Mexican Fiesta invitation?
  24. C

    Flyer for Mexican Margarita Fiesta

    Does anyone have a good flyer for a Mexican Margarita Fiesta? Thanks.
  25. O

    Fiesta & Brunch Ideas: Overcome Creative Block this Month

    :confused: I'm have three themed parties this month and I confidently took them on, but now I'm getting a little creative block as to what to do at each party. Two are Mexican Fiesta Parties and one is a brunch show. What are some ideas that have worked for you in the past?