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What is taco: Definition and 68 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    How to Make Taco Bowls Using a Muffin Pan?

    Make your Own Taco Bowls by Flipping Over a Pampered Chef Muffin Pan! The next time taco night rolls around, instead of serving the same old pre-made hard shelled tacos, pull out your muffin pan, preheat your oven, and reach for that bag of tortillas in the fridge. You're going to make taco...
  2. sailorsarah

    Can You Cook Turkey Taco Meatloaf in the Microwave?

    I came up with another recipe that uses the DCB in the microwave. It's a turkey taco meatloaf. It's really easy and you could show off a few items, like the MFP or food chopper. Getting Back My Shape with the Man-Approved Diet: Taco Turkey Meatloaf
  3. A

    Taco Salad for a Mexican Theme Party - What Dip Should I Bring?

    I am going to a party tonite for a mexican theme. I am making a taco salad and bringing beer bread. Any suggestions for a dip for it? Thanks, Amy
  4. wadesgirl

    Making and Heating Pizza for a Party: Tips and Tricks

    Can I make this tonight and heat it up tomorrow (without the toppings)? Should I double the recipe for a party I'm throwing? Doesn't seem like one is enough but I've never made it before.
  5. loreo

    Delicious Touchdown Taco Dip Recipe - Perfect for Game Day!

    I am making this dip Saturday. I do not have the rectangular baker. Could I use the rectangle baking pan instead with good results? Thanks!
  6. thehaleykitchen

    Can someone share the Taco Ring recipe from Dorris' cookbook?

    Okay, so I didn't get Dorris' cookbook but could someone please give me the Taco Ring recipe out of it???? I have seen a few posted here but a 1/2 lb of ground beef just doesn't seem to be enough to fill the ring. Thank you! My host tonight wants to demo this recipe because it's her favorite...
  7. B

    Urgent What Else to Make With Taco Ring?

    I have a show today and I am making the Taco Ring on the Large Bar Pan. I am going to talk about products and play a game or two while its cooking Is there a quick dessert that I do as well?
  8. T

    Need Help With Doing Taco Ring in Spanish...

    Hola - are there any Spanish speaking consultants out there who could help me with the Taco Ring recipe? I'm pretty fluent in Spanish, but I'm not as familiar with the cooking terminology in Spanish.... Any help would be much appreciated! Gracias!
  9. N

    Cool Crunchy Taco Trifle? Need Recipe

    awhile back- I saw a posting about the cool & crunch taco made in the trifle bowl- Cannot find it...searched ( I hate search, never can find anything) Does someone have it?
  10. A

    Director Taco Salad Trifle: A Salads Showcase!

    @ my meeting the other night we made a taco salad & put it in the trifle bowl & it looked beautiful! so it has inspired me to make a theme show for salads w/a snappy name that someone would want to book a show.... I'm going to make a flyer & I'll post it when I'm done. any ideas??? I'm...
  11. straitfan

    Touchdown Taco Dip in the Micro?

    I think I've read posts where some of you have made this in the microwave. If I microwaved it in the DCB about how long? TIA!
  12. yourpcgal

    Maggie's Taco Ring Adventure: Testing Out A Recipe Before a Show

    I've never made the Taco Ring or any ring for that matter. I have a show on Saturday and the host has requested the Taco Ring. I've been told by two other consultants to add a can of re-fried beans to the meat or else it will crumble out. Has anyone ever tried this? I plan to make this for...
  13. B

    Deep Dish Baker - Touch Down Taco Dip

    I have a customer who bought a piece of unglazed stoneware years ago (she says 20) that resembles the Deep Dish Baker. She makes a taco/bean dip in it, I'm thinking Touchdown Taco Dip, but I don't have access to the recipe in it (to see what pan is recommended to make it in) and her dish now...
  14. T

    Find the Perfect Taco Ring Recipe for Your Grand Opening!

    Where is the recipe for this taco ring I keep hearing about?? I only have 2 Season's Best books and it's not in either of those and I also looked on CC and nothing came up, I was thinking of making it for my Grand Opening...
  15. S

    Can I Use a Bar Pan to Make a Taco Ring?

    I have not made any of the rings yet. I just booked a Sept. show, and the host would like the taco ring. I don't have a round stone, but do have the large bar pan. Is there any reason I can't use that, and make more of a taco oval-shaped ring? I will definitely try the recipe before the show...
  16. K

    Please I Need the Taco Ring Recipe

    I can't find it. This and the mexican lasagna should be enought for 26 people.
  17. P

    Trying Out a New Snack: Has Anyone Tried This?

    I am thinking about making this tonight to snack on. Has anyone had it? Is it any good? Thanks
  18. kam

    Touchdown Taco Dip - How Long in Fridge?

    I made (assembled) the Touchdown Taco Dip on Wednesday afternoon so that it would be ready to pop in the oven for New Year's Eve. But, I had so much food - that we never got to the the Touchdown Taco dip. It is assembled, but not baked. I have had it in the fridge. How long do you think it...
  19. babywings76

    Need Recipe for Touch-Down Taco Dip

    Anyone have this? I couldn't find it in the files or on CC. I need to head out to the store soon, can anyone help me?
  20. C

    Pizza Dip Vs. Touchdown Taco Dip

    I am making a dip for a New Years Eve party and I was wondering if you could give me some ideas on which one of these is better. Unless you can think of a better appetizer :), please let me know! Thanks a bunch!
  21. susanr613

    How to Make Taco Seasoning From Sw Seasoning?

    I just returned from the market with all the fixings for tacos...except the seasoning mix! I can't deal with going out in the sub-zero weather again, so I would appreciate any/all tips you have on making my own taco seasoning. I do have most of a jar of our SW seasoning mix and a pretty wide...
  22. lacychef

    Iso: Cornbread Taco Bake Recipe

    I have a customer looking for an old favorite, maybe called Cornbread Taco Bake....anyone have it? She thinks it used to be on the use & care card for the lg bar pan. Has cornbread mix, beans, hamburger, cheese, etc....I can't find it & any help is appreciated!
  23. chefann

    Steal a Taco Day: How Can You Get Your Free Taco Today?

    Today, October 28, 2008 Get a free taco from Taco Bell! Taco Bell will give each person in America a free taco today because there was a stolen base in the World Series. You can get your taco today from 2 to 6 pm. http://www.tacobell.com/stealabasestealataco/ Sorry, Canadians. It's...
  24. jrstephens

    Anyone Have Suggestions/Recipes for Left Over Taco Meat?

    I have some left over that I wanted to use in a different way for supper tonight. Any suggestions?
  25. K

    Taco Ring Recipe: Find it Here!

    Where can I find the recipe for Taco Ring? I have done a search and did not come up with anything.:confused: Thank you in advance!!!
  26. cwinter474

    Taco in Muffin Stone or Mini-Muffin Pan

    Looking for a recipe for a older customer from a show 4 or 5+ years ago. She says the consultant made it in the Mini-Muffin pan and they were like little taco salads, the cups had meat with cheese and salsa. I'm thinking this is a cute idea to feed alot with bite size taco's. Anybody have...
  27. tabnat80

    Looking for a Mini Taco Cup Recipe?

    Hey fellow cheffers. I was hoping someone on here would have a recipe that was for mini taco cups. I know i've had these before. Not sure if they are pc or not. I just remember they were in the mini muffin cups or something like phyllo cups. I have a bunco meeting tonight and would love to...
  28. jbarnhill

    New Name for Touchdown Taco Dip

    I have a show tomorrow and we are making the touchdown taco dip however since it is basketball season and we are in Lawrence, KS and will be preparing to watch the Jayhawks I would like to call it something other than "touchdown" taco dip and maybe something more related to basketball. Got any...
  29. AnnieBee

    Help! Need the Taco Ring Recipe...

    ... or my kids (and me and DH!) will go hungry tonight :) Is there anyone out there who has it? TIA!
  30. redsoxgirl

    Have you tried turning the Taco Ring into Nachos?

    This was the very first recipe I ever had at a PC party back when I was 19 and I've always remembered it. I couldn;t tell you what other recipes I've had at PC parties over the years (although I seem to recall some sort of caramel apple pizza thing that was good). Anyway - I made the Taco...