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    Need No Bake Recipes

    Hi- I am doing a show next week for some realtors in their office. There is only a microwave and a kitchen sink. I also only have my SS kit plus a few small extras. Can anyone suggest anything I can do for no bake? I do have the small micro-cooker I can use for cooking or melting...
  2. S

    No Bake, No Cook Show

    Hello All! I am looking for some of your creative ideas! I have a show coming up on the 17th for 25-30 ladies at a resort. The theme of their conference is "Pampered" hence The Pampered Chef. They were referred to me through a lady who had attended one of my past shows. Here are the areas...
  3. I

    Can cookies bake on bar pan???

    I'm still new at this.... a customer asked me if she could bake cookies using the bar pan (stoneware) and I didn't know! :::: blushing ::::: I told her I'd get back to her. Can you wonderful ladies answer for me? Thank you! Susan :)
  4. M

    No Bake recipes

    I'm getting ready to do my very first kitchen show and I need to find a recipe to highlight the starter kit tools and requires no baking (it's been oppressively hot here lately). I know there are a couple of salsa's, but I need something with "oomph". I'm at a total loss as to what to say to my...