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What is cups: Definition and 166 Discussions

  1. L

    Iso Simple Addition Coffee Cups 3079

    These are the 10 oz white cups. I am trying to find 6 of them. Please let me know if you have any you could part with. Thank you,
  2. DebPC

    Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadilla Cups Recipe

    Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadilla Cups. 2 tbs sour cream 1/2 tbs mayonnaise 1/2 tbs whole milk 1 pk dry ranch dressing mix (any brand will work) 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese 1 cup monetary jack cheese 1 pk bacon 2 raw chicken breast 6 burrito size flour tortillas toppings I used: limes hot sauce...
  3. K

    Will Crunchy Buffalo Chicken Cups Hold Up for a Family Reunion?

    I am in need of an idea for a recipe for a family reunion this weekend. I haven't yet tried the crunchy buffalo chicken cups, but I am wondering how well they would hold up, and if they would travel well. I know they are served warm, but I am wondering how thye would taste at room tempature...
  4. chefjeanine

    Have you tried these Crunchy Buffalo Chicken Cups?

    Wondering if anyone has made this recipe yet. I'm thinking about it for an upcoming show and wanted some feed back. Thanks!
  5. DebPC

    Delicious Buffalo Chicken Cups Recipe: Perfect for Parties!

    BUFFALO CHICKEN CUPS: Ingredients: 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened 1/2 cup Ranch dressing 1/2 cup Buffalo wing sauce (Frank's is the brand I like) 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese, divided 1 1/2 cups cooked and shredded chicken 24 wonton wrappers 1/4 cup blue cheese...
  6. C

    Where to Find Lemon Curd for the SBRC Lemonade Shortcake Cups

    What section of the grocery store is lemon curd in? It is used in the SBRC lemonade shortcake cups.
  7. T

    Sweet and Salty Caramel Mousse Cups

    I am wondering if anyone has made these? Can you make this ahead of time or do you need to do it right before serving? Or can you make the mousse part and keep it chilled then put it on the cups later? I have a party tomorrow night but wanted to get everything ready for the party tonight.
  8. sailorsarah

    How can I make my own healthier version of Salty Carmel Cups?

    I can't remember the actual name for the pretzel cup things, so I just call them that. I loved the recipe but I thought the calorie and fat gram counts for them were crazy. I played with the recipe and was able to cut the calories in half and drop the fat grams from 6 to 1.6 grams. The recipe...
  9. M

    Say Goodbye to Hazy Measuring Cups: Tips for Clearer Results

    I have a customer who said her measuring cups are turning hazy or kinda white looking. Any ideas? I know she puts them in her dishwasher but she is wondering what she could do to make them clear again. Thanks
  10. P

    Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper Potato Cups

    Has anyone made these before? They're in the Easy & Impressive Appetizers book. The garlic doesn't want to break down - i have whole cloves in my cream cheese mixture....I'm not sure what I did wrong. :( Also my filling is really runny and pink, not the nice creamy texture they show in the...
  11. wadesgirl

    What is the recipe for The Pampered Chef's Double Chocolate Mousse Cups?

    This was asked for in the chat box. The Pampered Chef ® Double Chocolate Mousse Cups Recipe Waffle Cups 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate morsels 1 pkg (4 oz) prepared waffle bowls (10 bowls) Mousse & Garnish 1/2 cup white chocolate morsels 1 cup cold milk 1 pkg (3.3 oz)...
  12. lisaterwilliger

    Fs Pink White Dots Hwc Coffee and More Cups

    Cleaning out my closet and found the HWC pink/white dot coffee and more cups (still in the box!) from 4 or 5 years ago. They were used maybe once...the small squares are not available as they are used daily at our house! Asking $15 for the set plus shipping.
  13. A

    Urgent Making Tuxedo Brownie Cups Tonight! Help!

    Ok, so I was looking at the recipe, and it just says to top with strawberries - do you all normally cut the strawberries? It doesn't say to, but usually all I can find at the store are ginormous strawberries. I was thinking about coring them and then just giving them a quick chop in either the...
  14. C

    Microwave Recipes for the Coffee and More Cups - Dorm Room Ideas

    Thought I had seen a recipe file for several recipes that can be done in the Coffee and More cups. Does anyone know where it is? I think there is a cake that can be done and possibly other things. Looking for microwave ideas for the dorm. Thanks!
  15. A

    This or That? : S'more Cups or Tuxedo Brownie Cups

    So I'm making dessert for our monthly sales meeting. I'm trying to make something easy, that doesn't require me to buy a bunch of additional ingredients from what I already have. I'm torn between the S'more Cups and the Tuxedo Brownie Cups. Do you guys have a preference? I have never tried...
  16. M

    Can I Make S'more Cups the Night Before?

    I'd like to make the s'more cups, but need them for Saturday late morning. Would I be able to make them the night before, do you think? I know, I know, I COULD get up early and make them, but.... I don't wanna! :-)
  17. B

    Delicious Dessert Recipe: Chocolate and Topping Ideas

    So... I tested this recipe the other night. It was too semi sweet for me. Has anyone tried it with milk chocolate? And what about toppings? I'm not a big cherry fan, but I did buy some to try. I thought about some sort of peanut butter topping, but I can't seem to wrap my mind around what would...
  18. K

    Simple Chicken Salad Recipe for Wonton Cups

    Hello. I am trying to get together a recipe for Chicken Salad to make in the Wonton cops for the new MFP. Does anyone have a simple chicken salad recipe that you could share? Thanks so much!
  19. K

    What's the best candy bar for S'more Cups?

    Hi gang! I'm pampering a couple of businesses this week and I want to make the S'more Cups because they seem easy and inexpensive. What candy bars do you guys use? I ask because I don't eat chocolate, I know I'm weird LOL! Thanks!
  20. S

    Are These Mini Carrot Cake Cups Moist Enough with Only 2 TBLS Oil?

    Need some input and opinion... How are these? Any tips? Only 2 TBLS oil, seems like not so much are they moist enough? Schel
  21. L

    Elegant Artichoke Cups - Looking for Video Demo Please

    Hi everyone, I'm very new (signed up 9/7) and am doing my first two shows this coming weekend (eek!). They are for family and friends, but I'm still very nervous. I've decided to make the Elegant Artichoke Cups as my recipe, and I've practiced it once already at home. However, I felt like a...
  22. J

    Need a Recipe- Little Spinach Cups?

    I need a community fair on Saturday and an elderly lady that I've never met in my entire life came up to me and said, "I was going to call you! I was at a show years ago and you made these little spinach cups? I want that recipe." I just started in March so it wasn't me...but I did tell her...
  23. C

    Quesadilla Cups W/ Nectrine Salsa...

    AMAZING!!!! I made these the other night and i loved them soooo much i ate them for dinner!!! also i didnt have any nectrines so i used peaches and also to make them more filling i added shredded chicken under the cheese when i put them in the oven. They are amazing and very cheap and verrry...
  24. lisa717

    Chipotle Chicken Cornbread Cups

    I CANT FIND this recipe...can someone help me...that recipe finder on CC SUCKS!!!
  25. D

    Why is my cutting board's top turning orange while the sides remain white?

    Love the board just because of the measuring cups, but mine has discoloured and I'm not sure why? The top has turned a tinted orange and yet the sides are still white. I haven't used it for anything that would cause this; I'm thinking the dishwasher but why?
  26. J

    New to Pampered Chef? Quesadilla Cups & Nectarine Salsa Suggestion

    I am new to PC and am doing my 1st show this sat. my host wants me to make the quesadilla cups with nectarine salsa for a mexican theme...this is fine but i am a little worried it doesn't "show off" some of the best selling products. I do not have the DCB yet, but wondered if there were...
  27. jbdowd0798

    Cutting Board With Measure Cups

    Hi All, Dear Husband placed the cups on the bottom rack of the dishwasher and the 1 cup melted a bit to the point of not being able to use it.:( I checked out the replacement parts form and if my eyes are right, we can't replace a part for it. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks!
  28. kam

    Make-Ahead Kiwi Lime Cups for Work: Tips and Tricks

    I want to make these to bring to work tomorrow...and I am thinking that I read somewhere (on here, of course!) that if they are made ahead that they get soggy (???) Not sure, but that is sticking in my memory for some reason. Anyway, for anyone who has made these, when you made the cups from...
  29. C

    Quesadilla Cups With Nectarine Salsa

    I'm making this today and I couldnt find a serrano pepper anywhere so picked up a jalepeno pepper instead. Will it still work? How much can i use?
  30. K

    Help With Kiwi-Lime Dessert Cups Recipe

    I wanted to try this recipe last night. However, I could not find the refrigerated sugar cookie dough anywhere (tried my local grocery store, Safeway, Walmart, Superstore, Sobey's - has anyone is Canada been able to find this??) so I substituted Betty Crocker's Sugar Cookie mix (you add...