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What is tuxedo: Definition and 24 Discussions

  1. A

    Urgent Making Tuxedo Brownie Cups Tonight! Help!

    Ok, so I was looking at the recipe, and it just says to top with strawberries - do you all normally cut the strawberries? It doesn't say to, but usually all I can find at the store are ginormous strawberries. I was thinking about coring them and then just giving them a quick chop in either the...
  2. A

    This or That? : S'more Cups or Tuxedo Brownie Cups

    So I'm making dessert for our monthly sales meeting. I'm trying to make something easy, that doesn't require me to buy a bunch of additional ingredients from what I already have. I'm torn between the S'more Cups and the Tuxedo Brownie Cups. Do you guys have a preference? I have never tried...
  3. R

    Urgent Who has a photo of Tuxedo Brownie Cups?

    Does anyone have a photo of the "Tuxedo Brownie Cups"? I would like to use a photo of them on my invitations but I don't have time to make them to take my own. I have to get my invites in the mail by the morning. Thanks for your help!
  4. L

    Can You Store White Chocolate Mix in the Easy Accent Decorator?

    Question, please. Can you make the white chocolate mix and store in refrigerator in the Easy Accent Decorator? I'm thinking about making them a head and just having to decorate them when I get to my party. But I've never kept the filling in the refrigerator any amount of time.
  5. kam

    Can Tuxedo Brownie Cups be made ahead and with different toppings?

    I have never made these and want to make these for a get-together. I have some questions for those that have made these: 1. Can they be made ahead? Can I make the brownie cups and the filling the night before and keep them separate and just fill them the night before, or does the filling...
  6. AnnieBee

    Truffle Brownie Cups or Tuxedo Brownies?

    OK, to those of you who have made or eaten both of these, which recipe do you like more? I have made the truffle cups ALOT and love this recipe (so rich and yummy, and EASY!), but I'm wondering about trying the tuxedo cups for a change for my "Spring Fling" this coming Sunday. But I've...
  7. Karen

    Urgent Tuxedo Brownie Cups Help Needed!

    I'm in the middle of making the Tuxedo Brownie Cups for my "Bubbles & Truffles" theme show tomorrow. Brownies are baked and ready to go. I "thought" I had white chocolate in my cupboard and I don't! :eek: I have every other flavor that you can imagine. Does anybody have a quick fix that I...
  8. kam

    Tuxedo Brownie Cups: Small Box or Family Size?

    Since I don't have much luck with the Truffle Brownie Cups - I thought I would give the Tuxedo Brownie cups a try. But I have a couple questions: The recipe calls for starting out with a brownie mix: 1 package (19-21 oz) fudge brownie mix (plus ingredients to make mix) 1. Does anyone know...
  9. pcchefjane

    Looking for a Tuxedo Brownie Recipe?

    I don't have the cookbook this is in and one of my new customers asked for it.:) I would like to give it to her and use it maybe myself. Could anyone help with the recipe? I appreciate it!
  10. P

    Tuxedo Brownies: Serve Now or Refrigerate?

    Do the tuxedo brownies need to be refridgerated for 3 hours prior to serving or can they be served once they've cooked? TIA
  11. S

    Extra Filling for Tuxedo Brownie Cups -Ideas?

    I have extra filling for the Tuxedo Brownie Cups. Any suggestions for what else I could do with it? I am thinking it will not freeze well...
  12. Sk8Mom209

    Delicious Tuxedo Brownie Squares Recipe for Bite-Sized Treats

    Good morning. Can someone post this recipe for me? Also, I believe this is the recipe that can also be made in the deluxe mini muffin pan, correct? I want to make these for my son's school birthday party (small & bite size so as to not over sugar the whole class!) Thank you in...
  13. kcjodih

    Tuxedo Brownie Cups Ganache Question

    How long do you really have to leave this in the freezer? How thick is it supposed to be? Mine's been in there 15 min and it's thick along the outside edge but then I stir and it's like a runny icing :eek: Also after piping it from the baggie into the brownie cups does it firm up? Can you...
  14. ragschef

    Looking for Tuxedo Brownies for a Client

    I did a show tonight for a lady that really wants the recipe for the tuxedo brownies for a family reunion for Christmas. Anyone have it or happen to know which cookbook they're in? Thanks!
  15. JenAZ

    Tuxedo Brownies: Can You Make Them the Evening Prior?

    Anyone know how much in advanced you can make the Tuxedo Brownies? I know the recipe says 1-3 hours chilled. Anyone ever make it the evening prior?
  16. crazy4dabug

    Tuxedo Brownie Cups: Need Picture & Recipe!

    I'm making the tuxedo brownie cups and I need a picture of them. I have the recipe...just not the pic so I'm not sure as to how to arrange the strawberries. Thank you!
  17. 4kids4me

    Finding an Alternative to Strawberries for a SU Party

    Is there an alternative to strawberries? I have a SU party tomorrow and I offered to bring these but strawberries are outrageously expensive here. I think they'd look too plain w/o the strawberries, but can't think of anything else. You ladies always have the best ideas! TIA!
  18. pckelly

    Delicious Tuxedo Brownie Cups Recipe - Perfect for Any Occasion!

    I have searched in the recipes for the Tuxedo Brownie Cups and can't find this one, if any one has it in word, please let me know!!!:D
  19. ldanti

    How Can I Purchase the Asian Gift Set for My Bridal Show and Receive a Discount?

    I have a bridal show coming up and would love to make these!!! Very elegant!! How do i purchase the new asian gift set (available only online) and do I get a discount? Thanks again to all Lorraine
  20. dannyzmom

    Tuxedo Brownie Squares From Stoneware Sensations

    Anyone have the recipe? I can't find my cookbook.
  21. pamperedalf

    Cooking for a Party: Salmon Puffs & Tuxedo Brownie Cups!

    I have a host that wants to make some things out of the celebrate cookbook since it is free this month. I have misplaced mine, and my directors left yesterday for the cruise. I need the recipes for the Party Salmon Puffs as well a the Tuxedo Brownie Cups!!:D TIA She wants me to finish the...
  22. I

    White Chocolate Tuxedo Brownie Recipe: Use 2 Small Squares or 1 Large Square?

    Recipe calls for 2 (1oz) squares of white chocolate... I have one wrapped "square" of white chocolate wrapped in it's foil, and that square has 4 squares. Do I use 2 of the little squares, or buy some more white chocolate so I have 2 wrapped larger squares of 4? thanks!!! Susan :)
  23. F

    Help Needed: Looking for Tuxedo Brownie Recipe

    I would love to try to make the tuxedo brownies, but I do not have the recipe, if anyone could post it, that would be great. Thanks.
  24. M

    Where Can I Find the Recipe for Tuxedo Brownie Bites?

    :D Help! I am looking for the receipe for the Tuxedo Brownie Bites for a show tomorrow and I can't find where I put it. I need to get shopping done tonight. . .Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks