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What is sensations: Definition and 19 Discussions

  1. G

    Experience the Sensations of Stoneware: Overcoming Texture and Noise Concerns

    What do you say when people says the noise/texture of the stoneware goes through them. I tell that they will get used to it and with time it goes away. It goes through some people. Well most people I have shown it to. Does anyone else have this or it just the people locally to Staffordshire?
  2. LeslieSGI

    Do I Need a Stoneware Sensations Cookbook???

    Just wondering here. Is there a good reason why I might want to see if I can find one of these (Stoneware Sensations Cookbook) someday? I have Stoneware Inspirations, All the Best and most all of the more recent offerings. Am I missing any earth shattering recipes by not having a copy of the...
  3. ChefErin

    Searching For Original Stoneware Sensations Cookbook

    Was there ever a spiral-bound version of this one? I know the "more" Stoneware Sensations cookbook was spiral, but I'm trying to find the original......all I can find is plain old paperback....
  4. chefannie

    Iso More Stoneware Sensations Book

    I am looking for a copy of the More Stoneware Sensations. Does anyone have a copy thats in good conditions that they are willing to part with? Let me know. Thanks, Annie:chef:
  5. redsoxgirl

    Anyone Have the Stoneware Sensations Handy?

    The retired one in the outlet. I need to supply some PC items for a raffle next week and I was thinking about doing the mini fluted pan and the cookbook, but I wanted to know if there were recipes in the cookbook for the pan before I bought it.
  6. laylaleigh

    Should I Get Main Dishes & Stoneware Sensations Cookbooks?

    The two cookbooks in the outlet, Main Dishes and Stoneware Sensations, are they good? Are they worth having in your home since you can't take them to shows anymore? I am debating getting them. I love cookbooks! But I didn't know if it was worth it. I have so many, and my DH gets a little...
  7. chefheidi2003

    Jumpin' Jambalaya: Recipe Hunt from More Stoneware Sensations Cookbook

    Does anyone have the recipe for Jumpin' Jambalaya from the More Stoneware Sensations Cookbook...I want to make it but don't have the book.
  8. redsoxgirl

    Quick Cherry Cobbler From Old Stoneware Sensations?

    Does anyone have this recipe handy just as it is in the book? I'm making it for a show tonight and forgot to bring the book to copy the recipe to hand out. Thanks!
  9. A

    Stoneware Sensations Cookbook: A Great Outlet Find for Hostess Gifts!

    Does anyone have this cookbook? It just became available at the outlet, and it looks like a great price for hostess gifts, etc. But, I don't want to order a bunch if it isn't that good. Thanks!!
  10. Kodeysmom

    Discover Delicious Recipes with the Stoneware Sensations Cookbook

    Stoneware sensations cookbook, garnisher, LIFT AND SERVE, star insert, and a few more.
  11. P

    TPampered Chef More Stoneware Sensations: Is It Still Available?

    Which cook book is TPC More Stoneware Sensations? Do they still sell that one?
  12. cat

    What Are Some Must-Try Recipes from Stoneware Sensations Cookbook?

    I have it, but I've never used it...are there any recipes in this cookbook that you tried and really love? I guess I'm looking for recommendations... Thanks!
  13. B

    Veggie Stuffed Mushroom/ Stoneware Sensations Cookbook??

    Can some one please tell me what cheese is supposed to be in the mixture? I got the recipe from WLPC2 but the directions say to add the cheese and the ingredients don't have a cheese listed. It is not the recipe on joyce's http://www.thesmilies.com/smilies/ashamed0006.gif My show is at 1pm...
  14. dannyzmom

    Tuxedo Brownie Squares From Stoneware Sensations

    Anyone have the recipe? I can't find my cookbook.
  15. J

    Discover Delicious Recipes with Stoneware Sensations Cookbook

    I'm looking for a cookbook - Stoneware Sensations. It's not in our current catalog and one of my hosts was showing it to me - she wanted me to make a recipe for her show from it - and I saw a lot of good recipes I'd like to try in it. Any thought son where I can get it? Anyone looking to sell...
  16. K

    Discover the Classic Stoneware Sensations Cookbook | No Need for eBay!

    I am need of the Stoneware Sensations cookbook. This is not the new Stoneware Inspirations cookbook but the old Sensations. I have a customer who wants this one and I don't want her resorting to ebay.
  17. Y

    Discover the Delicious Recipe from Stoneware Sensations Cookbook | USA Web-Site

    Can anyone tell me what the recipe is that is pictured on the front of your Stoneware Sensations Cookbook? We don't have it over in the UK, and it looks really interesting. I go on the USA web-site a lot because you have all these wonderful recipes that we don't have access to. Thanks, Yvonne
  18. W

    IIs the Stoneware Sensations Cookbook being discontinued?

    I was just looking at the new F/W catalog and noticed that the Stoneware Sensations cookbook is still going to be available after the end of this month. (It's included in the Pizza Lovers gift pack but is not available on its own). I'm still pretty new to PC...do they normally phase things out...
  19. C

    Delicious Recipes from More Stoneware Sensations Cookbook

    I am trying to find the recipe for "All-American Cheeseburger Ring" and "Cool Lime Colada Cake". They are in the More Stoneware Sensations cookbook, which is no longer available. If someone has these recipes, will you PLEASE send them to me. Thank you so much.