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What is board: Definition and 99 Discussions

  1. raebates

    Find the Perfect Wahoo Woman Image for Your Vision Board

    Anyone have a pic of the Wahoo Woman? I want it for an vision board.
  2. naekelsey

    Cutting Meat on Wooden Boards: Debunking Bacteria Myths

    I had a customer tell me (and everyone at the party) that meat should only be cut on a wooden board because of the something about bacteria. That even "our" boards aren't good for meat. Has anyone heard of this & know what the heck she is talking about?
  3. R

    Lap Board Search: 10 Wanted (White/Burgundy)

    Hi everybody I am in search of Lap Boards... I would like to have 10 more can be either the white ones or burgundy ones. Thanks!:chef:
  4. DebPC

    Bamboo Note Holder/Dry Erase Board

    Is anyone selling some of these??? i've never seen had any questions on these. I wouldn't mind if they were gone 3/1.
  5. C

    Help...iso Hwc Bar Board and Knife!!

    hi....a customer needs 2 of the pink bar boards with the knife.... anyone have any extras????
  6. babywings76

    Guest Says the Cutting Board Is Soft?

    I just got this e-mail from a past guest. Any advice? "I typically am not a problem child, but I'm feeling like one now. So sorry! I have a question regarding the cutting board I purchased. I replaced an old plastic thing I've had for probably 30 years -- told Xxxxxxx that the health...
  7. wadesgirl

    Large Grooved Cutting Board Vs Cutting Mats

    I usually bring my large grooved cutting board but in the thought of cutting back I was thinking of bringing the cutting mats instead. Any thoughts? I know the cutting board is worth more but the mats are smaller and lighter.
  8. M

    Can I Use Personal Connections and Social Media to Grow My PC Business?

    Good evening! My name is Amanda and I just found this board and happy to sign up looks fabulous! I am signing on Saturday as a consultant. I am a big time cook and held my first party as a way to pick up some extra items. My mom pushed me to do PC because I hold cooking classes in the area...
  9. C

    Can you help me get back into Pampered Chef after a break?

    Hi Everyone, I just re-signed with PC a week ago after 5+ years break. I loved it when I was working the first time, but needed to let something go after having a 3rd miscarriage and teaching full-time. Happily it was the right thing to do as I now have a beautiful 3 1/2 year old. It's time...
  10. A

    A Big Thank You to All the Wonderful People on This Board!

    I just wanted to say a big "Thank you" to all the people on this board! I am a NC since September and this has been such a huge help in getting my business up and running. The experience, wisdom, flyers, and insight has been so wonderful! I haven't posted much, but the information I have gained...
  11. Jennie4PC

    Tracking Down a Lost Cutting Board: A Customer's Story

    I had a lady who got my info off my car and ordered a cutting board. During our talking back and forth she asked me to drop the cutting board off at her DD's work. I droppped it off on Wed. Well she called me yesterday and it is no where to be found. I am going to go in to the store and talk to...
  12. KayPT

    Creating a Professional Display Board: Tips and Tricks for Reusability

    I bought a white display 3 fold board, however I am kind of at a loss for where to start. I bought some pretty red paper with texture and shiny black paper. I printed out the PC logo on a see through sheet that I am going to place over the black. How do I attach these things to the board so...
  13. Hunter Mom

    What Can You Learn from Experienced Pampered Chef Members on CS?

    but not new to PC. In fact, this is go-round #3! I got back into PC in May due to a few uncertainties in life. After a rocky start, I'm off to a wonderful fall.
  14. C

    Back on Board With a New Baby! Advice Needed...

    Hello everyone, I've been out of the loop for a while, as our baby girl (our first), Kenzie Alexa, was born July 28, by C-section, weighing 8 lb 13 oz. She'll be 4 weeks tomorrow - I can hardly believe how fast these first weeks have flown by! I wasn't sure back in June how much time off I...
  15. Shannen

    Cleaning Tips for Bar Boards That Won't Come Out

    I thought the bar boards weren't supposed to stain, but the middle of mine is a beige-ish color that I can't get out. I've tried using hand dish soap before putting it in the dish washer and scrubbing it, but nothing is working. Tips?
  16. D

    Why is my cutting board's top turning orange while the sides remain white?

    Love the board just because of the measuring cups, but mine has discoloured and I'm not sure why? The top has turned a tinted orange and yet the sides are still white. I haven't used it for anything that would cause this; I'm thinking the dishwasher but why?
  17. Q

    Find the Perfect Cutting Board | Flat or Bumpy? | #1012 and #1001

    I got this question in an email--but I am at work. I need to close out this guests order and get the check before I leave work. Can anyone who is home, check on this for me? Please? I can't remember without looking at mine. Are the cutting boards (white ones (#1012 and #1001) are totally...
  18. NooraK

    I'm on Board the Director Express!

    Becky started a fabulous thread for accountability for 2009-2010. I've really enjoyed taking part in it, and plan to continue doing so. Last weekend I went to Knoxville, TN and took part in the Director Express training. I really want to implement this program in my business, and to do that...
  19. kristina16marie

    Want to Boost Sales with a HWC Promo Board in Your Catalog Tote?

    I made a HWC promo board that I plan to print out on cardstock & stick in my catalog tote for May to hopefully "whip" up some sales of pink products & fundraisers. The .doc attachment was too big so I made a .jpg of it - if anyone is interested I can email it to you or if you know how to make a...
  20. C

    Display Board - What Is It Missing?

    I haven't glued anything down yet. I wanted it to be eye catching and read from a distance to draw them in. Is it to plain? I just used the booking slide printables from cc and then a help wanted sign from here. Let me know what you think...
  21. jbdowd0798

    Cutting Board With Measure Cups

    Hi All, Dear Husband placed the cups on the bottom rack of the dishwasher and the 1 cup melted a bit to the point of not being able to use it.:( I checked out the replacement parts form and if my eyes are right, we can't replace a part for it. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks!
  22. M

    Need ideas for using a Tri-Fold Board in booth displays?

    Hey ladies ok all of these I am seeing look so wonderful I think it would really help me with my booths coming up... Can you ladies post some pictures and how you have yours laid out. I am going to get the board today and I have one of those cricut cutting machines, but I am not sure how to lay...
  23. PampChefJoy

    Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" — Get on Board!

    I caught his new show "Food Revolution" on Hulu last night. WOW! It made my husband stop and think too about the junk we're putting in our bodies. So I was checking out Jamie's website and came across this: http://www.jamieathome.com/join-the-gang/join-us-in-march.html I didn't know he...
  24. AJPratt

    Need a Pink Bar Board and Knife? Can anyone help?

    Ugh! I have a customer who is looking for one of these. Can anyone help?
  25. A

    Can't Order #4372 Pink Bar Board and Knife @ Show

    Please help... A guest at my show put the #4372 Pink Bar Board and Knife on my paper order form at my show (she saw it on the PC website). I put in PC+ and it flags it (I read on PC website It's online only order). I tried to see if I can order myself, to give to my customer, by attaching...
  26. S

    Where Can I Find Inspiration for a Bridal Board?

    Anyone have a bridal board to put pictures of the items for the brides wish list? I am looking for pictures to design one myself for my upcoming bridal show. Any help / suggestions greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Schel
  27. janetupnorth

    Plane Crash in Brazil Kills All on Board

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/brazil_plane Sad, I highly doubt anyone survived this one... :(
  28. F

    What to do about missing gray holders on cutting board with measure cups?

    Gray tabs in cutting board have fallen out & cups no longer stay in. Customer wants to replace the missing gray holders...didn't see it on replacement parts form. Is over 1 year old. Anyone know what advice to give her?
  29. J

    Knives and Cutting Board Question

    two quick questions.... I am about to purchase the knife set that comes with the bamboo block. Will the knives still come with the protective covers so if I want to bring one or two to a show with me I can? Or, do the knives come in the block with no covers? Also, what is the diff. b/w...
  30. A

    at theRisk of This Person Being on This Board Too

    I'm on Facebook and signed up for a PC group. There's been some turnover in admin and I got this in my FB mailbox this morning from the new one. Doesn't PC have some policy about recruiting in this manner? Hello Members To members of Pampered Chef Consultants Allison SXXXX Add as...