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What is mexican: Definition and 93 Discussions

  1. julsradford

    Mexican Main Dish in Rockcrock Dutch Oven?

    I have my first party this friday. I should say, my first party without help from my director (she helped with my grand opening). The Host wants to do a Mexican theme so I am doing the chipotle chicken dip and she is making some dips and salsa to go with it. We decided on a marble cheesecake...
  2. PCCHeather0506

    Looking for a Quick Mexican Themed Dessert Idea?

    I'm doing a Mexican theme show tomorrow and my hostess wants to add a dessert...anyone know of anything I could do that would be QUICK?? I'm contemplating maybe the mexican chocolate cake...if she helps me prep it before and i can just throw it together??
  3. M

    Mexican Chicken "Lasagna" Question

    I would like to make this for some guests coming over on Thursday but there will be either 7 or 8 or us and I'm not sure one batch will be enough. I'm wondering about either making a batch and a half in the new roaster and cooking it in the oven or doing a full batch in the DCB and a half batch...
  4. M

    Host the Perfect Theme Show: Mexican in Minutes, Gameday & More!

    Has anyone put together a theme show book? Something with enticing photos of recipes covering stuff like Mexican in Minutes, Gameday, Cold Stone, etc. I want to put something together that would excite potential hosts and encourage bookings. Having something guests could browse through would...
  5. H

    Delicious Mexican Chicken Napoleons: Tips for Serving and Enjoying

    Okay.. Made the Mexican Chicken Napoleons last night. They turned out beautiful! BUT.. How the heck are you supposed to eat them????!!! I am making them at a show Tuesday night, and I would like to be able to tell the guests the best way to eat them.. Hubby and I about made mess trying to...
  6. A

    Taco Salad for a Mexican Theme Party - What Dip Should I Bring?

    I am going to a party tonite for a mexican theme. I am making a taco salad and bringing beer bread. Any suggestions for a dip for it? Thanks, Amy
  7. N

    Need a Meat-Free Mexican Recipe? Try Touchdown Taco Dip!

    I was thinking touch down taco dip...anyone else got suggestions-
  8. wadesgirl

    Mexican Chicken Napoleons: A Creative Twist on a Classic Recipe

    Do you think I could make little cups in the MMP like a few other recipes we've had and fill it with the chicken filling instead of serving it like the recipe says to? In the past the cup recipes called for flour tortillas but I know I have corn ones at home I should use up. Do you think that...
  9. babywings76

    How can I make Mexican Chicken Napoleons for a large group?

    Thought I'd start a thread for this recipe by itself, because this can be an interesting recipe. It's written in the SB as one of the recipes that can be made using just the New Consultant Kit contents, but if you have other products, this can be made showing a ton of them. Overall, my...
  10. LeslieSGI

    Pampered Chefhef Mexican Wedding Cookies 3>

    My Director made these for our cluster's holiday get together and they were awesome. If you need to bake one more batch of holiday cookies, you won't be disappointed in these unless you hate pecans and tender buttery cookies rolled in powdered sugar. You can find them in the recipe search on...
  11. deanna_g

    Mexican Cheese Crisps on the Large Bar Pan

    So, I'm making these for the first time for my show on Saturday and I decided to do a trial run. Boy am I glad I did! I did the 24 pieces of cheese on the large bar pan (since I don't have the large round stone) and they all ran together! I guess there's just not enough area on the large bar pan...
  12. kam

    Mexican Cheese Crisps With Avocado

    Has anyone made these? I am making this for a cluster meeting Thursday, but will have very limited time from the time I get home from work until I have to leave for the meeting. Do you think making the cheese crisp part the night before would be OK? And do you think the "sauce" that get...
  13. J

    Where Can I Find a Template for Mexican in Minutes Postcard Invites?

    Hey all... I have looked and can't find one!! Does anyone know of or have a template they use to print out thier Mexican in Minutes Postcard invites. I ran out of everything else and this is a last min show!! Please Help!!!
  14. E

    Mexican Chicken Lasagna Oven Instructions Help Needed

    Does anyone have oven instructions for the Mexican Chicken Lasagna?? My DCB doesnt fit in my microwave:(
  15. T

    Mexican in Minutes: Have They Helped You Sell More or Book More?

    Have any of these recipes increased your sales or your bookings when you make them at a show? I am making the Chipotle Corn Bread on Wednesday, and was wondering if others have had good luck with sales, especially the DCB, and bookings with these Mexican recipes. Tips appreciated! Thanks!
  16. C

    What's Your Favorite Mexican Recipe for Cinco De Mayo?

    We are having a Cinco De Mayo cookoff next week at my other job. Just wondering everyone's favorite Mexican Recipe. I won't have an oven, so it has to be cold, microwave or toaster oven ready!! I personally think that the Black Bean Salsa Dip is the best ever, but I have brought it to work a...
  17. A

    How to Decorate a Mexican-Themed Booth to Attract More Visitors?

    I am doing a booth on Saturday at a local craft fair and I have decided to add more shows to my calendar I am giving away a "Fun with Friends, Fajitas and a Fabulous Trifle" party every hour! That's 6 shows right there. (I will probably call everyone and tell them they won to see how many I...
  18. S

    Sandi in Need of Help - Can't Download Mexican Theme Guide

    For some reason, the Mexican Theme guide won't download for me. Is anyone else having problems? I have made the cornbread dish for tonight's meeting and wanted to see what they put the value of the tools used to make it. Can anyone give me tht number? Thank you SO much! Sandi
  19. gailz2

    Mexican Theme Show? Others in Sp/Su 10 Packet?

    Was there any literature in anyone's Spring/Summer box referring to theme shows? I hear people talk of Mexican theme shows. All that was in my box was the CD, DVD, Catalogs, Merrill, mini-catalog, special CN spring edition. Do we usually get order forms, spring supply list form and theme show...
  20. PamperedSD

    Mexican Fiesta Flyer: Come Join Us for a Fun-Filled Evening!

    I'm off to a slow start so far for 2010. I had a Valentine's show last week at work and someone asked to host a show :) She said most people from work wanted a Friday and her close friends wanted a Saturday. I told her to pick the date that worked best for her - Sat! So here is my flyer...
  21. chefann

    Ss 2010 Theme - Mexican in Minutes

    3 recipe cards available: Quesadilla Cups with Nectarine Salsa, Chipotle Chili Cornbread Bake and Strawberry-Coconut Tres Leches Trifle. Postcard invitation has pics of all 3 card recipes. Additional main dish recipe, but no card: Cool and Crunchy Chicken Tacos All the recipes are in...
  22. R

    Looking for Some Pampered Chef Mexican Recipes

    I have a customer whose new daughter in law will be visiting and she would like to make her some mexican recipes. I thought that maybe some of you might share some good ones, maybe even some from the US season's best. TIA for your help.:)
  23. R

    Mexican Chicken Lasagna: A Delicious Twist with Tomatillo Salsa Substitute

    One of my customers has asked me if tomatillo(sp?) salsa can be substituted for the enchilada sauce?
  24. kcjodih

    Mexican Chicken Lasagna Question

    I've searched and searched and searched and neither Walmart nor the three grocery stores in my area carry corn tortillas. I've checked with the other tortillas in the bread section and in the Mexican aisle as well and even asked employees. Can I use regular flour tortillas instead and if so...
  25. J

    Making Margaritas in a Trifle Bowl for Mexican Party

    Hello! I have a Mexican themed party this weekend and th host wants to try the margaritas. I don't have a Quick Stir Pitcher. I was planning on using the trifle bowl just as a centerpiece, do you think it would be ok to make the margaritas and serve them in the trifle bowl?
  26. N

    Need Mexican Theme Invite- Please

    PLEASE I need a flyer- for a themed mexican invite. please share if you have one- thanks nancy
  27. AmyDare

    What Are Some Quick and Easy Mexican Recipes for a Pampered Chef Party?

    I have a party this Friday, and the host is planning making carnitas and salsa, kind of separate from the party, kind of not--she wants to use the salad choppers. I'm trying to figure out how to work a demo in. I'm thinking of doing the microwave mexican chocolate cake--having the cake bake...
  28. R

    Have you tried Mexican Chicken Lasagne with extra cream cheese?

    I made this tonight. My daughter and I like it, but dh didn't (would rather have homemade enchilada sauce - yeah how the heck do you make that?). Anyway, the receipe calls for 12 tortillas and only an 8 oz bar of cream cheese. I tried spreading the cream cheese out, but I really needed more...
  29. babywings76

    Show Outline/Breakdown for Mexican Chicken "Lasagna"

    I've made this recipe at home for us about 3 times now and I've tweaked the recipe just a bit. But I was wondering if anyone has done this for a show and has things typed up in some type of outline. What you prep ahead, what you demo, how much time between stuff and what you do, etc. I was...
  30. O

    Delicious Mexican Chicken Lasagna Recipe - Perfect for Any Occasion!

    This may have already been discussed, but since I'm relatively new here...I was wondering if when you make the Mexican Chicken Lasagna to the recipe, does anyone find that it is very liquidy? No one's complained about it at my shows, but it just doesn't come out looking like the picture. I...