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What is themed: Definition and 52 Discussions

  1. S

    Unique and Creative Wedding Registry Ideas for a June Bridal Shower

    Good Afternoon All!I am doing a bridal registry scheduled for June and I am wondering if any of you have any awesome ideas for the registry as well as invitation inserts. The family setting up the shower wanted to use their own invites instead of the pampered chef ones so I'm looking to see if...
  2. PCCHeather0506

    Looking for a Quick Mexican Themed Dessert Idea?

    I'm doing a Mexican theme show tomorrow and my hostess wants to add a dessert...anyone know of anything I could do that would be QUICK?? I'm contemplating maybe the mexican chocolate cake...if she helps me prep it before and i can just throw it together??
  3. DebPC

    Director Bunco Themed Shows: Unlock the Mystery of a Fun and Exciting Event!

    I think they run them like a Mystery Host. Has anyone ever done this?
  4. L

    Relax and Unwind with SPA Themed Shows

    Hi Everyone, I'm new here and was wondering if any of you have heard of a SPA themed show before. I heard about one where the TPC tools were used to make spa themed recipes where they were made and then used to relax as a SPA themed show. Anyone heard of one of these? If so, does...
  5. S

    Launching a Party: Kitchen Themed Ideas & Games!

    Hello All...I am going to have a launch party for my first booking. I am nervous I am going to screw this up. Any ideas or suggestions for a theme what games to play prizes etc. I love anything to do with kitchens everything! but im afraid I wont be god at this at all. Please Help.:confused:
  6. N

    What are some ways to find recipes for themed shows?

    I've been seeing alot of cool ideas for themed shows. But are there recipes anywhere? Or do you just go with a theme and choose any recipe that goes with that theme? I saw somewhere that there is a Mexican in Minutes that made fajitas in the DCB. But when i went to the PC website under themed...
  7. T

    Chocolate Themed Party: Ideas for Main Dish and Desserts

    I have a chocolate themed party. The host is doing some of our awesome desserts, but she wanted me to demo chocolate in a main course. Any ideas? I will post the recipes she does and the one I can get for main dish here after the show. Thanks, Ruth
  8. L

    Fun Christmas Games: Left/Right & More for Your Holiday Show!

    Does anyone have a fun Christmas game to play at their shows. I was wondering is there is a Christmas version of the left/right game. Thanks for your help
  9. P

    Director Anyone Ever Done a "Doggie" Themed Show

    Looking for ideas for a fundraiser for a dog rescue organization. homemade dog bones anyone?
  10. Barry Carlton

    Game Day Themed Parties for the Football Widowed!

    My Jan fell completely apart. :cry:I have called most on my contact list in the last week already but I am thinking of trying to call the more receptive ones (meaning "nice") again to see if I can do a Game Day themed "Football Widow" party. Maybe one Sat with cake for Sun and maybe one just...
  11. J

    Have you tried making your own baby food?

    Does anyone make their own baby food? Any good recipes? Good tips to utilize our products? I have a few fliers that I found here for moms/kids but necessarily for infants/baby food. I would LOVE any tips/ideas!!
  12. DebPC

    Director Are You Doing a Holiday Themed Show?

    If you are- when are you starting and what are you making? I am starting 11/14- but I don't know what I'm making yet. Thinking maybe a candy type show with 3 different types, possibly some made ahead.
  13. C

    Looking for a Holiday Themed Neighbourhood Flyer

    I've been wanting to send out some holiday themed neighbourhood letters to get everyone thinking about PC for their holiday shopping. I've searched and found great letters about a new consultant in the neighbourhood but I'm looking for a more holiday themed one. I'm not creative at all but...
  14. dme.grant

    Apple-themed Show: A Fun Idea for Fall?

    Hi! So I'm hosting a show on Sunday and the host mentioned having apples with the dessert sauces and sweet sprinkles as toppings for the guests to choose from. I thought that was a good idea, kind of fun for fall, and I was thinking about demo-ing the Taffy Apple Tartlets from the SB to go along...
  15. wadesgirl

    Football Themed Baby Shower Cake Ideas

    I'm throwing a friend's baby shower in October and we are looking at a football theme. I've always talked about doing a football cake in the batter bowl but have never seen one before! Anyone have any pictures, tips or recipes they would love to share (I'd like to do something more than just a...
  16. S

    Harley Davidson Themed Party: Can You Help?

    So, I have a woman who wants to book a show and asked me if I could come up with a party that has a theme related to her love of Harley Davidson!!!! Not even at this a week and already a challenge has come my way so hopefully some of you will have an idea (or ten - HA HA) to see if I can...
  17. K

    Creating a Host Packet for Themed Shows: Recipe Ideas Needed!

    OK- So I am really trying to make a new sheet for my host packets with the theme shows and a recipe to cook with- does anyone have any thing they can post that they use? Or how do you go about asking people what they want to cook for their shows? This is my worst part! Thanks! Any help is...
  18. jenniwest04

    Raising Money for Vegas Trip: Ideas Welcome!

    Okay...need ideas and help since I'm drawing a blank... I have to go to Vegas with my boyfriend and need to raise 1200 dollars by November 15th. I'm hoping to get shows, but I have been very limited because of grad school. I'm thinking of stopping grad school a semester, trying to pick up...
  19. S

    Pink Themed Show Ideas for an Afternoon Performance in May

    I am doing a "pink" show in May. I have been looking all over the place for some good ideas. Haven't found enough though.:rolleyes: It's an afternoon show, starts at 3pm....what to do??
  20. prepchef

    What Indian Recipes Shine in a 12 Skillet?

    I have been asked by an owner of an Indian restaurant to do a demo to provide awareness of the restaurant in the area. Does anyone know of any Indian recipes that they do or know of? Maybe in the 12" skillet?
  21. N

    Creating a Themed HWC Booth with a Pink Trifle Bowl Centerpiece

    I wanted to know if anyone has done a theme for HWC. I have pink items but I wanted to do something fun with the trifle bowl. That will be a centerpiece attraction for my booth. I even found some pink m&m's......
  22. A

    Director October Tricks & Treats: Ideas for a Fun Themed Meeting

    So are any of you doing anything fun for October??? I'm going to use part of the "Tricks & Treats" Thanks to Kristi for posting!!
  23. ndbigler

    Fall Themed Table Setting for 8

    I have this whole set, NIP. How much does it retail for? Theres 8 placemats, 8 fabric napkins, 8 nakpin rings, 1 table runner and 2 hand towels. And then I have 3 MORE sets (2 NIP) of the fall placemats and 1 set of napkins. (Thanks to conference. LOL). What would all of this go for? I wasn't a...
  24. J

    Need Pampered Chef Recipe for Luau Themed Bunco

    Okay, this month a friend of mine is hosting our bunco in a luau theme. Any cheap PC recipe that I could make for that? I'd do the jerk chicken nachos but I don't really have the money for the ingredients (the peppers are really expensive right now.). Thanks! God bless, Amanda
  25. ChefJWarren

    Mexican Fiesta: A Collection of Delicious Recipes for Your Next Event

    I'm making a flyer that outlines all the shows I'm offering this season. I want to offer a "Mexican Fiesta" theme with various recipes to choose from. I know for sure I want to put down fajitas in the dcb, slap yo mama margaritas and triple-citrus mojitos. What else?? What is your tried and true...
  26. mommylove_07

    Football Themed Booth: Tips for a Successful Fair Experience

    Another PC consultant and I are doing a booth at our county fair. We had the idea of doing a football theme. We are up to any suggestions on how to make it where people want to stop and not take a lot of stuff with us to pack and unpack. Any ideas?
  27. bsaxman

    Fs: Box of Luau/ Tropical Themed Supplies

    Included: 1 - Cardboard untinsil and plate holder Assorted Bendy Straws Assorted Flip-Flop toothpicks Assorted Drink-Stirs (few) Luau Napkins 1 - Lei w/ Flip-flops dangling down (use this as a banner) 1- Grass-Skirt type banner that says "Aloha" 3 - Plastic Tiki Man Wall-Hangings 3 -...
  28. A

    Recipe Ideas for Mexican Themed Potluck at Work?

    You all have such great ideas and have sampled more of the PC recipes than I have, what are your recommendations for a Mexican themed potluck we're having at work on Friday? I would love some dessert-ish. TIA Susan