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  1. D

    Halloween Ideas

    :) I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about Halloween recipes. I have many shows in October and any ideas would help me out. Something that would show a number of products. :) Thanks! Deb + 2
  2. PampMomof3

    Halloween Cookies Cutter Set

    :) Hey everyone! I started selling PC in April 2005 and my director cleaned out her closet and sold extras to all of us that attended the meeting last night. Well, one thing I bought was the Halloween Cookie Cutter Set that PC put out last year and I'm looking for ideas. I just place an order...
  3. DebPC

    Pampered Chef Halloween Theme

    Taco touchdown dip with a halloween twist- Use Pampered Chef's Halloween cookie cutters to cut shapes out of flour tortillas & bake. Use these as your dippers. Also with the taco touchdown dip, create a web design on top by spreading the cream cheese over the entire top & then place a dallop of...