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What is halloween: Definition and 64 Discussions

  1. Sheila

    Spooky Fun: 4 Year Old's Pampered Chef Pumpkin & More Halloween Memories

    I asked the 4 year old what she wanted on her pumpkin & she said "Pampered Chef" ... so here's both the munchkins with their Chef's Hat Pumpkin! LOL https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/374718_2558323482591_1389121744_3765144_1630450428_n.jpg Hope everyone had a...
  2. C

    Spooktacular Halloween Goody Bags | Mini Catalog, Candy & More!

    So last year I made up goody bags for parents of trick-or-treaters in our neighborhood. They had the cute poem that's been going around (the one with all the candy names), a mini catalog, corresponding candy, a business card, and a coupon inside for $5 off any sized order or something along...
  3. P

    Quick & Easy Halloween Recipes for Your TV Show

    Host wants a Halloween themed recipe. Any suggestion? I have a few things, but none of them really show off many products, and the ones that do take too long to make for a show...
  4. DebPC

    Halloween Tips: Share Your Ideas Here!

    Anyone have any Halloween quick tips for our shows and newsletters? They don't have to be product related- but that's a plus. Let's see how many we can get!
  5. T

    Halloween Show Ideas: Spooky and Entertaining Suggestions

    Does anyone have any fun ideas for a Halloween themed show?
  6. M

    Halloween Ideas for a Fun Show - Help Needed!

    Hi everyone, I have a host who wants to do a Halloween themed show. Does anyone have any ideas that might be cool for this? I'm having a hard time getting rolling with this one.. I am still thinking about summer!
  7. S

    Delicious Halloween Pumpkin Recipes for Your Fall Festivities

    This was forwarded to me by my director. I am going to try the Pumpkin /Apple Pizza. Sounds so good.
  8. O

    Halloween Treat Ideas Using Pampered Chef Products

    Hi Everyone, I have a show where I'd like to show off our products for Halloween treats. So far I have: cookie press with pumpkin disc easy accent decorator to make ribbons on witch's hat cookies (using Hershey kiss) fluted stoneware for pumpkin cake creative cutters for bread, cheese and...
  9. raebates

    Fun Halloween Ideas for Kids: Tips from a Stylist & Host

    I have a host for October 30. It will the be day kids in her area trick or treat. She'd like to do something kid-centered with a Halloween theme. I haven't had little ones in my home for years, and I never really did much with Halloween. So, I'm stumped. Believe it or not, this host works...
  10. Sheila

    Our Pirate Family Photo - Happy Halloween!

    Long story short, hubby bought 2 pirate costumes for a themed event & then all the participants found out that it was a "red carpet" theme, not a "favorite Hollywood character" theme, so these two Pirates of the Caribbean costumes have been sitting in our closet for almost 2 years without being...
  11. beepampered

    Leftover Halloween Candy Ideas: Make a Sweet Treat Sunday!

    I'm doing a show Sunday and wanted to feature a way to use some leftover Halloween candy. Anyone ever made a specific dessert for this? I'm thinking a big cookie with stuff sprinkled on top but suggestions are welcome. Thanks.
  12. ChefPaulaB

    Looking for Fun and Creative Halloween Tips and Recipes?

    Someone emailed this on another sight and I thought that I'd share... Might be fun to email or send to customers... or just use for your own personal use. I changed it up a little, added a couple pictures and reformatted, just because it was all double spaced and huge, so I condensed it a...
  13. gailz2

    Fair at Mall During Halloween March-Recipe Ideas?

    I'm doing a combination fair at our local mall -- it is a combination event for women to start their businesses, along with the local Halloween parade. Each child needs to register a week in advance and obtain a bag -- I thought I could insert a recipe into the bag since the mom's will be...
  14. pampchef.angel

    Urgent Cheffers' Open House: Halloween, Fall & Xmas Recipe Tasting

    Hi fellow cheffers! I am hosting my first open house/recipe tasting this Sunday. I plan to have 3 tables set up, one for Halloween idea, one for Fall/Thanksgiving ideas and one for Christmas. I am going to offer a couple of recipes on each, and display the PC items used to make them. I...
  15. Saturday Gourmet

    Halloween Theme Show Planning: Success Stories & Ideas

    I booked a show today and the lady would like to do a Halloween Theme. I'm all excited about this and have several ideas rushing through my head, but I was wondering if any of you have ever done one of these. If so, would you mind sharing your success/what I'd do different stories? If not, do...
  16. AJPratt

    What Should Mary Be for Halloween?

    I am having a tough time deciding! She is 13 months, will be 14 on 9/30. She is walking. Last year she was a pumpkin! Any suggestions?
  17. PChefPEI

    Spooky Stories: Discover Canada's Haunted Side for a Frightfully Fun Halloween!

    Check these out for some fun (Canadian) Halloween stories! http://ca.travel.yahoo.com/guides/Ottawa/480/ottawacanadas-creepy-capital http://ca.travel.yahoo.com/guides/Other/499/the-13-spookiest-haunted-hotels-in-canada Enjoy! hahahahahaha
  18. Sheila

    Urgent Need Marketing Slogan for Halloween Handouts

    I wanted to use Smarties candies and do the "Be a Smartie, host a party" handouts to the Moms on Halloween ... but I can't find Smarties on the island!!! :( I ended up buying Hershey's Kisses tonight. I'm trying to come up with a cute slogan for the Kisses. I'm drawing a blank. So far...
  19. smilesarepriceless

    Recipes to Offer for Shows During Halloween Week?

    I've got 2 shows next week, and wanted to offer some recipes that may go along with a Halloween theme... Anyone else doing so, and if so, what recipes? Or if anyone has suggestions ideas..I'd love to hear.. One I am going to offer is a Pumpkin Trifle....
  20. M

    Maximizing Halloween Promotion for Your Business: Tips and Ideas

    Hi Ladies, I have seen a few threads talking about this but I am wondering what you all will be doing to promote your business with regards to Halloween? I live in the country and we do not get ANY trick-or-treaters due to the fact that our driveway is really steep and not well lit. We also...
  21. kam

    What are Some Halloween-themed Names for Cheese Recipes?

    I would like to serve the Brie (with Pecans and Apricot preserves) and the Cheesy Crab Dip for a Halloween get together. Does anyone have any suggestions for "creepy" or Haloween names for these recipes? I am not very creative! Thanks!
  22. L

    Halloween Show, Need Ideas, But........

    Hi all, I've just been informed by my Sunday afternoon show hostess, she's calling all the guests and asking them to come in costume and she expects me to come in costume :grumpy: , and we're going to have a who's the ?? contest. She never did tell me the catagory, scary, creepy, prettiest...
  23. K

    Halloween Bags - Sprees, Whoppers...

    I am doing the candy bag (Whoppers, Smarties, Sprees & :-) Suckers) with the little Halloween flyer w the candy saying, my contact info, an offer for a cooking show and November's specials, etc. I am giving these to my son's daycare & to the guests at my shows on the 18th & 24th. Does anyone...
  24. jenniwest04

    Bookings From Halloween Gift Bags to Parents

    I love the little Halloween poems about booking a party and the idea of a little treat bag for the parents, but what kind of response have other consultants had with this? I'm REALLY trying to book November solid and have some cute (and free!!) Fall/Halloween gift bags and realize the candy...
  25. P

    What to Put in Halloween "Hand Out Bags" for Moms?

    What is everyone putting in their "hand out bags" to the moms for Halloween?? So far I am thinking about: Business Card Recipe on back of "Host a show and get a free gift" post card Magnet for refrigerator Flyers etc Any other ideas?? I would like to put something appealing in the...
  26. V

    Fs: Set of 2 Halloween Cookie Cutters

    I have TWO SETS (sorry title unclear), new in box, Halloween Cookie Cutter Sets. Each one has a ghost, bat, and pumpkin. $12 for the set plus SH. APO / FPO Ok. PM me please.:balloon:
  27. redsoxgirl

    Halloween Show Ideas: Oct 30 & 31 Available

    Oct 30 (and I suppose 31) are available dates for me. Any thoughts on a Halloween show? Obvioulsy people could dress up, but any other ideas?
  28. cwinter474

    Fun Halloween Game: Test Your Cat-Catching Skills!

    I know, early for Halloween but this was in my email this morning and I thought it was fun, so I thought I would share... Enjoy PS my personal high score was 182 http://www.itsga.com/fun/cat_new.swf
  29. jrstephens

    Post You Halloween Pictures Here!

    Here is Luke! After weeks of saying he was not wearing his costume, I had to make him take it off last night!!!