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Mexican Main Dish in Rockcrock Dutch Oven?

Oct 6, 2014
I have my first party this friday. I should say, my first party without help from my director (she helped with my grand opening). The Host wants to do a Mexican theme so I am doing the chipotle chicken dip and she is making some dips and salsa to go with it. We decided on a marble cheesecake brownie for dessert but thought since there are at least 12 people coming and its after work, people might be hungry. we opted for a main dish in the rockcrock. i dont mind doing 3 recipes as I have worked as a restaurant chef for over a decade and this will not be a big deal for me. in looking around the internet, I saw a recipe for Mexican pork stew mentioned, but no actual recipe. Does anyone recommend this recipe and if so, do you have a copy I can have please? Thanks!:D

Admin Greg

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Apr 13, 2004
Thanks for posting! I'm sorry you haven't received any responses thus far. Do you have any additional information or can you rephrase your post to make it clearer?