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What is samples: Definition and 99 Discussions

  1. Nichol

    Don't Miss Out on Sample Knives: Is Spring Bringing New Samples?

    I was wondering if the Sample products change with the season. I want the knives on sample right now but I want to see what new samples may come in for Spring before I make a decision to buy. But I don't want to miss out on the knives!
  2. s.cape

    Can I Make Money with Pampered Chef Without Being a Recruiting Pro?

    I'm new to Pampered Chef and just completed my 4th cooking show. I'm learning so much along the way--mostly the hard way (like don't bother with the Save Guest button...use the Save to Contacts or you lose their information forever or running out of catalogs because I didn't order more than the...
  3. DebPC

    Try Delicious Homemade Chips at Our Garage Sale | 10% Off Pampered Chef Products

    I'm having a huge garage sale and Pampered Chef Clearance this weekend. I'm making regular and sweet potato chips for everyone to sample. I also have a nice display of current products available to order at 10% off.
  4. DebPC

    What Spring Samples Did or Are You Ordering?

    I was on vacation so I'm late to the game. I missed my kick off meeting and didn't earn any samples for free. Looking at a Silicone Cover, Lg. Cool and Serve Insert Tray and Mini Skinny Scraper.
  5. DebPC

    What New Product Samples Are You Getting?

    I'm torn. I didn't earn any. Thinking about the small rect. baker.
  6. esavvymom

    New Fall Products for 2013- Videos and Samples on Cc

    For those of you who could not attend a meeting locally, the new product videos are now online....at least on the non-beta Consultants Corner. Under Products and Recipes,--> Product Marketing --> then Seasons of Success Videos. I would imagine the recipe videos areon there somewhere too. Or...
  7. lt1jane

    Discover the Exciting Changes to Product Samples & Let HO Know Your Thoughts!

    I am NOT posting any spoilers here, but wanted to let everyone know two things that will be changing with this season's product samples. It is important that we let HO know what we think of these changes. I personally, LOVE them. There are NO PACKAGES when purchasing samples. EVERYTHING...
  8. esavvymom

    Shipping My Samples to a Different Address?

    Will PC notice or care if I place a samples order and have it shipped to a friend's house instead of my current address? I am in the middle of moving, and supposed to close on my house on April 5th. They've delayed the closing once already, but supposedly everything is now worked out. I'm...
  9. DebPC

    What Samples Package/S Are You Ordering?

    I know a lot of consultants would like imput so they can make the best decision for themselves. Plus everyone's situation is different because some earned free products.
  10. Y

    Recipe or Food Samples at a Booth?

    I am fairly new to PC and have signed up for a couple booths this fall. I looked through all the photos on this board! Great resource! For some reason, I assumed I would pick and easy recipe like a salsa and make a big batch of it up and give out samples and have some there to demo the...
  11. babywings76

    What Are the Essential Items to Bring to a Show?

    I can't decide!! :blushing: I want just a few things from each package and don't want to blow all my $$ on them. I'm saving up for my iPad! :D What do you think are the must-haves to bring to a show/use at a show? I earned the Round Covered Baker, so I have that already. I definitely want...
  12. babywings76

    Info for Changeover, Samples, & Kit Enhancement

    My director forwarded this to us. Thought it would be good to post here because I know the threads will be beginning soon with people asking about this: Spring Changeover Boxes: · Before customers can purchase new spring products on March 1, you will get a Spring Changeover Box...
  13. dmfink

    Newbie Bridal Expo: Recipes & Samples

    I will be doing a bridal expo in July. I have never done this before and I am a little nervous, but very excited. I wanted to showcase some of our recipes and do samples at this event. I was thinking for drink samples doing the strawberry lemonade, but I am not sure what to do for eats...
  14. T

    Order Spring/Summer Samples Now for Extra PC$ Earnings | Limited Time Offer

    Hi, I started in mid March. I was wondering if anyone knows how long I have to order the spring/summer samples. I thought I read somewhere 60 days but now I can't find that. I am hoping to buy some with my PC $ but I was also hoping to earn more PC $ with my May shows. So is there a...
  15. chefkathy

    Director Where Can I Purchase Pampered Chef Product Samples?

    I was just investigating this. You can buy them on a supply order this month. kn96 towel $7.50 kn95 paring knife $12 kn94 spreader $9 kn93 cake server $16 PR25 HWC pins (10) $5.25 no coupon organizer :(
  16. Hunter Mom

    Can I Exchange Samples if I Had a Brain Fart?

    I just realized that I ordered the zester instead of the coarse grater. ERRR. Can I do an adjustment on it when it gets here?
  17. pampchefrhondab

    Product Samples & Ordering Rules for the New Season

    What is the rule on ordering product samples for the new season? I'm inactive right now, but I hope to get a show in this month. If I don't have sales in December do I have to have them in January to order product samples? Or can I skip January and submit in February and still order samples...
  18. turtle15

    Order Samples: Active vs Inactive Customers

    I was inactive until I ordered last night. Will I now be able to order product samples, or did I lose my chance?
  19. kam

    Oops! I Thought Samples Could Be Ordered TODAY!

    I thought TODAY was the day we could start ordering Samples!!!! I know it did not start until MONDAY Aug 2nd...but for some reason I thought that was today! I can't believe I thought that ALL weekend long - that I was going to be able to order samples today. Aw geez...I am going to have...
  20. F

    Ordering New Product Samples: Date Unclear

    Does anyone know when we can order new product samples? I haven't found a date anywhere.
  21. RMDave

    Help! Successful Email Samples Needed

    I've booked a few HWC fundraisers that will be online catalog shows. I need to send each of the hosts a sample email that they can copy and send off to their friends, family, associates, etc. etc. etc. I need a short, sweet message that will in as few words as possible, explain the...
  22. chesse

    What is the current version of PP3 and how can I find the dots martini glasses?

    Hi, What is the current version of PP3 running? I can't input KA80 to get the dots martini glasses. Can you private message me? I would appreciate it! Char
  23. M

    Can I Obtain Samples in March?

    can i get the samples only in feb or can i get them in march also?
  24. P

    Health Fair Opportunity: Seeking Ideas for 250 Food Samples

    I have an opportunity to do a Health Fair at the end of the month. The table fee is $95 (noon-4pm) which seems to be a bit high to me. I contacted the organizer and voiced my concern over the fee amount for an independent seller. She offered me the opportunity to supply 250 food samples in...
  25. chesse

    Order Help Whip Cancer Samples - Get Your Free Samples Now!

    We are able to order them, right? I'm not going to earn them but I want them to show.
  26. wadesgirl

    I Was Thinking About Offering Samples of Our Sauces at My UPampered Chefoming

    I was thinking about offering samples of our sauces at my upcoming shows. Just in the prep bowls or the small snack bowls with pretzels on the side. With the new sauces that brings it up to 6. Has anyone tried this yet? Has it been worth it?
  27. P

    Order S/S Supplies & Samples for Your End-of-Season Show | Feb. CN

    I know we could have ordered supplies last week. When can we order samples. I don't think I saw it in the Feb. CN. I want to have end of season/preview/auction show.
  28. wadesgirl

    Label for Cinnamon Sprinkles Samples

    I'm going to make 1 Tablespoon samples of the cinnamon sprinkles to give out at a booth I'm doing this weekend. Normally I just use what it says on the bottle but the recipe on the bottle is for 1/4 cup for the cinnamon rolls. Anyone have a good suggestion of what to put?
  29. PamperedSD

    My Email Designs - Pampered Chef Samples??

    I'm thinking about using My Email Designs with icontact's free trial - does anyone have a news letter that they would not mind sending to me so that I can see what they look like with PC information? I don't really like the non PC sample they sent and I really want to start sending out a news...
  30. lisa717

    What is the deadline for ordering samples?

    Is today the last day you can order samples?