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What is sample: Definition and 176 Discussions

  1. Nichol

    Don't Miss Out on Sample Knives: Is Spring Bringing New Samples?

    I was wondering if the Sample products change with the season. I want the knives on sample right now but I want to see what new samples may come in for Spring before I make a decision to buy. But I don't want to miss out on the knives!
  2. chesse

    Can Multiple Orders Be Placed for Stoneware on Websites?

    Can we place more than one order? I know we can only order one of anything, but I'd like to put off getting the new stoneware until I make some money. TIA Char
  3. P

    Fall Sample & Changeover Kit Arrival: Updates & Info

    Does anyone know when we will be able to order fall samples or when our changeover kits might arrive?
  4. gailz2

    Get Ready for Spring with Our Exciting Sample Packages | Order Now!

    I didn't make it to launch, but am so excited to get some of the new products in my hands. I just ordered the Spring Samples that I want (on consultant corner). I can't wait!
  5. kam

    How to Order Fall Sample Products as an Inactive Consultant?

    I don't know why I can never find the info I need on CC anymore!! I saw in the chat box this discussed earlier - but it is gone now. I want to purchase some Fall Sample Products (the packages/open stock items). I am an existing consultant - but inactive. It used to be that we only...
  6. R

    Taste of Evanston: Creative Sample Ideas for Relay for Life

    I'm participating in our local Relay for Life which is having a "Taste of Evanston" where different restaurants donate 100 samples and the relay is selling tickets to get a taste of each sample. Anyway...I've been doing a sample idea where I use won-ton sheets in the mini-muffin pan, add a...
  7. K

    New Consultant Question: Ordering Samples & Limitations Explained

    Hello! I'm a new consultant, about two weeks in. :) I have submitted two shows and am doing pretty well I think. :) I went into the website and was trying to make a sample order. I don't want the big kits because there are a lot of items in there that I just don't see me...
  8. C

    Chef Lane's Variety of Crafts - See Attached Sample Pics

    Aprons, bags, stationary, Nancy's Cards, Bridal invites, etc. etc. Too much to mention - see attached sample pictures. Please send phone number and or email address to [email protected] for fuller list and more pics.
  9. T

    Can I See an Example of Merrill's Ad Generator in Action?

    Does anyone have an example of an ad generated by Merrill's Ad Generator I can see? I'm curious... Thank you in advance!!!
  10. kam

    Explore Sample Packages and Find Your Perfect Match!

    Could anyone post the sample packages? I am not active right now so I can't view the packages online. (I REALLY wish they would at least allow us to SEE them). Pretty please? You should be able to highlight the online text and copy and then paste... THANKS!!!
  11. P

    Inactivity & Sample Orders: Questions & Solutions

    I was unable to submit any shows in January but I had two submitted in December. I went to check to see if the sample packages were up yet on CC and it says that I'm now inactive and can't order samples. I didn't think that happened if you only missed a month. I'm having a hard time finding...
  12. Intrepid_Chef

    Ordering a Sample Package: Overcoming Obstacles & Finding an Alternative

    OK, I know I've been a consultant for a few years but believe it or not, this is the first time I ever wanted to order a sample package. I was going to do it before I left for this trip but I said, "With free wi-fi on my vacation, why don't I do it on Friday when my check comes in." Then...
  13. TerraOB83

    Team Meeting: Sample Size Salsa Purchase Idea

    We had a team meeting yesterday and we were talking about the sauces. It would be great if we as consultants were able to buy sample sizes instead of the 10oz bottles. I know we get them for $7.50 but it would be nice to get like a 2oz or 4oz size just for shows. what do you guys think
  14. ilovpc

    Costumer Care - Sample of Words to Say

    I took the Costumer Care online course (part of SUYB program) and save the following (see attached doc). I know that for me it is a lot easier to have in front of me what I am going to say and thats why I created this doc. Now I can print it and have it with me all the time. These are great...
  15. B

    Is splitting sample packages with other consultants common practice?

    Is it common (or ok) to split sample packages with other consultants? I saw something last week where someone had suggested and last Friday I got a call from a fellow consultant in my cluster about splitting up on package A. I just didn't know if it was really something commonly practiced or...
  16. O

    Previewing Sample Package Groups for the Upcoming Changeover Kits

    Hi I know the changeover kits are coming this week. For someone who got theirs already - is there a way you could scan and post the sample groupings? Mine is scheduled for tomorrow but I have some free time today and would like to see what my budget allows me to buy- and what my sell-a-thon...
  17. N

    Is the Director Sample Assortment Worth Investing In?

    Anyone have the list of items directors will receive in their sample orders?
  18. P

    2010 Sample Order Forms-Spring and Fall

    Does anyone have a copy of the 2010 Fall Product Sample packages that we could choose from for the Fall? I am trying to complete my tax preparation, and I am unable to find my documentation to confirm a dollar amount. I either did the ordering from the website of over the phone, so I can't pull...
  19. J

    Can New Consultants Order Sample Packages After the Initial Deadline?

    Hi all I'm in my second month as a consultant. In my kit i got a green order form for some different Sample product packages. In reading the form, i'm somewhat confused. Did I only have until feb. 1 to order sample packages? Or are sample packages available to all consultants? Also, will...
  20. L

    How Are You Going to Sample the New Toppings?

    Just got my new products (we just had conference last week in Canada) and I love the new toppings...the caramel is amazing. What is your plan on taking these to your shows for your customers to taste? What are you going to use as dippers? Thanks for your help
  21. PampChefJoy

    Sample of the New "Weekly Dish"

    I uploaded a sample of the "Weekly Dish" email that I'm developing to the newsletters tab. If you have a moment, would you please check it out and let me know your thoughts? This would be the general format - one fun food fact/holiday highlighted with an accompanying recipe. Then a quick...
  22. K

    Kit Enhancement or Supply Order Sample??

    :confused: I'm trying to figure out wich one would be better to order. What do you guys recomend?
  23. S

    Funny Extra in Sample Box Yesterday

    I received my sample box yesterday (had to wait until March 31 to order). Anyways, I was unpacking it and saw something kinda grey. It was a glove. I thought it was so funny!! Someone at the warehouse is walking around with only 1 glove like Michael Jackson!!
  24. RMDave

    Can I Get a Sample of Pampered Chef Newsletters?

    I'd like to see what types of newsletters are being used. Thanks, [email protected]
  25. erinyourpclady

    Get Your Spring Sample Fast: Shipping Timelines & Tips for Trade Shows

    Hey all.... I just got around to ordering my Spring sample and wondered if anyone had a time frame from ordering to receiving. I have a show on the 16th that I am hoping to get my items by. So...anyone think it will be here in 7 days?
  26. esavvymom

    Merrill's Ad Generator- Sample Images

    RMDave- this is just for you (and everyone else curious too :))...you asked for more info on what Merrill's Ads look like. (These are samples of the ads when you purchase access to them- for only $2.99. The site says it's for 30-days, but i purchased mine last year and I still can go in and...
  27. D

    How long does it take to receive Sample Product after ordering?

    I am thinking of doing an open house/customer host appreciaton for the new spring products. Just the usual come sample new recipes, see the new product etc to try to get a show in for Feb. Does anyone know how long it will take if I order the Sample Product? Thanks,
  28. pc_jessica

    Maximizing Your Second Sample Order: Must-Have Items and Customer Insights

    so im getting ready to do my second sample order (had to split it up until i got my last pc check)...and i am wondering what i should get...i keep debating on the martini glasses...do you think these are a must? do you think customers are more apt to buy them if they can see them? same with the...
  29. ChefPaulaB

    Wow! Second Sample Order Delivered Crazy Fast End of Month!

    Just had to share, yesterday morning I sent my second Sample Order in, for the items that I didn't order the first time, wanted to get it in before I was labeled inactive :blushing:... Anyway, that was yesterday morning, they are on the truck for delivery as we speak!!! CRAZY FAST! And at...
  30. C

    Spice Sample Handout: Creative Ideas for Promoting Wildtree Home Business

    I was recently sharing ideas with someone that sold Wildtree a natural food home business. They also sell some dip seasonings. She showed me some samples that she hands out to customers. It is just a small bead ziplock type bag with the product and her contact info on mailing labels. I got...