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What is spice: Definition and 71 Discussions

  1. pmprdprettyinsnj

    Trying to Find a Spice Turnabout

    I am interested in finding a spice turnabout. Would anyone have one, can be gently used.
  2. Mcarlsen49079

    Buy Cinnamon Spice Blend | Limited Stock at Outlet | [email protected]

    I'm looking to buy some cinnamon spice blend, it was gone in minutes in the outlet :( if anyone has any they are willing to sell please email [email protected] thank you!
  3. Carol Chantiny

    Need a Spice Turnaround to Ship to 48198? We've Got You Covered!

    searching for a spice turnaround for a customer. Shipping to 48198 Thanks
  4. J

    Finding the Perfect Pampered Chef Spice Rack: A Guide

    In search of the PC spice rack.
  5. luvtocook868

    Fs. Spice Turnabout Tote. $10.00

    For Sale: Spice Turnabout Tote. Green. Please email for a photo! [email protected]
  6. T

    What Spice Do You Like Best With Your 3 Minute Dip

    I made the 3 minute dip tonight just to try it before my next show. I tried the Tex Mex spice and it tasted like cinnamon. What are other peoples thoughts? What spice do you like best or your customers?
  7. P

    Soup & Slippers: Spice Up Your Host Gift Signing!

    I've been doing the passing around the SB and having guests sign it for host deal for my host's gift. Thinking about changing it up tonight at my soup and slippers show...any creative suggestions??
  8. P

    Fs: Spice Tote and Pampered Chef Bag

    For sale is a tote bage from Merrill with a white dot ribbon on the top (picture attached). $10 plus shipping I am also selling my Spice Turn About tote bag. It fits the STA as well as a few bottles of sauce in the outside pockets. $25 plus shipping. I will ship cheapeste way possible.
  9. lt1jane

    forSale: Spice Turn About & Tote (Green)

    Thought I would love these, and I just don't use them. Both are gently used. From a pet-free household and my husband smokes outside but not in the house. These are stored in the house. $30 plus shipping (from 54911) or, make me a reasonable offer.
  10. O

    Black Friday DCB Bundle Deal - Spice Up Your Meal!

    Has anyone thought of doing a DCB Bundle deal for black Friday? I thought about bundling the DCB with a rub, or spice and over mits for a flat price.
  11. P

    Pumpkin Spice CuPampered Chefakes

    My friend told me about this recipe, I just made them and think they'd make a terrific holiday recipe/demo. Recipe ingredients: 1 box spice cake mix 1 (15 oz)can of pumpkin (not pie filling, just pumpkin) 1 can white frosting or cream cheese frosting (total cost, about $5) Use large...
  12. K

    Urgent Rocky Road Brownies -- Spice It Up?

    I'm doing a show tonight, and we chose the RR Brownies as our recipe. I like using this recipe because it's relatively quick, and they are just so darn good. However, I've made them myself and also have done this recipe at another show, and find the preparation of the recipe to be a bit...
  13. pampered1224

    Discover the Perfect Spice Equivalents for Bulk Orders - FAQs Answered!

    Has anyone ordered the bulk spices? Does any one know how many bottles of the rubs are in each of the bulk bags of rubs?
  14. 3

    Black Spice Tool Turn About Bag for Sale!

    I have a team mate that has an extra spice tool turn about bag for sale..it is the black one if anyone is interested just shoot me a email [email protected]!
  15. P

    Easter Dinner Trifle Ideas: Beyond Chocolate & Spice Cake

    Anybody know of a spring-y trifle that I could whip together for Easter dinner? :confused: I'm not necessarily looking for chocolate, and anything based off a spice cake or gingerbread says fall/winter to me. I had thought about the Strawberry-Coconut Tres Leches trifle, but our...
  16. quiverfull7

    Director What is the height of the STA with the handle down?

    Would someone be kind enough to send me the height of the STA with the handle down? I think it's about 9 1/2 with it up but I have someone asking me the height with it down... TIA!!!!!!!
  17. ilovpc

    My Spice Tote - Not Pampered Chef

    I have no idea how the PC spice tote looks, but I wasn't interested in carrying all of the spices and sauces to my shows so I ordered the Mini Organizer from 31 gifts. It's a small tote but I can fit everything I want to take to a show and its not heavy at all. Here are some pics of my tote :D
  18. P

    Get Your Hands on a Spice Tote - Only $25 + Shipping | Used Only Once or Twice!

    I earned this and used it only once or twice. If someone else wants it, I'll sell it for $25 plus shipping. Please PM me if interested with your ZIP. It's fairly light so I don't think the shipping should be too much.
  19. A

    Spice Turn Around Tote for Sale

    I have the new spice turn around tote for sale. It's only been used once & I'm asking $25 plus shipping.
  20. C

    Get Your Hands on the Spice Turnabout Tote for Just $35 - Limited Time Offer!

    I am selling the Spice Turnabout Tote we earned a few months ago. I decided it is not something I will use. I am asking $35 plus the shipping. I really think I could get it in the $4.90 flat rate envelope if I fold it. Paypal is the only way I will take payment. Let me know, thanks...
  21. kcjodih

    Spice Turn-About: Compact Spice Organization Solution with Adjustable Height

    I'm thinking of ordering this for myself since I have tons of spices taking up room in my cupboard. I'm concerned though that it won't fit in my cupboard due to height. Could someone tell me how tall this is? The catalogue states it's 10 3/4 inches in diameter but nothing on height. Edited...
  22. C

    Fair Price for the Spice Turn About Tote?

    What would be a fair price for the spice turn about tote? I have used mine twice and am thinking of selling it. It's not all I thought it would be, not that's it's not awesome but it's just not something I think I will use regularly and after 6 years I just don't have room for everything anymore.
  23. winklermom

    Using Korintje Cinnamon for a Pumpkin Spice Cake: Help Needed!

    I'm making a pumpkin spice cake in the fluted stone tomorrow. I've got the recipe but I thought I had read somewhere to add Korintje Cinnamon but I'm not sure how much and I can't seem to find that particular recipe now. Has anyone used any with this cake and how much do you suggest I use? Or...
  24. M

    Are Spice Turnabout Totes the Same Size as Tool Turnabout Totes?

    Since I've only briefly seen the spice one once, is the tote for spices the same size as for the tools? (are the turnabouts the same size?)
  25. K

    For Sale: Spice Turn-a-bout Tote

    Does anyone have a spice turn-a-bout tote that they don't want and are willing to sell to me?
  26. sherri lynn

    Does Anyone Make the Spice Turn About Tote?

    Hi. I thought that there had been a thread on here a month or so ago that someone on here was going to try to make a spice turn about tote. I am new and was not a consultant when people were able to earn them, and would love to have one. I have seen 2 on ebay but were fairly expensive. If...
  27. babywings76

    How Much Cinnamon Plus Spice to Use

    I've only made a pumpkin pie about twice in my life. My boys LOVE pumpkin pie and have been begging me to make one and they want to help. So, I own the cinnamon plus spice blend and haven't ever used it before. Mainly because I don't know how to use it. :blushing: When a recipe calls for...
  28. nikked

    Unboxing the Spice Turn About: My Honest Review and Why I Need Another One

    Just got mine out of the box...:love:LOVE IT:love:...but have one complaint... I NEED ANOTHER ONE!
  29. sherri lynn

    New Spice Turn-About for Sale - Don't Miss Out!

    :o I have a spice turn-about for sale. I wasn't thinking (as usual) when I placed my first order and got this and the one with the spices. Seeing as I don't need 2, I would be more than happy to part with the empty one, new still in box. Just let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
  30. M

    Which Seasonings are Included in the Spice Turn-About Set for Hosts?

    I have a host (from my first $1,000 show) who wants to get the Spice Turn-About Set as one of her half-price items. The catalog says it comes with 8 rubs, 5 seasonings and 2 sprinkles, but P3 doesn't allow me to choose which once she wants. Does she get to choose her own or does PC choose them...